Hydration 2.0 Edit

Hydration 2.0

Nourish and protect skin and hair from head to toe with backstage classics and hydrating heroes. This is hydration version 2.0.

Hydration 2.0

GF Cleansing Foam

Hydration 2.0

GF Effector Serum

Hydration 2.0

GF One-Shot Moisturiser Solution

It’s Skin

Power 10 GF Range

Quench dehydrated skin with the Power 10 GF range infused with active ingredients including Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Water and Tremella Fuciformis Polysaccharide (aka snow mushroom) to deliver a hydrating 3-step skincare routine.

Ho Karan

The High Oil

Cannabis sativa (hemp) oil and Vitamin E make up this antioxidant rich and nourishing non-greasy multi-purpose oil. Hydrate and boost skin radiance, tame frizzy hair and condition beards.



Hydrating Lip Mask

Nourish and soothe lips with this cute jelly lip mask full of hyaluronic acid. Reveal an instantly plumped and hydrated pout!


Ho Karan

Invisible Moisturising Shield

This light moisturising cream is rich in omegas 3 and 6 with organic shea butter to nourish and firm the skin. Soothing aloe vera and bark of boswellia serrata acts to reduce redness and inflammation whilst Hysilk powder® works to reduce excess sebum.


These backstage classics are cult favourites for a reason!


Skin Food

With a vast fan base, multi-purpose favourite Skin Food is perfect to target dry patches on the face and body.

Elizabeth Arden

8 Hour Cream

The legendary multi-purpose balm turned backstage beauty favourite. With beta-hydroxy acids and Vitamin E, soothe dry, cracked or dehydrated skin. It also doubles as the perfect balm to smooth down flyaways and tame brows.


Remove & Chill

Nail Polish Eraser Cream

Don’t forget those nails! This sell-out, innovative nail polish eraser cream is formulated with nourishing oils such as macadamia, almond, argan and vitamin E to keep nails and cuticles in tip top condition.



Deep Conditioner

The ultimate shine butter for any hair texture. Deep condition in five minutes with a mix of plant butters, quinoa protein and aloe vera.