3 Best Commercial Tanning Bed Brands 2024

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the numerous commercial tanning bed brands available on the market? Notably, reputable manufacturers like ESB™, Solar Storm and Perfect Tan are significantly making a mark in this industry.

This blog post is designed to simplify your decision-making process by providing an overview of prime tanning bed brands along with details about their standout features and models.

So let’s dive right in, your journey to finding the perfect commercial tanning bed in 2024 starts here!

  • ERGOLINE, SOLTRON, and SUNDASH are top commercial tanning bed brands in the market.
  • These brands offer advanced technology and features for optimal tanning results.
  • The Affinity series by ERGOLINE, the Shark Mattress XL – 200 by SOLTRON, and the Sundash 32/1 by SUNDASH are popular models to consider.
  • Commercial tanning beds provide luxury and comfort features like ergonomic designs, adjustable cooling fans, built-in music systems, contoured acrylics, and aromatherapy options.

3 Commercial Tanning Bed Brands Overview

There are several well-recognized brands that manufacture commercial tanning beds, including ERGOLINE, SOLTRON, and SUNDASH.


Ergoline stands as a top name in the commercial tanning bed industry. Its advanced technology and superior features make it an excellent choice for salon businesses. Offering models with different specifications, Ergoline caters to various customer preferences.

For instance, the Galaxy series from ESB is one of their prominent product lines highly sought after by salons around the globe. People choose Ergoline for its innovative design and high-quality UV lamps that ensure an even tan without causing harm to your skin.

The brand has also considered convenience during the design process; some models have 24-lamp beds which operate at 110 volts avoiding issues associated with higher voltage consumption.


SOLTRON is a well-known brand that specializes in commercial tanning beds. They offer a range of models designed to provide the best tanning experience possible. One popular model they offer is the Shark Mattress XL-200.

This bed features advanced technology and comfortable amenities to ensure you get optimal results while enjoying a luxurious experience. With SOLTRON, you can find the perfect tanning bed for your salon or spa business.


SUNDASH is one of the leading brands in the commercial tanning bed industry. They offer a range of models, including the popular Sundash 32/1. These beds are designed with advanced technology to provide optimal tanning results.

SUNDASH tanning beds also prioritize luxury and comfort, ensuring that customers have a relaxing experience while achieving their desired tan. With a wide variety of options available, SUNDASH has become a trusted choice for salon owners and individuals looking for high-quality tanning beds.

3 Commercial Tanning Beds’ Features and Models 2024

Commercial tanning beds offer a range of features and models that cater to different customer preferences.

Affinity series (ERGOLINE)

The Affinity series by ERGOLINE is a highly sought-after line of commercial tanning beds. With their advanced technology and luxurious features, these beds are designed to provide optimal tanning results while offering the utmost comfort.

The Affinity series offers a wide range of models and options, allowing you to find the perfect bed for your salon or spa. Whether you’re looking for high-quality tanning lamps or stand-up booths, ERGOLINE’s Affinity series has got you covered.

Experience the ultimate in professional indoor tanning with ERGOLINE’s Affinity series.

Shark Mattress XL-200 (SOLTRON)

The Shark Mattress XL-200 is a popular commercial tanning bed model offered by SOLTRON. This high-quality bed features advanced technology for optimal tanning results. With its ergonomic design and contoured shape, the Shark Mattress XL-200 provides ultimate comfort during your tanning session.

Equipped with powerful UV lamps, this bed ensures an even and natural-looking tan. It also offers a wide range of customizable options to suit your preferences. Invest in the Shark Mattress XL-200 for a luxurious and effective tanning experience at your salon or home.

Sundash 32/1 (SUNDASH)

The Sundash 32/1 is a popular commercial tanning bed model offered by SUNDASH. With its sleek design and advanced features, this bed provides an optimal tanning experience for salon businesses.

Equipped with 32 high-performance lamps, it delivers a consistent and even tan across the body. The Sundash 32/1 is designed to be comfortable with its ergonomic shape and adjustable cooling fans, ensuring clients can relax during their session.

Additionally, this tanning bed operates at 220 volts, making it efficient and reliable for your salon needs. Experience the quality and performance of the Sundash 32/1 for yourself!

3 Benefits of Commercial Tanning Beds

Commercial tanning beds offer advanced technology for optimal tanning results, luxury and comfort features, and a wide range of models and options. Discover how these beds can enhance your tanning experience.

