9 Best Hair Removal Creams 2024

by  Mila M.Cosmetologist

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Tired of dealing with unwanted hair? Looking for the best hair removal cream to achieve smooth, bare skin? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, I’ve done all the research for you and narrowed down a list of 9 top hair removal creams.

Whether you have sensitive skin, need a permanent solution, or want something specifically for your face or bikini line, I’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover the #1 hair removal cream that will revolutionize your beauty routine in 2024!

  • You must have a separate hair remover cream for your bodyanother for your face, and another for your intimate parts. All these areas need different formulation strengths. Otherwise, you will either have burns, you will not be able to completely remove the hairs, or you will need too much time doing to get the product to work.
  • Chemical smell is really just part and parcel of this particular type of product. It’s just a matter of choosing which ones will bother you the least, and are worth dealing with for the hair removal effectiveness
  • Nature Nation Hair Removal Spray Foam is my top choice for overall use, providing a versatile solution for potent and painless hair removal. Read on to find out why.
  • Flamingo Body Hair Removal Cream &  Gigi Facial Hair Removal Cream Set both take the more specialized types of hair removal, for sensitive skin and for facial hair respectively. Read on to find out why

Hair removal creams offer a fast, cost-effective alternative to shaving or laser treatments. Depilatory creams assist in the hair growth cycle by encouraging the anagen phase – this is when new hair follicles form and subsequently reduce the amount of unwanted body hair over time.

For those who have sensitive skin, there are specific varieties designed for you. These do not irritate your skin but rather soothe it while removing unwanted hairs. Some top-rated depilatory products even cater to private parts like the bikini line, thus providing precise and gentle hair removal solutions across all body parts.

I based my selection of hair removal creams on five key factors, which are:

  1. Effectiveness
  2. Gentleness to the skin
  3. Scent
  4. Economy & convenience
  5. Price

Informed by consumers’ reviews and expert recommendations, this guide provides an unbiased review of the best hair removal creams available today.

My rating ( out of a perfect score of 5 ) for each product is indicated beside its main title.

2024 Best Hair Removal Cream – Overall Use

Well, the best hair removal cream for me is a spray foam, lol. There is, however, a cream variant that’s described in the product’s listing. But in this review, I refer to the spray foam variant.

Nature Nation Hair Removal Spray Foam – 4 . 5 / 5


This product is surprisingly effective at removing hair, especially in areas with denser hair growth.  However, it is not recommended to use it on your face

Gentleness To The Skin

It is relatively gentle on the skin, causing minimal irritation for most users. 


More users find it to be either the typical chemical scent you get from hair removers or just neutral at best. Some do report a strong and unpleasant odor.

Economy & Convenience

It’s quick and convenient to spray, which is a good feature. The hair removal is pretty quick too, even if you have to let the foam set probably longer than what’s indicated in the packaging.

However, it requires a bit more amount of the product for larger areas. The packaging is really just ideal for small to medium areas. Expect to have to use up one bottle in one sitting, especially if you have a lot of area to cover.


It is just above the mid-price point that is common for the more popular hair creme removers. However, you must factor in the note I made above about the amount of product you might need per session.

Overall Pros & Cons

Overall, the pros include quick and painless hair removal, ease of application, and minimal skin irritation, while the cons involve the chemical odor and potentially limited product quantity for larger areas.

However, it is efficient to apply and less messy than traditional creams.

Best Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive Skin

Flamingo Body Hair Removal Cream  – 4 . 5 / 5 


In terms of effectiveness, this cream works remarkably well for both thin and coarse hair, leaving your skin smooth and hair-free. 

Gentleness To The Skin

It’s gentle on the skin, as many users have noted, without causing dryness or irritation. 


The scent is mild compared to other depilatory products, making the experience more pleasant.

Economy & Convenience

The suggested time might need adjustment for some users. You may have to extend the time to more than 10 minutes vs. the 5 minutes indicated in the packaging. However, the cream’s efficacy is undeniable

The touch-free application with the spatula is a convenient feature, although some found it a bit tricky initially


The package offers two generous tubes at a reasonable cost.

Overall Pros & Cons

One downside is that you might need a bit more product than anticipated for larger areas like legs. This can impact the economy of use. However, the package offer offsets this a bit (kinda).

Take note that it’s not recommended for facial hair. However, it’s a great option for removing hair from various body areas.

It’s excellent for sensitive skin, thereby making it my top pick for the best hair removal cream for sensitive skin.

In fact, it’s so gentle for some people that that may be causing an issue, which is you need to leave it on for quite longer than what is indicated on the box. 

However, I think that that makes perfect sense. If you have very sensitive skin to begin with, then you might really have to avoid products that work very quickly because that means they are probably very strong in formulation, right?

So that’s gonna be the toss for you if you’re in this category.

You can have something that won’t harm your skin, but pay the price with a bit more of your time. Or, save more time on doing your hair removal routine, but at the cost of your skin possibly getting irritated. I’d say choose wisely and with awareness.

