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  • Love is in the Hair

    Love is in the Hair

    We love receiving flowers at any time, but especially for Valentine's Day. And what could be more appropriate than roses, the flowers of love?


  • Love, Love, Love

    Love, Love, Love

    Give love, get love. This Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about candlelit dinners and chocolates.   Instead, you could give your lover a limited edition print by graphic artist Zakee Sharif featuring crystals in the shape of a heart. 20% of profits from the sales of the artwork go to the charity Community Refugee Kitchen a group of event organisers, caterers, chefs, journalists and activists who are supporting the people living in Europe's refugee camps. Not only is this a beautiful g
  • Milk Makeup: Our Latest Beauty Crush

    Milk Makeup: Our Latest Beauty Crush

    There's a lot of excitement at BeautyMART HQ because Milk Makeup, the beauty brand from the team behind Milk Studios in New York and LA, launches today online and at Sephora just in time for New York Fashion Week.


  • I Made a Lipstick Robot

    I Made a Lipstick Robot

  • Metabolic Balance and Me: Part 2

    Metabolic Balance and Me: Part 2

    Millie Kendall continues her diary of her plans to get her health back on track with a Metabolic Balance regime.




  • Metabolic Balance and Me

    Metabolic Balance and Me

    I am doing the school Panto again. Last year, I jiggled about on stage in an ill-fitting pink work out ensemble to the horror of my nearest and dearest. So in order to balance the lifestyle I have marked out for myself I am going to work on my metabolism. Look at me, tired and not feeling 100%.


  • It's Glam up North

    It's Glam up North

    Last week there were two Annas in Yorkshire - Anna Wintour, who was there to support her niece Ellie's college fashion show in York (which is, coincidentally, the name of Tyra Banks' new baby); and me - on holiday, visiting the cultural and culinary hotspots of this beautiful county.


  • Who are the Real Power Players?

    Who are the Real Power Players?

    The other day, the model Cecilia Chancellor liked a BeautyMART picture on Instagram. Her profile is private and she has 300 followers, but I was so happy that someone with the status of Cecilia would like something we posted. I realise that this says a lot about my view point on social media: I know that it's a numbers game but surely what's more important is being influential and inspiring?


  • Real Life Dolls

    Real Life Dolls

    Barbie, the iconic fashion doll originally created in the Fifties is evolving. Her latest incarnations have been designed to reflect the true shapes, sizes and skin colours of real women, rather than the idealised (and virtually unattainable) form of classic Barbie.


  • Could it Be Magic?

    Could it Be Magic?

    There's a trend in beauty that's been building for a while now. It's called 'magic' but not the abracadabra or voodoo kind. In fact, I'm not sure what kind of magic it is but it's a compelling idea that many brands are embracing, mainly via their products names.


  • Make-Up Goes POP!

    Make-Up Goes POP!

    By harnessing the social media power of popstars the beauty industry is recognising and celebrating the wider opportunities that come out of some new creative collaborations, says Elise Loubatieres.


  • Sorrow


    It's been a week of heavy losses - first André Courreges, the designer known for his Space Age styles died age 92 after a long battle with Parkinson's disease. Then the charismatic and influential Geraldine Howard, co-founder of Aromatherapy Associates lost her battle with cancer following a long period of illness. And then the devastating news that David Bowie has died.


  • Remembering Geraldine Howard

    Remembering Geraldine Howard

    This is a tribute to Geraldine Howard, the founder of Aromatherapy Associates who died on Thursday age 63 after a long illness.


  • Kylie Bares All

    Kylie Bares All

    New year, new look, and for Kylie Jenner that means fresh and flawless.


  • Swan Lake X Joy Division Transmission

    Swan Lake X Joy Division Transmission

    Watch this genius mash up video of classical ballet set to Manc music. Even Tchaikovsky would be impressed.


  • Why the Beauty Business Needs to Scrub Out Microbeads

    Microbeads - those tiny plastic particles in everything from body scrubs and facial exfoliators to toothpastes - have long been outlawed by right-minded beauty brands. Why? Because once they're washed down the drain they ultimately end up in the water supply and may be ingested by fish and then ultimately us. {...}

  • Beauty Trends That Were Big in 2015

    Beauty Trends That Were Big in 2015

    Ahead of awards season, here's our review of 2015's winning trends, products and things.


  • New Year's Revolution

    New Year's Revolution

    If your 2015 party head (and body) is still hurting, here are a few ways to start and continue 2016 in style and in good health - with a little help from the BeautyMART team.


  • Lamilly: A New Dolly For Christmas

    Lamilly: A New Dolly For Christmas

    For many girls, dolls and Christmas are inextricably linked. My childhood memories are of the giant walking doll with white blonde hair in a large striped box that was at the end of my bed on Christmas morning and another year, the golden haired doll with the green dress and - weirdly - stockings, that I kept until I was in my 20s. I desperately wanted a Sasha doll, the realistic Swiss made dolls of my 70s childhood, but they were too expensive; they still are, trading for thousands of pounds th
  • Test Your Beauty Brand Knowledge

    Test Your Beauty Brand Knowledge

    Here's a fun quiz from Buzzfeed to test your beauty brand knowledge.


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