3 Best Ways to Lay in A Tanning Bed

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Are you looking for ways to get that perfect, even tan from a tanning bed? Did you know that the way you lay in a tanning bed can significantly impact how your tan turns out? This article will provide detailed instructions on the best laying positions in a tanning bed to help achieve an enviable glow.

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  • Positioning plays a crucial role in achieving an even tan in a tanning bed.
  • Laying flat on your back or stomach with elevated legs can help distribute UV rays evenly and prevent patchy coloration.
  • Avoid using a pillow, wear goggles to protect your eyes, and stretch your body to maximize exposure for a more consistent tan.

Importance of Proper Tanning Bed Positions

Proper tanning bed positions are crucial for achieving an even tan and preventing uneven coloration.

Achieving an even tan

To achieve that perfect, even tan in a tanning bed, your positioning and preparation play vital roles. Start with clean, exfoliated skin free of makeup and products for the best results.

Make sure you consult with a doctor about the safety of using a tanning bed before you start. Once inside the tanning bed, lay on your back with arms slightly separated from your body sides; palms facing upwards can give an all-round coloration.

Keep elbows comfortably bent to avoid underarm shadowing on side areas of your torso. Stretch out completely when initially laying down and keep legs together throughout the session to prevent uneven or patchy outcomes.

Always remember: a uniformly golden tan is just as much about how you position yourself inside the machine as it is about how long you spend there!

Preventing uneven coloration

To achieve a smooth, even tan in a tanning bed, it’s important to take steps to prevent uneven coloration. One way to do this is by avoiding resting your arms against your sides while laying down.

Instead, try keeping your palms facing up and have a slight bend in your elbows. This can help distribute the tanning rays more evenly across your body, reducing the risk of spotty or patchy areas.

Another tip is to lay with your legs together rather than spreading them apart. By doing so, you can ensure that all parts of your body receive equal amounts of exposure to the tanning rays.

Additionally, try not to cross or rest anything on top of your legs as this can create lines or creases that may result in uneven coloration.

Remember, stretching out your body when you first lay down in the tanning bed can also help promote an even tan. By placing your palms up and stretching out your arms by your sides, you maximize the surface area exposed to the UV rays.

To achieve an even tan, it is recommended to lay flat on your back, lie on your stomach with elevated legs, or try a side lying position in the tanning bed.

Flat on your back

Laying flat on your back is the perfect position for a tanning bed session. It’s not only the easiest and most comfortable position, but it also ensures an even tan. To achieve this, lie with your arms several inches away from your sides and keep your palms facing up.

A slight bend in your elbows can help as well. This position allows for optimal exposure to the UV rays, resulting in a beautifully bronzed glow. So, next time you hop into a tanning bed, remember to lay flat on your back for that flawless tan!

Stomach with elevated legs

To achieve an even and sun-kissed tan in a tanning bed, try laying on your stomach with elevated legs. This position helps to distribute the UV rays evenly across your body, preventing any patchy or uneven coloration.

By propping up your legs slightly, you ensure that both your back and buttocks receive equal amounts of exposure. Remember to keep your arms away from your sides to avoid creases and maintain a smooth tan.

So, next time you hop into the tanning bed, give this position a try for that perfect bronzed glow!

Side lying position

Laying on your side can be a great position for achieving an even tan in a tanning bed. When laying on your side, make sure to keep one arm resting comfortably above your head and the other arm positioned slightly below your waist.

This helps to ensure that both sides of your body receive equal amounts of UV exposure. Additionally, bending your top leg slightly towards your chest and keeping the bottom leg straight can help prevent any creases or uneven coloration.

So, whether you’re looking to tan evenly all over or just want to focus on specific areas, the side lying position is definitely worth trying out in the tanning bed.

3 Tips for an Even Tan

To achieve an even tan in a tanning bed, avoid using a pillow, use tanning goggles to protect your eyes, and stretch your body to maximize exposure.

Avoid using a pillow.

Using a pillow in a tanning bed can interfere with achieving an even tan. When you lie flat on your back without a pillow, your body is positioned more evenly and closer to the tanning bulbs, allowing for better exposure.