Best Permanent Hair Removal Cream 

I’ll give this spot to the two products that tied out on the second spot for me, each one getting a 4 out of 5.

These are VEET Legs & Body 3 in 1 Gel Cream and Neomen Hair Removal Cream. Let’s do this alphabetically.

Neomen Hair Removal Cream – 4 / 5


This cream is impressive with its ability to tackle thick and coarse hair.

Gentleness To The Skin

It’s gentle on the skin for most people, but can still cause some mild irritation or burning, especially when left on for too long. 


The scent is typical for hair removal creams, not overly pleasant but manageable.

Amount & Frequency Needed To Use

The cream’s effectiveness is tied to applying it properly, leaving it on for the recommended time, and using a thick layer for optimal results.


The price might be considered a bit high for the amount of product you get. 

Overall Pros & Cons

The overall pros include its efficacy on stubborn hair and its suitability for sensitive skin, though there might be some concerns about potential skin reactions.

VEET Legs & Body 3 in 1 Gel Cream – 4 / 5


This cream shines for most users, swiftly removing unwanted hair with minimal effort. Its compatibility with thick and coarse hair is impressive, and it’s especially valued by those with busy schedules.

Gentleness To The Skin

The cream is generally gentle on the skin, although some caution is advised as it can cause burns if not used according to the instructions or if used on sensitive skin


The scent is bearable, and the time required for it to work is reasonable.

Price; Amount & Frequency Needed To Use

While the price might seem a bit high, the pack includes two tubes, making it a decent value. 

Overall Pros & Cons

It’s a good choice for its effectiveness and versatility.

However, it might not be suitable for those with highly sensitive skin.

Best Hair Removal Cream for Women 

This particular part of the review has necessitated a more substantial amount of information than I expected. I have thus decided to dedicate a separate article to this product category, which you can read here. 

Just to give you an idea, for the best hair removal cream for women, I catered specifically to the more intimate parts of our anatomy and their very particular needs when it comes to hair removal. 

In that post, I discussed and rated the following products:

1.      Aliver Intimate Hair Removal Cream for Women by SBHEANGBA

2.      Eliaglow Intimate Hair Removal Cream for Women

3.      Hair Removal Cream for Women by ViYay / Irreshine

4.      Uttse / Uttes  – Uttse Intimate/Private Hair Removal Cream for Women

5.      Womn Intimate Comfort Premium HAIR REMOVAL CREAM

Be sure to check out that article after you’ve finished this one. What I’ve found out about those products makes for a very interesting read.

Moving on to our next top picks, we have the…

Best Hair Removal Cream for Face 

This one goes to Gigi Facial Hair Removal Cream Set, which I give a 4 . 5 out of 5.

In comparison, I gave my two alternative options, Nair Hair Remover Moisturizing Face Cream, and Sally Hansen Cream Hair Remover Duo Kit For Face a 4 and a 3 . 5 out of 5, respectively.

Gigi Facial Hair Removal Cream Set – 4 . 5 / 5


It’s proven to be effective in removing facial hair, especially fine hairs, making it a great choice for those seeking a hassle-free hair removal solution.

Gentleness To The Skin

The formula is gentle on sensitive skin.


The scent is generally acceptable.

Economy & Convenience

Compared to other brands, it requires relatively little product and a reasonable time to work effectively. The included soothing cream is a nice addition.


It offers good value for its very affordable price.

Overall Pros & Cons

The pros include its effectiveness on sensitive skin, gentleness, and good value, while the cons involve potential scent issues and the need for careful timing assome users have experienced slight burning if left on for too long.

Nair Hair Remover Moisturizing Face Cream – 4 / 5


This product is effective for many users, providing a painless way to remove facial hair, particularly finer hairs

Gentleness To The Skin

Its gentle formula is a plus, as it’s less likely to cause redness or irritation for sensitive skin.


While the scent is generally acceptable, some still find it a bit strong.

Price, Amount & Frequency Needed To Use

The product seems to offer good value for its inexpensive price, as it delivers results with a relatively small amount needed per use. 

Overall Pros, Cons

The pros include its effective facial hair removal, gentle formula, and reasonable price, while the cons involve potential scent issues and the need for a longer application for stubborn hair

Sally Hansen Cream Hair Remover Duo Kit For Face – 3 . 5 / 5

Effectiveness & Gentleness To The Skin

The product has mixed effectiveness. Some users find it effective for removing fine hair while many others do not experience the same results. 

Gentleness To The Skin

While it appears to be relatively gentle on the skin for many users, skin irritation and discomfort are experienced especially by those with sensitive skin


The scent of the product is generally not overwhelming, which is a positive point.

Amount & Frequency Needed To Use

In terms of economy, the kit offers good value with two included. However, some who have been using it for years have mentioned that the formula seems to have changed over time. 


It’s reasonably affordable and lies in the mid-price range.

Overall Pros, Cons

The pros include its potential for effective hair removal on fine hair and its reasonable price. The cons include varying effectiveness, potential irritation for sensitive skin, and potential formula changes over time. 

