2024 Beautycounter Mascara Review

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Looking for a mascara that leaves your lashes looking lush and voluminous without harmful ingredients? Enter Beautycounter‘s newest offering, the Think Big All-in-One Mascara. Known for its clean formula with nourishing lash care properties, this blog post sets out to review it in detail in 2024.

Stick around if you’re ready to embrace safe yet effective cosmetics that truly enhance your beauty.

  • The Beautycounter Think Big All-in-One Mascara is a game changer for clean beauty enthusiasts, providing lush, voluminous lashes with a nourishing and clump-free formula.
  • This mascara stands out for its use of clean ingredients that prioritize the health and safety of your eyes, while still delivering intense color and smudge-proof results.
  • Users love the specially designed applicator which ensures easy and precise application, reaching every lash without any clumps or flakes.
  • Compared to other clean mascaras on the market, Beautycounter’s mascara offers impressive lengthening and volumizing results that are easy to remove at the end of the day.

Beautycounter Think Big All-in-One Mascara

The Beautycounter Think Big All-in-One Mascara is a game changer for clean beauty enthusiasts. This mascara not only enhances your lashes, but it also contains clean ingredients that nourish and protect them.

The specially designed applicator makes application a breeze, ensuring clump-free and voluminous results every time.

Product description

Beautycounter’s Think Big All-in-One Mascara transcends ordinary mascaras with its clean, buildable formula. This innovative product prides itself on delivering not just length but also significant volume to your lashes without the burden of clumps.

Complimented by an easy-to-handle wand, it fans out at the base enabling precise application from inner to outer eye all at once. To top it off, Beautycounter has infused this mascara with a wet formula that enhances layering while still maintaining a clump-free finish for longer and thicker lashes.

Users have constantly praised their joyous encounters with this mascara that beautifully blends intense pigment alongside nourishing lash care in one single stroke!

Benefits of clean ingredients

The Beautycounter Think Big All-in-One Mascara is not only known for its impressive lengthening and volumizing results, but also for its use of clean ingredients. With a non-toxic formula that excludes potentially harmful chemicals, this mascara offers a safe option for those who prioritize using products that are free from harsh additives.

The clean ingredients in Beautycounter mascara provide intense nourishment to your lashes while still delivering bold, smudgeproof color. So you can enjoy longer, thicker lashes without compromising on the health and safety of your eyes.

Applicator for easy application

The Beautycounter Think Big All-in-One Mascara comes with an applicator that makes application a breeze. The mascara wand is designed to be easy to work with, allowing you to coat each lash evenly without clumping.

Users love that the mascara fans out at the base, reaching both the inner and outer corners of the eyes effortlessly. With this applicator, you can achieve precise and effortless application for stunning lashes every time.

Review of Beautycounter Mascara

The Beautycounter Think Big All-in-One Mascara delivers lengthening and volumizing results with its clean, non-clumping formula that is easy to remove.

Lengthening and volumizing results

Experience stunning length and volume with Beautycounter Think Big All-in-One Mascara. This mascara is designed to give you next-level lashes without any clumps. The secret lies in its wet formula that allows for easy layering, so you can achieve your desired look without the hassle of clumpy lashes.

Users love how this mascara combs through their lashes, depositing intense pigment while simultaneously lengthening them. The result? A bold, full lash look that will make heads turn.

Say goodbye to thin and lifeless lashes and hello to show-stopping volume and length with Beautycounter Think Big All-in-One Mascara.

Non-clumping formula

The Beautycounter Think Big All-in-One Mascara is loved by users for its non-clumping formula. This mascara provides you with long, voluminous lashes without any clumps or flakes. The wet formula of the mascara allows you to layer it easily, creating an intense and bold look that lasts all day.

Whether you want a natural everyday look or a dramatic evening look, this mascara delivers on its promise of no clumps. Say goodbye to those annoying smudges and hello to perfectly defined lashes with Beautycounter’s non-clumping formula.

Easy to remove

The Beautycounter Think Big All-in-One Mascara is not only known for its incredible lengthening and volumizing results, but it’s also incredibly easy to remove. No more struggling with stubborn mascara that won’t come off at the end of the day.

With just a simple swipe of your makeup remover or gentle cleanser, this mascara effortlessly comes off without any residue or tugging on your lashes. You’ll love how hassle-free it is to take off your makeup while still achieving stunning lash results with Beautycounter mascara.

