2 Best Lights for Eyelash Extensions in 2024

by  Mila M.Cosmetologist

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Struggling to achieve absolute precision when applying eyelash extensions? You’re not alone – many find the delicate task challenging, especially without adequate lighting. In fact, optimal illumination is fundamental in ensuring flawless lash extension application.

This article aims to guide you through finding the best light for your eyelash extension needs, comparing top picks and highlighting key factors to consider. Ready to elevate your lash game in 2024? Let’s get started!

  • Proper lighting is essential for achieving precise and flawless eyelash extensions.
  • LED lights and ring lights are popular choices for eyelash extension lighting, offering different benefits in terms of brightness and color temperature.
  • The Glamcor Elite X and Neewer Ring Light are two top picks for the best light for eyelash extensions, offering professional-grade illumination at different price points.
  • When choosing a lash extension light, consider factors such as color temperature, intensity, size/portability, and brand reputation.

The Importance of Proper Lighting for Eyelash Extensions

The success of an eyelash extension procedure leans heavily on proper lighting. In fact, optimal illumination for eyelash extensions is indispensable to provide clarity and detail during the application process.

Light enhances visibility, enabling lash artists to work with precision and minimize errors that may affect the outcome of the extensions.

There’s more to lighting than just brightness when you’re handling delicate tasks such as installing eyelash extensions. Different types of lights, like LED or ring light, offer unique benefits in terms of color temperature and intensity.

For instance, Glamcor Revolution X provides natural white light that helps lash technicians accurately distinguish colors – a feature particularly helpful when working with eye-color clients.

Meanwhile, options like Neewer Ring Light come with dual lighting settings for customizable illumination.

Furthermore, good quality illumination can reduce strain on your eyes during lengthy procedures. Lash artists often perform detailed work in less-than-ideal conditions due to sensitivity issues among clients.

However, brands like Glamcor have tailored solutions for light-sensitive customers too – striking a balance between comfort and professional features.

Remember though; it’s not just about having the brightest light available—lash extension tools also need functionality catered specifically towards this professional field.

Top Picks for Best Light for Eyelash Extensions in 2024

The Glamcor Elite X and Neewer Ring Light are my two top picks for the best light for eyelash extensions.

Glamcor Elite X

The Glamcor Elite X is the ultimate lighting solution for lash technicians and beauty professionals. With its sleek design and professional features, this light provides optimal illumination for eyelash extensions.

The natural white light it emits is perfect for achieving precise application and ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed. Whether you’re a lash artist, makeup artist, or content creator, the Glamcor Elite X is a top choice for enhancing your work.

It’s known for its high-quality performance and versatility, making it a must-have tool in any beauty arsenal. So if you want to take your lash extension game to the next level, look no further than the Glamcor Elite X.

Neewer Ring Light

The Neewer Ring Light is a budget-friendly option for providing good vision during eyelash extensions. This affordable choice comes with 2 different lighting options, making it versatile for different lighting needs.

It offers high-quality illumination for lash extension application, allowing you to see details clearly and accurately. Whether you’re a professional lash technician or just starting out, the Neewer Ring Light is an excellent choice that won’t break the bank.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Eyelash Extension Light

When choosing an eyelash extension light, consider the type of lighting (LED vs ring light), color temperature, intensity, size and portability, and brand reputation.

Type of lighting (LED vs ring light)

LED lights and ring lights are the two main types of lighting options for eyelash extensions. LED lights are commonly used in the beauty industry because they provide high brightness while being energy efficient.

They emit a natural white light that is ideal for lash extension application, providing clarity and detail during the process. On the other hand, ring lights, like the Neewer Ring Light, offer a budget-friendly option for good vision during eyelash extensions.

The Neewer ring light comes with 2 different lighting options to suit your preferences. Both LED lights and ring lights are excellent choices for achieving optimal illumination during lash extension work, so you can choose based on your personal preference and budget.

Color temperature

The color temperature of the light you choose for your eyelash extensions can greatly impact the final result. Color temperature refers to the warmth or coolness of the light, measured in Kelvin (K).

For lash extension work, it is recommended to use a light with a color temperature between 5000K and 5500K. This range provides a natural white light that closely resembles daylight, allowing you to see the true colors and details of the lashes.

It ensures accurate application and helps prevent any mismatched or uneven lashes. So when selecting your lighting, keep in mind the importance of finding a light with the right color temperature for flawless lash extensions.


