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  • Sophy Robson Nails It with Nail-Its

    Sophy Robson Nails It with Nail-Its

    I first met Sophy Robson properly over a pedicure more than 10 years ago but we both seemed familiar to one another and quickly realised that we knew many people in common and had frequented the same London clubs and bars in the Nineties.


  • Brush Crush

    Brush Crush

    If you were to ask me about my personal game-changing make-up moments, they're generally around the discovery of a new make-up brush.

    Case in point, Tom Ford's Cream Foundation Brush, that launched 4 years ago, an object of beauty with fluffy white bristles to use with any liquid or cream foundation, it gives skin the most magical texture.

    A more recent brush crush is Charlotte Tilbury's Brow Lift that combines brush, shaping pencil and highlighter so that I no longer have to fiddle around with three separate tools, one of which - the brush - always seems to get lost.

    My newest brush crush is  Bare Minerals Perfecting Face Brush which is designed to be used with Bare Skin foundation but it works with any liquid colour. Its flat profile has a well in the centre which acts as a reservoir to hold foundation for even distribution over the skin. Simply add a couple of drops and swirl over or add more for heavier coverage.


  • Pharrell X Comme des Garçons G I R L fragrance

    I have no clue what this fragrance smells like but I don't really care. Pharrell is a master of packaging a great idea and I totally trust Commes to create a great fragrance so the chances of it being a stinker are pretty slim. {...}

  • My Very Own Lipstick By MDMflow

    My Very Own Lipstick By MDMflow

    We first met founder of MDMflow, Florence Adepoju, a cool chick with a taste for hip hop, glamour and a degree in cosmetic science, in 2013 when she came to a BeautyMART event at our Boxpark store in Shoreditch. {...}

  • The Harvey Nichols Holiday Edit

    The Harvey Nichols Holiday Edit

    The busiest holiday fortnight of the year is yet to happen so if you've timed your getaway for the last two weeks of August, then don't forget to check out our Harvey Nichols holiday beauty edit, featuring iconic products for beach, pool and party.


  • Lauren Bacall: 1924 - 2014

    Lauren Bacall: 1924 - 2014

    Lauren Bacall, the actress famed for her arched brows, waved hair, husky voice and relationship with Humphrey Bogart (she was 20 and he was 45 when they married) starring in classic films including The Big Sleep and Key Largo, has died. {...}

  • The Best of Beauty Apps

    The Best of Beauty Apps

    Our motto is anything for an easier life so when we found out that the stress of finding a good hairstylist/ nail tech/make-up artist was about to be made easier via a clever new app, we were all over it. {...}

  • Hollywood Glamour

    Hollywood Glamour

    When (almost) the entire BeautyMART team turns out on a Sunday evening to attend a presentation on Hollywood glamour you'll realise that we're more than a little obsessed with beauty.

    As part of Somerset House's Film 4 Summer Screen programme, Behind the Screen is a series of talks by experts that have relevance to the film about to be shown. In this case, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes starring Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell was prefaced by a fascinating talk by NARS international lead stylist Jane Richardson on the subject of Hollywood's screen goddesses and how they created their signature looks.


  • Millie Lightens Up

    Millie Lightens Up

    You how how it is when you find a genius product that you suddenly can't live without? Well my current have-to-have is Mai Couture's powder-infused papers that come in a chic little booklet so you can touch up your make-up or create a whole face on the go. There are Foundation Papers in three shades, Blush Papers in three shades and my absolute favourite, Trios containing bronzer, highlighter and blush. Suddenly my holiday make-up bag just got a whole lot lighter.  Watch my video here... 
  • BeautyMART's New Ad Campaign

    BeautyMART's New Ad Campaign

    This is what happened when we asked 13 year-old Nova (a friend's daughter who loves beauty products) to produce an advertising campaign for BeautyMART. She'd only been in the office a few days, helping us to barcode EOS lip balms, but she'd clearly kept her eyes and ears open!
  • Our Chocolate Fix of Choice

