Three brands, Three founders, Three questions, Three answers

Meet three amazing women - Kristy Cimesa of Elemental Herbology, Maria Hatzistefanis of Rodial and Kathy Phililps of This Works - who happen to have some of the most exciting beauty brands around. They kindly gave us three minutes of their time to answer three questions.



Kristy Cimesa, founder of Elemental Herbology

Kirsty's background in holistic medicine, acupuncture and nutrition informs the 'beauty through health' philosophy behind her skincare and body care brand.

1 Name your three favourite transformational products.

Cell Food - it's our best selling product globally.  Infused with an abundance of vitamins and antioxidants, it helps protect the skin against pollution and aggressors. It also contains  brightening Kombucha, soya proteins to help support skin structure and olive squalane, a botanical lipid that's easily absorbed and intensively moisturising. It also smells heavenly.  I really notice when I don't use it and always revert back.

Facial Souffle Overnight Cream is my overnight rescue mask that really transforms dry, wind and cold-beaten skin into a soft, dewy and rosy complexion. I also love to apply this when I fly long-haul back home to Australia as it keeps my skin feeling fresh and nourished the whole way.

Purify and Soothe Facial Cleansing Balm is what I use if my skin is feeling dry and irritated. For me, this cleanser is the only way to end a day. It has a really rich, buttery texture, infused with an abundance of Omega-rich oils alongside Calendula, Camomile and Frankincense to soothe, nourish and indulge my skin every evening during the winter months. When removed with a hot steaming cloth, it makes for the perfect evening ritual.

2 If you had three hours spare what would you do with the time?
Fly kites with my kids on Hampstead Heath followed by a long lazy lunch at a local pub with family and friends.

3 Name your three favourite things in life.
My family, my friends, Elemental Herbology


Maria Hatzistefanis aka Mrs Rodial

Maria is the brains (and beauty) behind Rodial and Nip + Fab. She combines a background in beauty journalism with a great business brain.

1 Name your three favourite transformational products.

Bee Venom Eye - this eye cream is my ultimate beauty product. It works to trick the skin into reacting as if it has been stung by a bee, kicking repair mechanisms into play with the result that skin appears plumped with wrinkles less visible. It's the perfect way to help prevent crow's feet or laughter lines around the eyes.

Super Acid Rush Peel is Rodial's version of the Hollywood Peel but an at-home version. I use this product once a week to retexture, resurface and rejuvenate the skin.

Glamsticks! I cannot live without these lipstick/balm/gloss hybrids. They are the perfect way to glam up an outfit while protecting and nourishing the lips at the same time. A must have beauty buy!

2 If you had three hours spare what would you do with the time?

I would most likely meditate and have a yoga session. Yoga relaxes me and sets me up for my next hectic day at the office.  I would also go for a long walk in the park, listening to my latest playlist as I love being outdoors.

3 Name your three favourite things in life.

My family and friends, Rodial Instaglam Bronzing Powder, Coconut Water

Kathy Philips, founder of This Works

Kathy is also the international beauty editor Condé Nast Asia,  former beauty director of British Vogue, a qualified yoga teacher and author of several books on fashion, beauty and yoga.

1 Name your three favourite transformational products.

In Transit Camera Close-UpVictoria Beckham told me she would never fly without this multipurpose mask/moisturiser/primer. I use it if I’m going out after work - it's brilliant if you don't want to re-do your make-up as it works as a reviving topcoat as well as a primer. I put it on over the remnants of the day and then after two minutes of allowing it do to its work, I just touch-up my foundation and the rest of my make-up and go.

Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil - This was our first product and everyone said it wouldn’t sell. But we've proved them wrong and I think that's because everyone’s got dry legs and this really does stop the tight feeling and flaky peeling that's so common on the legs. There are lots of similar products out there now but none that work as well as this one, due to the quality of the oils and their ability to penetrate.

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray - We’ve had independent clinical trials to prove that this makes a difference to sleep, we don’t have to tell people that it just works. Also, it makes the bedroom, or aeroplane or hotel room smell so good.

2 If you had three hours spare what would you do with the time?

Get out my yoga mat and afterwards have a cup of tea sitting in my garden.

 3 Name your three favourite things in life.

My family, the mountains and ski-ing, whatever creative project I’m working on whether that's shoots for Japan and China Vogue, my product development for This Works or even my jam making.


Left to right: Kathy Philips of This Works, Maria Hatzistefanis aka Mrs Rodial and Kristy Cimesa of Elemental Herbology

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