The intensity of the light is an important factor to consider when choosing a light for eyelash extensions. A higher intensity light will provide better visibility and help you see the finer details during application.

The Glamcor Revolution X, known as the best beauty lamp for lash extensions, offers professional-grade brightness that ensures clarity and precision in your work. LED lights are also a popular choice because they provide bright illumination while being energy-efficient.

Whether you opt for Glamcor or LED lights, selecting a light with sufficient intensity will enhance your ability to create flawless lash extensions.

Size and portability

The size and portability of your eyelash extension light are essential factors to consider. You want a light that is compact and easy to transport so you can take it with you wherever you go.

This is especially important for lash technicians who may need to travel between clients or work in different locations. Look for lights that are lightweight and have a small footprint, making them convenient to carry around.

Portability allows you the flexibility to set up your workspace anywhere without compromising on lighting quality or convenience.

Brand reputation

Glamcor and Neewer are two well-known brands in the beauty industry that offer high-quality lighting options for eyelash extensions. Glamcor is especially popular among clients who are sensitive to light, as their lights provide a natural white light that is ideal for lash extension application.

On the other hand, Neewer offers budget-friendly options without compromising on the quality of illumination. Both brands have positive reputations and are trusted by lash artists and professionals in the industry.

Whether you choose Glamcor or Neewer, you can be confident in selecting a brand with a strong reputation for providing reliable and effective lighting solutions for your eyelash extension needs.

FAQs about Lash Extension Lights

What type of lighting is best for eyelash extensions?

LED lights and ring lights are both excellent choices for providing the necessary illumination during eyelash extension application. LED lights are known for their brightness and energy efficiency, making them a popular option in the beauty industry.

On the other hand, ring lights provide even and diffused lighting that helps to eliminate shadows, ensuring clear visibility and precise lash placement.

Is Glamcor or Neewer a better choice for lash extension lighting?

Both Glamcor and Neewer offer high-quality lighting options for eyelash extensions. The Glamcor Revolution X is often considered the top choice by professionals due to its natural white light that mimics daylight.

It is perfect for those who are sensitive to light as it reduces eye strain. On the other hand, Neewer Ring Light is a more affordable option that still provides good vision during lash application with its adjustable brightness settings and dual color temperature options.

Why is proper lighting important for eyelash extensions?

Good lighting plays a crucial role in achieving optimal results in eyelash extensions. It allows lash artists to see details clearly, such as differentiating between natural lashes and adhesive points.

Proper illumination also ensures accurate positioning of each individual extension without causing any harm or discomfort to your clients’ eyes.

Remember: When choosing an ideal light intensity for your lash extension work, consider factors such as brightness control options, color temperature settings, brand reputation, size/portability, and client’s sensitivity to light or eye colors.


In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best light for eyelash extensions, both the Neewer Ring Light and Glamcor lights are excellent options. The Neewer Ring Light is a budget-friendly choice that offers good vision during lash application, while Glamcor provides natural white light ideal for clients who are sensitive to brightness.

Ultimately, the right light will depend on your specific needs as a lash artist or technician. So be sure to consider factors such as lighting options, color temperature, intensity, and portability when making your decision.


1. What is the best light for eyelash extensions?

The ideal light for eyelash extensions highlights your work clearly, making choices such as GSKAIWEN, BRIGHTECH LITESPAN and DAYLIGHT DUO LED top-selling options.

2. How do I choose the right lighting options for lash artists?

Consider factors like brightness required for lash extension work, clients’ eye color, and whether you’re taking pictures when selecting the perfect lash technician light.

3. Are Glamcor lights or ring lights better for eyelash extensions?

Both have their benefits; however it’s a personal preference of the technician while comparing Glamcor and ring lights – one may offer higher intensity useful in some cases while other may be more suitable if dealing with sensitive clients.

4. Which tools are necessary along with good lighting to apply eyelash extensions?

In addition to great lighting such as stand and phone adapter compatible options, other supplies like an eyelash extension kit containing adhesive glue, tweezers are also essential.

5. Is professional training required to become an Eyelash Extension Technician?

Yes! Alongside having handy eyelashe extension tools and proper set-up including prime quality affordable lights; getting professional training enable technicians deliver careful application at their dedicated salon ensuring optimal client care.

2 Best Lights for Eyelash Extensions in 2024
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