    Our Chocolate Fix of Choice

    When a friend asked me whether I'd rather have a bag of Maltesers or a chocolate mousse, my answer was mousse, every time, until I realised that I could have two bags of Maltesers for the same calories as the choc mousse. The point is, I wouldn't want two bags of Maltesers; one, or even half a bag would be enough, saving calories for something else. {...}

  • Millie's Mentors: Paul Yacomine

    Millie's Mentors: Paul Yacomine

    One of my first jobs in the beauty industry was working as a trainee hairdresser at Bumble & bumble in New York. Back then, Michael Gordon was my boss and I worked under the guidance of Paul Yacomine who was one of the senior stylists, along with Max Pinnell, Ayo Laguda and Debi Mazar, who was famous for doing Madonna's hair.


  • Art: Straight Lines and Squiggles

    Art: Straight Lines and Squiggles

    Two painters: Bridget Riley and Cy Twombly. Two different continents: Europe and the US. Two different approaches but each with an inherent energy and verve.



  • Magnum Force

    Magnum Force

    One of my highlights this year was discovering I was being followed on Twitter by Magnum ice creams. Talk about upping my cool credentials - this ranked with finding Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld's cat, among my followers!

    If you're a fan of Magnum ice cream (at BeautyMART, we're more than fans - we're addicts!) then you'll no doubt have enjoyed - or still be enjoying - the 25th anniversary celebrations. {...}

  • #NoPoo


    No, this isn't a rant against careless dog owners (although I do despair of people who don't 'pick up' after their dogs), it's a blog in praise of a beauty product that has changed my hair, and my life. I'm talking about Purely Perfect Cleansing Creme, the un-shampoo (or No Poo, as this new category of non-foaming shampoos has become known across social media). {...}

  • BeautyMART X Topshop Stratford City

    BeautyMART X Topshop Stratford City

    If your regular shopping haunt is Westfield rather than the West End, then you can now find BeautyMART in your favourite mall because you'll find we've popped up in Topshop Stratford City from Friday 25th July. Come and see us to discover all your favourite beauty buys from French pharmacy favourites including Embryolisse, to hot summer must-haves for skin, hair and body.  
  • Join Us! #ShareYourLook

    Join Us! #ShareYourLook

    As part of our #MeetTheExpert events - where we bring together BeautyMART fans and some of the best names in the industry for beauty chat and bubbles - we're very excited to host legendary make-up artist Kay Montano and new app, BeautySpotter.

    Join us on Saturday 2nd August at our Boxpark store, in London's Shoreditch, to get the inside scoop on some of Kay's A-list application tips and advice. After a mini makeover, a glass of bubbly and some beauty shopping - we're offering all guests 10% off in store on the day - you can #ShareYourLook on the hottest new app, BeautySpotter.

    BeautySpotter is an app where you can upload, share and rate your favourite salon treatment: mani, pedi, make-up and hair. You can also find your favourite look and book with the stylist who created it.



  • Lipstick, Freckles and Pup

    Lipstick, Freckles and Pup

    Millie and I decided to do another video to showcase some of our favourite summer lip products from Daniel Sandler and TOPSHOP. But then (in true BeautyMART style), we were distracted - partly by Topshop's new Freckle Pencil, which we LOVE, but also by Pup, my dog who was rustling around in the bin under my desk. {...}

  • Fake Your Freckles.

    Fake Your Freckles.

    I'm just back from a holiday and despite slapping on the SPF50 my freckles have still broken through. And I'm glad - I love freckles! They're real, natural, youthful and evidence of a life spent in the sun (or of the disappearing redhead phenotype - which would be a disaster - I'm all for human variety.)


  • Look Who Got Layered!

    Look Who Got Layered!

    If you've not signed up to the new website Layered that's all about hair, now is the time to do so because BeautyMART's Millie Kendall is featured, along with her colourist, the fabulous Nicola Clarke, Creative Colour Director at John Frieda. Read the story here.

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