Hair Removal Cream – Other Overall Options

Nad’s Sensitive Hair Removal Cream – 3 . 5 / 5


While it demonstrates effectiveness in certain areas like the bikini line, it might disappoint in larger areas like the legs.

Gentleness To The Skin

The product is generally gentle on the skin, with some users experiencing minimal irritation.


The scent is unpleasant, which could be a drawback for sensitive noses.

Economy & Convenience

The economy of use is a concern, as you’ll need to apply a significant amount for it to work effectively.


The price for 1 tube is quite reasonable, leaning a bit on the lower end.

Overall Pros & Cons

The pros include its suitability for sensitive skin and its cruelty-free status. 

On the downside, the product’s efficacy in larger areas, its unpleasant scent, and the need for a generous amount for effective results might deter some users.

Nair Hair Remover & Beauty Treatment, Leg Mask – 3  / 5


The effectiveness of this product is somewhat mixed. Some users experienced positive results, particularly on finer hair. Others found it less satisfactory on coarser hair

Gentleness To The Skin

It’s generally gentle on the skin, and some users even found relief from ingrown hairs.


The product has a strong and unpleasant scent that lingers, which could be off-putting for some users.

Economy & Convenience

A significant amount of product is required for thorough coverage, which might limit the number of uses per bottle. 


It’s relatively affordable, priced above the mid-range of this entire group of products in the review.

Overall Pros & Cons

The pros include its potential to work well on fine hair and its ability to address ingrown hairs. The cons include the lingering scent, varying effectiveness on different hair types, and the need for a generous amount of product.

Prices for any product in the market can easily change or shift anytime without notice to us. As such, it’s best not to state a static price here, but instead refer to updated prices at the time of your reading this article.

So, get yourself ready and get ready to lose those unwanted hairs with these products.


Nature Nation Hair Removal Spray Foam is the top pick for the best hair removal cream overall. With its versatile formula and gentle treatment of the skin, it provides a relatively pain-free finish without any irritation.

Offering great value for its price, this cream is definitely worth considering for achieving bare, smooth skin.


Q: What is the number one hair removal cream out of 9 top creams?

The best hair removal cream overall is Nature Nation Hair Removal Spray Foam. However, Flamingo Body Hair Removal Cream &  Gigi Facial Hair Removal Cream Set are my top picks for more specialized needs like sensitive skin and facial hair.

Q: Can I use these hair-removal creams in private or intimate areas?

Yes, some hair removal products are designed for private parts including the pubic or bikini area. However, it’s crucial to follow the instructions on how to apply and remove the cream to avoid chemical burns.

Q: Are there any risks associated with using a hair removal cream for the first time?

Absolutely! Board-certified dermatologists suggest testing a small amount of product before full usage because you might experience reactions like ingrown hairs or irritation due to your specific skin tone.

Q: How long does the effect of a good quality hair removal product generally last?

Quality beauty products such as a great hair-removal treatment can keep skin’s surface smooth for many days, with better results than shaving which often leads to short stubby hairs.

Q: Is shaving faster than using a depilatory lotion like Nair Hair Removal Cream?

Shaving might seem quicker compared to having you apply and then remove a cream or lotion; however convenient sprays also exist that offer less work in comparison.

Q: Do we have any predictions about advancements in this field around 2023?

While no specific predictions about new innovations made within “hair removal creams of 2023” are currently available, skincare technology continues advancing so expect exciting developments soon!

Q: What is the best hair removal cream?

A: Nature Nation Hair Removal Spray Foam is the best hair removal cream overall in this list for me, along with Flamingo Body Hair Removal Cream &  Gigi Facial Hair Removal Cream Set for the more specific needs of sensitive skin and facial skin.

However, your best hair removalis the one that suits your needs and preferences. Some more popular brands in the market include Nair, Veet, and Neomen hair removal cream, which are also discussed in this article.

Q: How does a hair removal cream work?

A: Hair removal creams, also known as depilatory creams, contain chemicals such as calcium hydroxide and thioglycolic acid. These chemicals break down the protein structure of the hair, making it easy to wipe away.

Q: Can I use a hair removal cream on my sensitive areas?

A: Yes, there are hair removal creams specially formulated for sensitive areas such as the pubic area. Look for creams that mention being gentle or suitable for sensitive skin in their packaging.

Q: How long does the hair take to grow back after using a hair removal cream?

A: The hair usually grows back within a few days to a week, depending on individual hair growth rates. Hair removal creams remove the hair from the surface of the skin, so regrowth begins from the hair follicle.

Q: Are hair removal creams suitable for all skin types?

A: Hair removal creams are generally suitable for all skin types. However, if you have particularly sensitive or dry skin, it is recommended to do a patch test before applying the cream on a larger area.

Q: Can I use a hair removal cream on my face?

A: Yes, there are hair removal creams specifically designed for facial hair removal. These creams are formulated to be gentle on the delicate skin of the face.

Q: How long should I leave the hair removal cream on my skin?

A: The recommended duration to leave the hair removal cream on your skin varies depending on the brand and the specific product. It is best to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

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