3 Best Eyebrow Pencils for No Eyebrows 2024

by  Mila M.Cosmetologist

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Are you struggling to find the perfect eyebrow pencil for your sparse or non-existent eyebrows? The fact is, a quality eyebrow pencil can effortlessly transform your brow game, giving you that desired fuller look.

This post breaks down the best eyebrow pencils in the market, helping you navigate this beauty staple with ease and confidence. Stick around as we shape up your knowledge about these essential tools!

  • Choosing the right eyebrow pencil is essential for transforming sparse or non-existent eyebrows into fuller, defined arches.
  • Factors to consider when selecting an eyebrow pencil include tip shape, shade matching, and applicator.
  • Options for filling in brows include pencils, powders, gels, tinting options, growth serums, microblading techniques, and temporary eyebrow stickers.
  • Some highly recommended eyebrow pencils for those with sparse or missing eyebrows are the Charlotte Tilbury Brow Cheat Refillable Hair-Like Eyebrow Pencil and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer.

Best Eyebrow Pencils for No Eyebrows 2024

Here are five highly recommended eyebrow pencils for those with sparse or missing eyebrows: the Charlotte Tilbury Brow Cheat Refillable Hair-Like Eyebrow Pencil, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer, the e.l.f.

Instant Lift Brow Pencil, the Gucci Crayon Définition Sourcils Powder Eyebrow Pencil, and the HUDA BEAUTY #BombBrows Microshade Brow Pencil.

Charlotte Tilbury Brow Cheat Refillable Hair-Like Eyebrow Pencil

The Charlotte Tilbury Brow Cheat Refillable Hair-Like Eyebrow Pencil is a top choice for transforming sparse eyebrows into thicker, more defined brows. Its effortless and creamy formula allows you to draw on natural-looking hair strokes with ease.

The highly pigmented formula ensures that your brows look full and natural without the need to draw on too much product. Plus, its refillable design makes it a budget-friendly option that will last you a long time.

With this eyebrow pencil, you can achieve the perfect natural look while also enjoying its waterproof properties for all-day wear.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer is a highly recommended eyebrow pencil for individuals with sparse or missing eyebrows. Its effortless and creamy formula allows you to transform your sparse brows into thicker, more defined ones with ease.

The brow definer has a highly pigmented formula that ensures long-lasting color and natural-looking results. Whether you want to draw on hair-like strokes or fill in your brows, this pencil provides the perfect soft texture for precise application.

Plus, it is waterproof, making it ideal for all-day wear. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable and effective solution to enhance your eyebrows.

HUDA BEAUTY #BombBrows Microshade Brow Pencil

The HUDA BEAUTY #BombBrows Microshade Brow Pencil is a top choice for transforming sparse eyebrows. Its effortless and creamy formula allows you to easily fill in your brows without drawing on too much product.

The pencil’s highly pigmented formula ensures that your brows look natural with just the right amount of color. Whether you want to create defined arches or add thickness to thin brows, this brow pencil is a must-have in your makeup collection.

Plus, it’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about smudging or fading throughout the day.

Understanding Sparse or Missing Eyebrows

Sparse or missing eyebrows can be caused by a variety of factors, such as genetics, overplucking, medical conditions, or aging. Filling in brows is important to create a more defined and balanced look for your face.

Causes of Sparse or Missing Eyebrows

Genetics often plays a significant role in causing sparse or missing eyebrows. Certain medical conditions, like alopecia areata, hypothyroidism and eczema, can also contribute to eyebrow hair loss.

Aging is another factor that leads to thinning eyebrows as the body experiences hormonal changes over time. Lifestyle habits such as excessive plucking or waxing of the brows can also result in permanent damage to the follicles causing sparsity.

Lastly, certain medications might lead to hair loss including eyebrows as a side effect. Understanding these causes empowers you in making informed decisions about your beauty routine and products like an eyebrow pencil for those hard-to-cover sparse spots.

Importance of Filling in Brows

Filling in your brows is an important step in achieving a polished and put-together look. Whether you have sparse eyebrows or no eyebrows at all, filling them in can make a world of difference.