Advanced technology for optimal tanning results

Commercial tanning beds utilize advanced technology to provide you with optimal tanning results. With features like high-pressure lamps, adjustable facial tanners, and body cooling systems, these beds ensure that you achieve a deep, even tan in less time.

The innovative technology also helps to minimize the risk of overexposure and sunburn, giving you peace of mind while getting your desired golden glow. Whether you prefer stand-up booths or luxurious spa-style beds, the cutting-edge technology in commercial tanning beds makes them a top choice for achieving your desired tan efficiently and safely.

Luxury and comfort features

Commercial tanning beds are not only designed to provide optimal tanning results but also offer luxurious and comfortable features for a premium experience. Many top brands in the industry understand that customers value both functionality and comfort when it comes to their tanning sessions.

That is why you can find commercial tanning beds with features like ergonomic designs, adjustable cooling fans, built-in music systems, contoured acrylics for body support, and even aromatherapy options.

These luxury and comfort features ensure that your tanning session is not just effective but also enjoyable and relaxing. So whether you own a salon or want a top-of-the-line tanning bed for personal use, consider the models that prioritize both luxury and comfort to enhance your overall experience.

Keeping customer satisfaction in mind, leading brands in the market have innovated their commercial tanning beds to include various high-end features. With ergonomic designs providing maximum comfort during your session, adjustable cooling fans keeping you cool and refreshed, music systems offering an immersive experience, contoured acrylics supporting your body throughout the process – these beds truly elevate your entire tanning experience.

Wide range of models and options

There is an extensive selection of commercial tanning bed models and options available to suit your specific needs. With brands like ERGOLINE, SOLTRON, and SUNDASH offering various features and designs, you can easily find the perfect tanning bed for your salon or spa.

Whether you’re looking for advanced technology for optimal tanning results, luxurious comfort features, or a specific style that complements your space, the wide range of models and options ensures that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

From the Affinity series by ERGOLINE to the Shark Mattress XL-200 by SOLTRON and the Sundash 32/1 by SUNDASH, there’s something for everyone in this diverse market. So go ahead and explore all the choices available to find the commercial tanning bed that meets your requirements perfectly.

Savings On Select Models

Save money on your commercial tanning bed purchase with these special offers and discounts:

  • ESB™ offers savings on select models from their Galaxy™ and Avalon™ product lines.
  • Solar Storm has discounted prices on certain commercial and residential tanning beds.
  • Tanning Beds Direct provides high-quality commercial tanning beds at competitive prices.
  • Perfect Tan offers various options and colors for salon businesses, with special deals available.
  • Look out for the stunning P90 Commercial Tanning Bed, which may have discounted pricing.
  • Some manufacturers have 24-lamp beds operating at 110 volts to save you money on electrical requirements.


Make the most of your tanning experience with top-notch commercial tanning bed brands like ERGOLINE, SOLTRON, and SUNDASH. These brands offer a wide range of features and models to choose from, ensuring optimal tanning results every time.

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1. What are some of the best commercial tanning bed brands?

The best commercial tanning bed brands offer a wide selection of professional salon tanning beds that incorporate high-quality UV indoor tanning devices.

2. Can I find affordable commercial tanning beds?

Yes, you can find affordable new or used commercial tanning beds for sale from various sunbed and sunlamp manufacturers and distributors.

3. Are there wholesale options for commercial tanning beds?

Indeed! Tanning salon suppliers often sell professional-grade, high-quality indoor tanning equipment like stand-up booths and spa beds at wholesale prices.

4. Is it possible to purchase preowned or used commercial tanning beds?

Absolutely! Many indoor-tanned industry vendors offer preowned professional or salon-level sunbed brands as an economical option for businesses.

5. Do fitness centers also use commercial-grade tan bed brands?

Definitely! Fitness centers often include facilities equipped with top-of-the-line indoor UV spa and stand up booths sourced from renowned Commercial Tanninig Bed Brands.

6. How do I choose among the different types of Commercial Tanninig Bed Brands available in the market?

Choosing involves considering factors such as pricing, whether new or preowned suits your needs better, your space availability (for instance if it can accommodate standup booths), client preference (some prefer UV over other technologies) amongst others.

3 Best Commercial Tanning Bed Brands 2024
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