Sun’s Out!

Warm weather hotties for sunny days

Frezyderm Velvet Face SPF50

Your summer sunscreen essential – the Vogue editors love it!



James Read Coconut Tanning Melting Balm

Sunless tanning with a tropical twist



"A new cult classic in the making, James Read's breakthrough coconut oil formula melts upon contact with skin, hydrating as it leaves behind a healthy sheen and an addictive beach-y scent."

Jenna Rennert

Colab Tropical Dry Shampoo

Enjoy the sweet scent of the tropics and refreshed hair with this dry shampoo spray.



Sun’s Out!

4711 Deodorant Spray



Sun’s Out!

4711 Cool Stick




Summer’s coolest colognes to help beat the heat

From the house of 4711, founded in the 18th century, this is the original and best Eau de Cologne, a mix of citrus fruits and herbs for the freshest fragrant fix.

Glow Getters

Sunshine – in a bottle

Four ways to fake it

  • Smooth over pale skin for an instant sun-kissed look that won’t rub off or stain clothing.



  • Apply straight to skin or mix with your regular facial care product for a light glow. Perfect for anyone allergic to self-tan as the formula is DHA-free.



  • For an instant golden glow, smooth over skin.  The clever formula includes concealing ingredients to disguise bruises and other marks on the skin.


  • The easiest self tan there is – simply mist the light rosewater scented spray over skin to hydrate and colour will develop in a few hours.




Sunburn cream

If you’ve overdone it, get this leading French pharmacy cream on your skin immediately to help soothe. It’s a make-up artist favourite to treat sunburn.



Fairdrops Scandal Queen

Waterproof Mascara

Don’t have a mascara wipeout on the beach or by the pool. Go waterproof with this ‘push up bra for lashes’ formula.



Balmain for the Beach

Sun protection and styling for hair by Balmain

Spray-on sunscreen and salt styling mist – your summer hair essentials.

  • Balmain Texturising Salt Spray

    Mist in, scrunch and go for beach babe hair.



  • Balmain Sun Protection Spray

    Sunscreen for hair with colour protective ingredients and the fabulous Balmain scent.