By using the right eyebrow pencil, you can transform sparse brows into fuller, defined arches that frame your face beautifully. Not only does filling in your brows enhance your overall appearance, but it also adds depth and dimension to your eyes.

With just a few effortless strokes of a highly pigmented eyebrow pencil, you can create natural-looking hair-like strokes that mimic real brow hairs. So don’t underestimate the power of filled-in brows – they can truly elevate your makeup game and give you the confidence to conquer the day!

Types of Eyebrow Products

Eyebrow products come in various forms, including pencils, powders, gels, tinting options, growth serums, microblading techniques, and even temporary eyebrow stickers.


Eyebrow pencils are a popular choice for filling in sparse or missing eyebrows. They offer precision and control, allowing you to create natural-looking hair-like strokes effortlessly.

Look for pencils with an effortless and creamy texture that glides on smoothly without tugging or pulling. Highly pigmented formulas provide excellent coverage, giving your brows a fuller appearance.

Opt for refillable options to save money in the long run. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for high-end options, there is an eyebrow pencil out there that will transform your sparse eyebrows into beautiful, defined arches.


Powders are another popular option for filling in sparse or missing eyebrows. They are great for creating a soft and natural look, as well as providing extra depth and definition to the brows.

Eyebrow powders typically come in compact form with multiple shades, allowing you to custom blend and match the color that best suits your hair and skin tone. With a small angled brush, you can easily apply powder onto your brows using light strokes, mimicking the appearance of real hair.

Plus, powders tend to have long-lasting formulas that stay put throughout the day. So if you prefer a more subtle and buildable eyebrow look, consider giving powders a try!


Gels are another type of eyebrow product that can help transform sparse eyebrows into thicker, more defined brows. These gels typically come in a tube with a small spoolie brush applicator.

The gel formula is effortless and creamy, making it easy to apply and blend through the brows. With a highly pigmented formula, these gels provide long-lasting color and hold for all-day wear.

Whether you’re looking to add subtle definition or create bold, statement brows, gels can be an excellent option to consider in your brow routine. Waterproof options are also available for those who need their brows to stay put even in humid or rainy conditions.

Some popular brands that offer great eyebrow gels include Benefit Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Glossier Boy Brow, and Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara. These gels come in different shades to match various hair colors and can give your brows a natural look with just a few swipes of the wand.

Give them a try if you want an effortless way to shape and fill in your fine eyebrows for a perfect finish without drawing on too much product.


Tinting is another option for transforming sparse eyebrows. It involves applying a semi-permanent dye to the brows to darken and define them. This can be a great solution for individuals with light or barely visible eyebrows.

Tinting typically lasts for several weeks, giving you long-lasting results without daily makeup application. Popular brands that offer eyebrow tint products include Refectocil, 1000 Hour, and Godefroy.

You can choose from different shades to match your hair color and achieve a more natural look. Remember to follow the instructions carefully when using an eyebrow tint kit at home or schedule an appointment with a professional if you prefer a salon experience.

Growth Serums

Growth serums are a popular option for those looking to transform sparse eyebrows into thicker, more defined ones. These serums contain powerful ingredients that nourish and stimulate the hair follicles, promoting eyebrow growth over time.

With their effortless application and highly pigmented formula, growth serums can help you achieve natural-looking brows with ease. Many brands offer budget-friendly options in both drugstore and high-end ranges, making it accessible for everyone to try.

Look for a serum that is waterproof and long-lasting to ensure your brow transformation stays put throughout the day.


Microblading is a popular technique for transforming sparse eyebrows into fuller, more defined ones. It involves using a small blade to create tiny incisions in the skin and then depositing pigment into the brows.

This semi-permanent solution can last up to two years and is known for its natural-looking results. Some recommended options for microblading include Phibrows, 3D Eyebrow Microblading, and Brow Design International.

So if you’re tired of drawing on your brows every day or want a long-lasting solution, microblading might be the perfect choice for you.

Temporary Eyebrow Stickers

Temporary eyebrow stickers offer a quick and easy solution for individuals with sparse or no eyebrows. These adhesive stickers are designed to mimic the appearance of natural brows, instantly transforming your face.