Comparison with other clean mascaras

Let’s see how Beautycounter Mascara stacks up against other clean mascaras on the market. Read more to discover which one comes out on top for lengthening and volumizing your lashes!

Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara

Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara is a popular clean mascara option that offers lengthening and volumizing benefits. With its vegan formula, this mascara is perfect for those looking for nontoxic alternatives.

The wet formula allows for easy layering without clumping, giving you the freedom to achieve your desired lash look. Users appreciate the precise application of this mascara, as it combs through lashes with its wand, depositing intense pigment and lengthening them.

If you’re in search of a cruelty-free option that provides instant lift and fuller-looking lashes, Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara might be worth trying out.

Tips for using Beautycounter Mascara

To ensure optimal results with Beautycounter Mascara, start by curling your lashes before applying the mascara. This will give you a natural lift and help to create fuller-looking lashes.

When applying the mascara, wiggle the wand at the base of your lashes and then brush it through to the tips for maximum length and volume. Avoid pumping the wand in and out of the tube, as this can introduce air and cause clumping.

Lastly, when removing the mascara at night, use a gentle cleanser or makeup remover specifically designed for eye makeup to avoid damaging your lashes.

Proper application techniques

To achieve the best results with Beautycounter mascara, start by curling your lashes using an eyelash curler. Then, hold the wand horizontally and wiggle it at the base of your lashes to deposit product evenly.

Next, sweep the wand upwards from root to tip in a zigzag motion for maximum length and volume. For added drama, you can apply multiple coats without worrying about clumping thanks to its wet formula.

Finally, use the tapered end of the brush to reach those hard-to-reach inner and outer corner lashes for a fully defined look. Enjoy longer, fuller lashes with proper application techniques!

How to remove mascara without damaging lashes

To remove mascara without causing damage to your lashes, it’s important to be gentle and use the right techniques. Start by soaking a cotton pad or makeup remover wipe with a makeup remover specifically designed for waterproof or long-lasting formulas.

Place the soaked pad or wipe over your closed eye and hold it there for a few seconds to allow the product to break down the mascara. Then, gently swipe downwards from your lash line towards the tips of your lashes, using light pressure.

Avoid rubbing or pulling on your lashes, as this can cause them to become weak and brittle. Repeat this process until all of the mascara is removed. Remember to moisturize your lashes afterwards with a nourishing lash serum or oil to keep them healthy and strong.

Is Lash Cosmetics Vibely Mascara Comparable to Beautycounter Mascara?

In the Lash Cosmetics review analysis, Vibely Mascara is found to be comparable to Beautycounter Mascara. Both products deliver long-lasting, voluminous lashes without clumping or flaking. The Vibely Mascara is praised for its lengthening and curling capabilities, while the Beautycounter Mascara is known for its clean ingredients and nourishing formula.


Embrace the potential changes in clean beauty by choosing safe and effective products like Beautycounter Mascara. Experience next-level length, volume, and intense nourishment without any clumps.

Take a step towards healthier lashes with this vegan, cruelty-free mascara that delivers bold color and easy application.


1. What kind of reviews does Beautycounter mascara have?

Beautycounter mascara receives significant positive reviews for its lengthening, volumizing, and clump-free capabilities.

2. Why is Beautycounter Mascara known as a vegan and cruelty-free product?

The brand upholds stringent nontoxic and clean beauty norms which include employing ingredients that are natural, vegan, and abstaining from any forms of animal testing.

3. Which Mascara Is Better for Sensitive Eyes: Beautycounter or Babe Lash?

If you’re looking for the best Babe Lash Mascara experiences for sensitive eyes, both Beautycounter and Babe Lash offer gentle, non-irritating formulas. Beautycounter’s mascara is known for its clean ingredients, while Babe Lash’s formula is designed to nourish and strengthen lashes. Ultimately, it comes down to individual preferences and needs.

4. Can I achieve instant volume with Beautycounter’s Volume Mascara?

Yes! Many users rave about the instant volume lashes achieved through the unique Tri-peptide technology used in Beautycounter’s Volumizing Mascara.

5. Will the color smudge or fade over time if l use their bold color mascaras?

No – many reviewers highlight how Smudgeproof mascara allows them to retain a bold eye look throughout the day without any discoloration or fading issues.

6. Does applying this mascara nourish my lashes?

Absolutely! Beyond providing fullness and longer lash appearance, their Lash Care Mascara richly nourishes your lashes aiming at maintaining their overall health.

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2024 Beautycounter Mascara Review
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