Beard Butter vs Balm

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Beard balm or beard butter – which one is right for you? This common dilemma arises when exploring different grooming products for beards. The key difference lies in their ingredients and purpose: while a balm primarily conditions and styles your beard with its beeswax content, a butter hydrates the skin beneath your facial hair using natural butters and oils.

Read on to discover more insight into these two amazing products to step up your beard care routine!

Key Takeaways

  • Beard balm is a versatile grooming product that conditions and styles your facial hair, while beard butter deeply hydrates and moisturizes both your beard and skin.
  • Beard balm contains beeswax for firm hold and shaping, while beard butter has a creamier texture with little to no beeswax.
  • Use beard balm during the day for styling and conditioning, and choose beard butter at night for intense hydration. The choice depends on personal preference and desired outcomes.
  • Consider your hair type and desired outcome when choosing between beard balm or butter. Longer or thicker beards may benefit from the extra moisture provided by beard butter, while those wanting to tame flyaway hairs can opt for the hold offered by beard balm.

What is Beard Balm and How to Use It

Beard balm is a versatile grooming product that provides both conditioning and styling benefits for your facial hair.

Conditioning and styling benefits

Beard balm serves a dual purpose. Acting as a conditioner, it penetrates deep into the hair follicles to nourish and moisturize, leading to softer and healthier facial hair. Shea butter often makes an appearance in beard balms due to its moisturizing properties.

The beeswax content provides excellent control for sculpting and shaping your beard throughout the day. This multitasking product maintains hold while providing deep conditioning making it ideal for daily use.

Can be used at night or during the day

You can use beard balm at any time of the day to style and condition your beard. It’s a multitasking product that tames flyaway hairs, provides control and hold, and deeply conditions your facial hair.

The beeswax in beard balm gives it a firm texture, making it ideal for shaping and sculpting your beard during the day. On the other hand, beard butter is best used at night before bed.

Its hydrating properties work overnight to moisturize both your facial hair and skin, leaving you with a well-nourished and softer beard in the morning. Whether you choose to use beard balm or butter depends on your personal preference and when you want to achieve specific effects for your beard.

What is Beard Butter and How to Use It

Beard butter is a grooming product that provides deep conditioning and hydration for your facial hair, leaving it soft and moisturized. To use beard butter, simply scoop a small amount onto your fingertips and massage it into your beard, focusing on the roots to nourish the hair follicles.

Hydrating properties

Beard butter is known for its excellent hydrating properties, making it a great choice for those looking to moisturize their facial hair and skin. Unlike beard balm, which focuses more on styling and conditioning, beard butter deeply nourishes your beard, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

It contains ingredients like shea butter, ucuuba butter, hemp seed butter, almond butter, as well as carrier oils and essential oils that provide hydration and promote healthy growth.

With its luxurious moisturizer-like consistency, beard butter is best used at night before bed to give your beard the deep conditioning it needs.

Best used at night

Beard butter is best used at night to deeply hydrate your facial hair and skin while you sleep. Its creamy texture allows it to penetrate the strands of your beard, providing intense moisture and nourishment.

By applying beard butter before bed, you give it ample time to work its magic and leave you with a softer, healthier-looking beard in the morning. Unlike beard balm which offers more hold for styling during the day, using beard butter at night allows you to focus on hydration and rejuvenation without worrying about shaping or control.

So make it a part of your nightly grooming routine for a well-moisturized and luscious beard.

Comparison between Beard Balm and Beard Butter

Beard balm contains beeswax, providing a light hold and styling effect, while beard butter focuses on hydrating properties and works best when used at night.

Beeswax content

Beard balm and beard butter differ in their beeswax content. Beard balm contains a significant amount of beeswax, which gives it its firm and waxier texture. This natural ingredient provides hold and shaping properties for the beard, making it great for taming and styling purposes.

On the other hand, most beard butters have very little or no beeswax at all. This results in a creamier consistency that resembles a luxurious moisturizer rather than a sculptor’s clay.

So if you’re looking for a product with more hold and styling effect, go for beard balm with its higher beeswax content.

Level of hold and styling effect

Beard balm is known for its firm composition and wax-like consistency, which gives it a strong hold and excellent shaping capabilities. The beeswax content in beard balm provides natural hold and control for unruly facial hair, making it perfect for taming flyaway hairs and creating your desired style.

On the other hand, beard butter has a creamier texture that offers a light hold and soft styling effect. While not as strong as beard balm, beard butter still helps to keep your facial hair looking neat while providing deep conditioning benefits.

Whether you prefer a firmer sculptor’s clay-like hold or a softer touch with some added hydration, the choice between beard balm and butter depends on your personal preference and styling needs.

When to Use Beard Balm vs Beard Butter

Choose beard balm for daytime use when you want a light hold and styling effect, while opting for beard butter at night to deeply hydrate and condition your facial hair.

Day vs night

During the day, beard balm is a great option for taming and styling your beard while also providing conditioning benefits. The beeswax content in beard balm helps hold your facial hair in place while keeping flyaway hairs under control.

It’s perfect for achieving a polished look throughout the day. On the other hand, beard butter is best used at night before bed to deeply hydrate both your beard and skin. Its creamy consistency, similar to a luxurious moisturizer, helps nourish and soften your facial hair while you sleep.

By using these products at different times of the day, you can address both styling needs and hydration requirements of your beard effectively without any hassle.

Hair type and desired outcome

To choose between beard balm and beard butter, consider your hair type and desired outcome. If you have a longer or thicker beard that needs extra moisture and hydration, beard butter may be the better option for you.

Its creamy texture acts like a luxurious moisturizer, deeply conditioning both your facial hair and skin. On the other hand, if you want to tame flyaway hairs, style your beard, and provide some hold throughout the day, beard balm with its beeswax content can give you that sculpted look.

Ultimately, it’s about personal preference – whether you prioritize intense hydration or styling effects for your facial hair.


Ultimately, the choice between beard butter and beard balm comes down to personal preference and experimentation. Each product offers unique benefits, with beard balm providing conditioning and styling properties through beeswax content, while beard butter focuses on hydration and deep conditioning.

Whether you prefer the sculptor’s clay-like texture of a balm or the luxurious moisturizer feel of a butter, both can help tame and style your facial hair. So go ahead and try out both to see which one works best for you!

Personal preference

Ultimately, the choice between beard butter and beard balm comes down to personal preference. Some men prefer the softer and more moisturizing properties of beard butter, while others prefer the styling capabilities and hold of beard balm.

It all depends on what you value most in a grooming product for your facial hair. Experimentation is key to finding the right product that suits your needs and preferences best. So go ahead and try out both options to see which one works better for you!


1. What is the difference between beard butter and balm?

The main difference lies in their function and texture: Beard butter offers deep conditioning for your beard and skin, while a beard balm provides hold to control flyaway hairs with its sculptor’s claylike texture.

2. Can beard butter and balm be used together?

Yes! For maximum hydration, conditioning and styling benefits, you can use both products together on your facial hair.

3. What are the ingredients in beard butter and balm?

Common ingredients include hydrating elements such as oils for moisture, waxes for control or hold, and butters for deep conditioning of your facial hair.

4. How do we apply these men’s grooming products?

For optimal results in maintaining your facial hair style, rub either product between hands then evenly through the beard from roots to ends.

5. Do I need other products aside from these two?

While using a combination of these conditioner-stylers could already cover basic needs; incorporating other items like specific types of oil or wax into your routine would contribute to comprehensive beard care.

Beard Butter vs Balm
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