With their effortless application, you can achieve thicker and fuller eyebrows in just a few simple steps. The highly pigmented formulas ensure that the stickers blend seamlessly with your existing brow hairs, creating a natural look that lasts all day.

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or prefer a more high-end brand, there are plenty of temporary eyebrow sticker options available on the market to suit your needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Eyebrow Pencil

When choosing an eyebrow pencil for sparse or missing eyebrows, consider factors like tip shape, shade matching, and applicator. Find out more about how these factors can help you achieve natural and fuller-looking brows by reading the full blog post.

Tip Shape

Choose an eyebrow pencil with the right tip shape to achieve the desired brow look. A fine-pointed or angled tip allows for precise application, making it easier to draw on individual hair-like strokes.

If you prefer a fuller, bolder brow, opt for a wider and thicker tip that can fill in larger areas quickly. Consider your natural brow shape and thickness when selecting the tip shape of your eyebrow pencil to ensure seamless blending and a more natural appearance.

Shade Matching

Choosing the right shade for your eyebrow pencil is crucial to achieving natural-looking brows. You want a shade that closely matches your hair color and skin tone, so it blends seamlessly and enhances your overall look.

There are a wide range of shades available, from light blonde to dark brown or even black. Consider factors such as the undertones in your hair and complexion when selecting a shade.

Additionally, some brands offer multiple shades within their eyebrow pencil range, allowing you to find the perfect match for your unique features. Remember to always test the shade on your skin or consult with a beauty expert if you’re unsure about which one will work best for you.


The applicator of an eyebrow pencil plays a crucial role in achieving the desired look for your sparse or missing eyebrows. Look for pencils with a thin, precise tip that allows you to draw on hair-like strokes effortlessly.

The Trish Mcevoy Precision Shaper Eyebrow Pencil is highly recommended by beauty experts for its extra precise nib, which helps create natural-looking brows. Another great option is the Refy Brow Pencil, which many beauty editors swear by for achieving great brows.

Remember to choose an applicator that suits your needs and preferences, whether you have mature skin or Asian brows.


Discovering the best eyebrow pencil for sparse or no eyebrows can be a game-changer in transforming your brows. With options like Charlotte Tilbury’s Brow Cheat, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer, and e.l.f.’s Instant Lift Brow Pencil, you can effortlessly create fuller and natural-looking brows.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades and formulas until you find the perfect match. Say goodbye to thin brows and hello to beautifully defined arches!


1. What is the best eyebrow pencil for no eyebrows?

The best eyebrow pencil for no eyebrows should fill in eyebrows to create thicker brows, be budget-friendly, and offer a natural look.

2. Are there different types of products for sparse or nonexistent brows?

Yes, besides an eyebrow pencil, you can use brow pomade, brow powder, brow gel, eyebrow tint, and even eyebrow wax or stencil to enhance your lack of eyebrow shape.

3. Is an Organic Eyebrow Pencil Suitable for Those with No Eyebrows?

Yes, organic eyebrow pencil options are suitable for those with no eyebrows. The natural ingredients are gentle on sensitive skin and provide a smooth, long-lasting finish. They can define and shape the brows, giving a natural look. Choose a shade that matches your hair color for the best results.

4. Which drugstore brow pencils work well for mature skin?

For mature skin needing natural looking hair strokes , the drugstore offers several options like refillable and waterproof eyebrow pencils that are both effective and affordable.

5. Can I get a natural look with an eyebrow filler even if my brows are thin?

Absolutely! Eyebrow fillers designed specifically for thin brows can help achieve this by filling in your patchy areas with fine strokes mimicking real hairs.

6. Can Taupe Eyebrow Pencil Help Create Natural-looking Eyebrows for Those with None?

When it comes to creating natural-looking eyebrows for those with none, using a top taupe eyebrow pencil can make all the difference. The taupe shade is perfect for filling in sparse eyebrows without looking too harsh or unnatural. With the right technique, this pencil can help anyone achieve the appearance of fuller, defined eyebrows.

7. Is there a product that won’t wash off easily from my eyebrows?

Certainly! Consider using a waterproof eyebrow pencil or Brow marker which stays put throughout various conditions ensuring optimal definition without worry.

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