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  • Why Charcoal is the New Black

    Why Charcoal is the New Black

    Charcoal - not the stuff you sketch with or the barbecue variety - is the hot new beauty 'in'gredient, popping up and in everything from drinks, to soap and face cream. {...}

  • Blue Door Barns

    Blue Door Barns

    When you want to get away for a couple of days, Blue Door Barns is the place to go for some home from home comfort and joy.


  • Crazy For Colour

    Crazy For Colour

    Crayons aren't just for kids ever since an underground trend for grown-up colouring books   has gone mainstream. Perhaps it's no surprise that in the era of mindfulness colouring is the new therapeutic creative pastime, says Sarirah Hamid.
  • Happy Birthday Sam

    Happy Birthday Sam

    Kate Moss on the decks with Fat Tony and Princess Julia. On the dance floor: models, photographers, editors, make-up artists and musicians. At the centre of it all, the one and only Sam McKnight: welcome to the party of the century.


  • Return of the Mac

    Return of the Mac

    A must-see exhibition of the illustrations of Mc Cauley 'Mac' Conner, the original 'mad man', celebrates a 1950s beauty ideal that still resonates today. {...}


    Our latest obsession is the crazy new app that guesses your age (or at least assesses it via a selection of parameters which we assume includes lines, wrinkles, skin texture and general wideawakeness). It obviously doesn't take into account grey hair because my age came out as 31 (I'm still bragging about it) although I'm actually 6 years older than Millie. {...}

  • Future Proof

    Future Proof

    Here's evidence that BeautyMART is ahead of the curve when it comes to the modern digital retail experience - and we're not just talking about Millie's latest obsession with Periscope, the live video streaming app. We've been featured in the current issue of Vogue and last weekend's Sunday Times Style as a brand that's leading the retail revolution. Charge!


  • Margate's Beauty Pageant

    Margate's Beauty Pageant

    Margate might not be the first place that comes to mind in the context of beauty but that's about to change with the influence of Haeckels, a homegrown cosmetics and perfumery brand built on heritage, tradition and craft but with a truly modern edge.


  • BeautyMART Latest Product Haul

    BeautyMART Latest Product Haul

    Watch the video of Millie and Anna-Marie show and tell their latest finds for BeautyMART. Discover Barely sponges to change up your product application, MDM Flow Lipsticks and Absolution tinted moisturiser and get a heads up on Get a Grip bright and beautiful hair barrettes, coming soon!    
  • The Braidy Bunch

    The Braidy Bunch

    It's time to get weaving - or a least get someone else to do it for you if your fingers lack the pliability to plait - because braids are big news this season. Whether you're into classic cornrows, a fishtail or French, weave some magic, now.  {...}

  • More Mitt Mania

    More Mitt Mania

    Find out why  The Pool loves a Korean Spa Magic Mitt #mittmania
  • Stars, in Stripes

    Stars, in Stripes

    Some of our favourite beauty products are sporting stripes - just in time for summer.
  • Designer, Meet Make-Up

    Designer, Meet Make-Up

    The latest designer make-up collaborations feature Christopher Kane x Nars and US designers Isabel and Ruben Toledo with M.A.C. Cue great colours, cult packaging and limited edition desirability.


  • Why Applying Moisturiser with a Sponge is a Thing

    I've survived all these years applying face cream with my fingers, but now there's an exciting new way to do it, using a sponge, and it's changed my life - or at least my skincare and make-up regime… {...}

  • The Val Garland Edit

    The Val Garland Edit

    One of an exclusive elite - the world's most influential make-up artists - Val Garland is a superstar in her field. Now, for the first time, she's sharing her insider secrets and invaluable advice on how to scale the upper levels of the make-up artist world in a series of online tutorials with Mastered, the online fashion course website that features the industry's leading figures.


  • Word Up Beauty

    Word Up Beauty

    A friend who said that a man had admired her tankles was confused until he pointed to her  bronzed ankles: apparently tankles = tanned ankles. This is known in linguistics as a blend or portmanteau word made by joining parts of two words to make a third.

    Here are BeautyMART's best blend words (and some we've made up):


  • Coabury? Glastochella? The Four Rules of Festival Beauty

    Whether you're baking in the desert sun at Coachella or up to your knees in mud in front of the Pyramid Stage at Glasto, BeautyMART can reveal that despite the geographical and climatic differences, there are only four important beauty considerations for festivals: hair, make-up, legs and wet wipes. Everything else is irrelevant and either hidden under a cagoul (Glasto) or a vintage playsuit (Coachella). {...}

  • 5 Ways to Get Warm Weather Ready

    5 Ways to Get Warm Weather Ready

    After last week's decidedly springlike weather, here at BeautyMART we're panic tanning and doing emergency pedis at our desks.


  • Seventies Hits: Retro Hair and Make-up

    Seventies Hits: Retro Hair and Make-up

    From flares and platforms to disco glitter and dolly lashes, it's all about the Seventies this season. Designers including Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Dries Van Noten, Rochas, Gucci, Anna Sui, House of Holland, Matthew Williamson, Alberta Ferretti and Chloe rocked the retro look via fashion, hair and make-up. {...}

  • How to Drop 10 Years Using Facial Massage

    This week, I went back to beauty school to learn some of the tips and tricks of facialist Alexandra Soveral at her Skin Revolution Workshop that helps you achieve her signature uplifted look at home. I'd say that facials are my all time favourite beauty treatment, especially the massage part. It always makes a huge difference, not only to my skin but the shape of my face, redefining its contours and lifting things back to where they used to be many years earlier. However I've always been on the

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