Additionally, using a pillow can create unwanted creases or lines on your skin, resulting in an uneven or patchy tan. To ensure consistent coloration and avoid any disruptions to the tanning process, it’s best to skip the pillow altogether and keep your head comfortably supported by the bed surface.

Use tanning goggles to protect your eyes.

Protecting your eyes is crucial when using a tanning bed. Tanning goggles shield your eyes from the UV rays emitted by the bed, preventing potential damage and irritation. Make sure to wear these goggles throughout your session to ensure the safety of your eyes.

Stretch your body to maximize exposure.

To ensure an even and glowing tan, it’s important to stretch your body when you first lie down in the tanning bed. By stretching out your limbs and arching your back slightly, you can maximize exposure to the UV rays.

This helps to distribute the tanning effect evenly across your entire body, resulting in a more consistent and natural-looking tan. Remember to keep your palms facing up and avoid crossing your arms or legs, as this can create areas of uneven coloration.

By stretching before each session, you’ll be well on your way to achieving a beautiful and flawless tan.

3 Areas to Pay Attention to

When tanning in a bed, it’s important to pay attention to specific areas for an even tan. Don’t forget about your shoulders and neck, thighs and legs, as well as your feet. Read on to find out how to achieve a gorgeous, all-over glow!

Shoulders and neck

To ensure an even and sun-kissed tan, pay special attention to your shoulders and neck when laying in a tanning bed. While lying on your back, make sure that your shoulders are fully exposed to the UV rays by keeping your arms slightly away from your sides.

Avoid resting any pressure on these areas to prevent uneven coloration. For the neck, it’s important to keep it relaxed and not craned forward or tilted backward as this can result in an uneven tan line.

By maintaining proper positioning and giving extra care to these areas, you’ll achieve a beautiful and flawless tan all over.

Thighs and legs

To ensure an even and seamless tan on your thighs and legs, it’s best to lay flat on your back in the tanning bed. Make sure to keep your legs together and avoid crossing them, as this can lead to uneven coloration.

By stretching out your body when you first lay down, you maximize the surface area exposed to the UV rays, helping you achieve a more uniform tan. Remember to exfoliate your skin beforehand and moisturize afterward for better results.


To achieve an even tan in a tanning bed, it’s crucial to pay attention to your feet. When laying in the tanning bed, make sure your feet are positioned straight and parallel with each other.

By doing this, you can ensure that both of your feet receive equal amounts of exposure to the UV rays. Avoid crossing or bending your legs as it may result in uneven coloration on your feet.

Additionally, keeping your feet flat and relaxed will help prevent any creases or lines from forming on the tops or bottoms of your feet during the tanning session.

Remember, proper positioning of your feet is just as important as the rest of your body when aiming for an even tan in a tanning bed. Take extra care to keep them aligned and avoid any unnecessary movements throughout the session.


Achieving an even and beautiful tan in a tanning bed is all about the right laying position. By following the recommended positions, such as lying flat on your back or stomach with elevated legs, you can ensure an even distribution of color.

Remember to stretch out your body for maximum exposure and pay attention to key areas like shoulders, thighs, and feet. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to a flawless tan!


1. What is the best way to lay in a tanning bed?

The best way to lay in a tanning bed is lying flat on your back or stomach for equal amounts of time, ensuring you get an even tan.

2. How can I avoid getting an uneven tan in a tanning bed?

To prevent an uneven tan like ‘bunny tail’ or ‘back creases’, it’s essential to change laying position between your back and stomach during the session.

3. Can I compare sun exposure with using a tanning bed?

Yes, one can compare outdoor tanning and using a tanning bed, but each has its benefits and risks which should be considered before making choice.

4. Are there any safety precautions while using a tanning bed?

Sure! Always follow proper laying position instructions, use adequate protective lotions or oils, obey time limits as recommended by professionals to ensure safe usage oftanning beds.

5. What are some alternatives if I’m not comfortable with a traditional laying position in the tanning bed?

Some people place their hands under their chin while lying face down or form acute angles with their legs upwards; whichever gives more comfort and aids evenly distributed tan.

6. Is there anything special about maintaining my own personal Tanning Bed?

Regular cleaning after each use, frequent bulb replacements when they dim out along with adherence to all safety guidelines would definitely help extend life of your personal Taking Bed.

3 Best Ways to Lay in A Tanning Bed
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