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  • Word Up Beauty

    Word Up Beauty

    A friend who said that a man had admired her tankles was confused until he pointed to her  bronzed ankles: apparently tankles = tanned ankles. This is known in linguistics as a blend or portmanteau word made by joining parts of two words to make a third.

    Here are BeautyMART's best blend words (and some we've made up):


  • Coabury? Glastochella? The Four Rules of Festival Beauty

    Whether you're baking in the desert sun at Coachella or up to your knees in mud in front of the Pyramid Stage at Glasto, BeautyMART can reveal that despite the geographical and climatic differences, there are only four important beauty considerations for festivals: hair, make-up, legs and wet wipes. Everything else is irrelevant and either hidden under a cagoul (Glasto) or a vintage playsuit (Coachella). {...}

  • 5 Ways to Get Warm Weather Ready

    5 Ways to Get Warm Weather Ready

    After last week's decidedly springlike weather, here at BeautyMART we're panic tanning and doing emergency pedis at our desks.


  • Seventies Hits: Retro Hair and Make-up

    Seventies Hits: Retro Hair and Make-up

    From flares and platforms to disco glitter and dolly lashes, it's all about the Seventies this season. Designers including Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Dries Van Noten, Rochas, Gucci, Anna Sui, House of Holland, Matthew Williamson, Alberta Ferretti and Chloe rocked the retro look via fashion, hair and make-up. {...}

  • How to Drop 10 Years Using Facial Massage

    This week, I went back to beauty school to learn some of the tips and tricks of facialist Alexandra Soveral at her Skin Revolution Workshop that helps you achieve her signature uplifted look at home. I'd say that facials are my all time favourite beauty treatment, especially the massage part. It always makes a huge difference, not only to my skin but the shape of my face, redefining its contours and lifting things back to where they used to be many years earlier. However I've always been on the
  • Why We're All Mascara 'Wardrobing'

    Why We're All Mascara 'Wardrobing'

    I follow a secret practice that I've only recently dared admit to: that I not only own more than one mascara (25 at the last count…), but that I use more than one - sometimes three -  each time I do my lashes: I'm mascara wardrobing!  {...}

  • Beautiful Thoughts: Harvey Nichols Event

    Beautiful Thoughts: Harvey Nichols Event

    On Tuesday night I joined a panel of bloggers, journalists and industry leaders debating the subject of intelligent beauty as part of Harvey Nichols' month long A Beautiful Mind event.


  • The Scent Shipping News

    The Scent Shipping News

    Certain products sold online in the UK can't be shipped abroad such as hairspray, deodorant and other aerosols, nail polish and remover and certain fragrances that contain flammable ingredients which could prove hazardous in transit. But not all perfumes are created equal. With the growth of online retail, shipping limitations have sparked a trend for solid perfumes, roll-ons and pure essential oil scents that contain no alcohol or fixatives and can be safely shipped across the globe. Here are
  • BeautyMART's Moving (Further) East

    BeautyMART's Moving (Further) East

    BeautyMART is on the move in east London, re-locating from our pop-up in Boxpark (we definitely overstayed our welcome...) to the achingly edgy Redchurch Street, setting up shop in huntergather. Although we'll miss our shipping container we're thrilled to be part of this fashion emporium renowned for its creative collective spirit where the eponymous menswear label rubs shoulders with vintage magazines, art photography books and vinyl as well as an exhibition space, cafe and now, beauty.


  • Vogue Festival Natural Born Women: In Conversation with Bobbi Brown, Kate Upton, Alexandra Shulman

    Vogue beauty director Nicola Moulton invites you to listen in to the conversation between leading industry figures Bobbi Brown and Kate Upton, talking to Vogue editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman.


  • Why I'm Mad About Muslin Cloths

    Why I'm Mad About Muslin Cloths

    I've been collecting - and using - muslin face cloths since Liz Earle launched her brand with Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 20 years ago and over that time I've amassed a pile (worryingly, 47 at the last count… does this make me a hoarder?).


  • Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

    Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

    This weekend sees the launch at the V&A of Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, an exhibition about the work of a designer who turned the catwalk into a stage for challenging and captivating ideas and consistently pushed the boundaries of our perception of what is beautiful. {...}

  • Sleep: it's the New Water

    Sleep: it's the New Water

    Apparently lack of sleep is skin's No 1 beauty enemy, ahead of wrinkles. Whether it's dark shadows, puffy eyes, dull skin or falling asleep during a presentation, missing out on your beauty sleep is a serious offence. {...}

  • Courrèges X Estée Lauder

    Courrèges X Estée Lauder

    News of Estee Lauder's make-up collaboration with Courrèges inspired Millie to unearth her beloved make-up and fashion pieces, collected over the decades.

    The new range features 12 items for complexion, eyes, lips and cheeks in futuristic-looking domed compacts. We love the spidery Sixties Super Lashes, Ultra White Eyeliner, Lip Visor in a silvery white shade and the Iridescent Ball Highlighter, a creme gel highlighter.


  • How to Fake Looking Awake

    How to Fake Looking Awake

    With spring in the air, desperate to rediscover signs of life in her skin, Alice Romeril turned to the cover girls of all things glowy - The Victoria’s Secret Angels.

    With the latest Victoria's Secrets show being held in London, the models’ skin had to recover from 9 hours of air con and jetlag before enduring two days of endless photography.


  • Mother's Day's Coming Up Roses

    Mother's Day's Coming Up Roses

    Why not think outside the (chocolate) box this Mothering Sunday and give the gift of a radiant complexion?

    Mai Couture bronzing, blush or highlighter powder-infused papers are ideal for a chic quick-fix. Just tear one a sheet and wipe over skin to deposit and blend colour. Paraben-free and talc-free, these powder sheets come in a mini booklet, perfect for handbags.


  • Our Secret Skincare Asset

    Our Secret Skincare Asset

    At BeautyMART we have a secret: Sarirah, our cat-loving, tea drinking, Rubik's cube twizzling buyer and merchandiser who also happens to be the blogger behind Pretty Not Included. She has just been chosen as blogger of the week by ELuxe magazine and has also featured in Sunday Times Style. {...}

  • Cobbler's Kids...

    Cobbler's Kids...

    Cobbler's kids go without shoes is something I heard throughout my childhood and it was always a snide comment by someone in the family in relation to the state of my hair.

    My dad is a hairdresser so was expected to keep me coiffed and girl like.


  • Tea(m) Meetings with

    Tea(m) Meetings with

    The BeautyMART team loves afternoon tea. We'll find any opportunity to stop at 4pm, put the kettle on and bring out a cake. Our reputation as tea-lovers has even reached across the Atlantic, to the ears of They asked us to list our favourite London tea destinations and then invited us to take tea with them. See the results here.      
  • LFW AW15: Backstage Beauty Report

    LFW AW15: Backstage Beauty Report

    It's my last day of LFW as I have to get back to my day job at BeautyMART. But it's been huge fun, filled with exciting new looks, some hilarious moments as well as a lot of bad for me but delicious food.

    I start the day at the LFW Beauty Monitor Beauty Lounge, at the Mayfair Hotel, but they're closed. Instead I grab a picture of the Anya Hindmarch Sticker Shop window - yep, that's me in the reflection - never could get my photo angles right. {...}

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