2024 Fenty Powder Foundation Review

by  Mila M.Cosmetologist

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Are you tired of makeup that feels heavy and clogs your pores? If so, Fenty Powder Foundation might be the solution to your problem. This article will take a deep dive into my personal experience with this light-as-air foundation, discussing everything from shade matching to its long-lasting effect this 2024.

Strap yourself in for an honest review of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty masterpiece!

  • Fenty Powder Foundation offers a range of powder formulas, including translucent, pressed, loose, mineral, banana, and finishing powders.
  • The foundation provides buildable coverage with a soft matte finish that minimizes shine and blurs pores.
  • It is available in various shades to match different skin tones and has a lightweight formula that feels comfortable on the skin.
  • Fenty Powder Foundation is long-wearing and works well to set concealer for a flawless complexion throughout the day.

Overview of Fenty Powder Foundation 2024

Fenty Powder Foundation comes in various types of powder formulas and offers a multitude of benefits for achieving a flawless look.

Different Types of Powder Formulas

The world of beauty offers several types of powder formulas each with unique properties and benefits.

Translucent Powder: Light and virtually invisible, this type of powder is perfect for setting makeup without altering the color. It’s great at reducing shine and works well for all skin tones.

Pressed Powder: Convenient and portable, pressed powders provide buildable coverage that minimizes shine.

Loose Powder: Typically lighter than pressed powder, loose powder gives a flawless application and a long-lasting formula.

Mineral Powder: A natural option, mineral powder is ideal for sensitive skin as it’s free from harmful ingredients like preservatives or fragrances.

Banana Powder: This yellow-toned powder is often used to highlight under the eyes, aid in color correction, blur pores, and provide a non-cakey finish.

Finishing Powder: Used after setting your makeup, finishing powders create a “photoshopped” look by smoothing out texture.

Benefits of Fenty Power Foundation

Fenty Powder Foundation offers a range of benefits that make it a must-have in your makeup collection. With its soft matte finish and buildable coverage, this foundation helps to minimize shine and provide decent coverage all day long.

Its lightweight formula feels comfortable on the skin and doesn’t feel heavy or cakey. The Fenty Powder Foundation also works well to set concealer, ensuring that your makeup stays in place throughout the day.

Whether you prefer a light or full coverage look, this foundation has got you covered with its versatile options. So say goodbye to oily skin and hello to a flawless complexion with Fenty Power Foundation!

My Experience With Fenty Powder Foundation

I was excited to try out the Fenty Powder Foundation and see how it would perform on my skin.

Shade Matching

Finding the right shade of foundation can be a challenge, but Fenty Powder Foundation offers a wide range of shades to suit different skin tones. With options for both light and deep complexions, you can easily find your perfect match.

The foundation also has buildable coverage, allowing you to customize your desired level of coverage. Whether you have oily or dry skin, Fenty Powder Foundation has got you covered with its soft matte finish that minimizes shine.

Experience flawless application and long-lasting wear with this weightless formula that blurs pores for a non-cakey finish.


Applying Fenty Powder Foundation is a breeze. Here’s how to achieve a flawless finish:

  1. Start with a clean, moisturized face.
  2. Use a fluffy powder brush or a makeup sponge for application.
  3. Tap the brush or sponge into the powder foundation, then gently tap off any excess product.
  4. Apply the foundation in light, sweeping motions all over your face.
  5. Focus on areas that need more coverage, like redness or blemishes.
  6. Build up the coverage as needed by layering the powder foundation.
  7. Blend well to ensure an even application.
  8. Don’t forget to apply the foundation on your neck and any exposed areas for a seamless look.
  9. For areas that require extra attention, use a smaller brush or sponge for precise application.
  10. Set your makeup with a setting spray to increase its longevity.


Fenty Powder Foundation has a remarkable effect on the skin. It minimizes shine and provides decent coverage, giving you a flawless finish. The formula is lightweight and feels lightasair on your face, making it comfortable to wear all day long.

It blurs pores, creating a smooth canvas for your makeup application. Whether you prefer a natural look or full coverage, this foundation delivers with its buildable formula. And with its soft matte finish, it leaves you with a noncakey appearance that lasts all day.

Say goodbye to touch-ups because Fenty Powder Foundation is long-wearing and keeps your makeup in place throughout the day.

Comparison of Fenty Soft Matte Liquid and Soft Matte Powder Foundation

To give you a clear understanding of both products, let’s delve into a detailed comparison between the Fenty Soft Matte Liquid and Soft Matte Powder Foundation.

Fenty Soft Matte Liquid FoundationFenty Soft Matte Powder Foundation
TextureA liquid formula that might feel heavy on the skinA weightless formula that feels lightweight on the skin
CoverageOffers full coverage with a matte finish.Offers light to full coverage with a soft matte finish
DurabilityCan be long-wearing but may transfer easily.The foundation is long-wearing with a small amount of transfer
ApplicationCan cling to dry spots on the skin during application Applies better than the original Matte Liquid formula, reducing chances of clinging to dry spots
Additional BenefitsAble to provide decent coverage but may cause a shineMinimizes shine while providing decent coverage, and works well to set concealer
Ideal ForThose who prefer a full coverage foundationThose who prefer a non-cakey, lightweight texture and a soft matte finish

Each formula has its unique qualities, and the choice between the two will ultimately depend on your personal preference and skin type.

Important Tips When Using

Here are important things to following when using Fenty Powder Foundation:

  1. Use a fluffy powder brush for a light, natural coverage.
  2. For more coverage, apply the foundation with a damp beauty sponge.
  3. Set the foundation with a setting spray to make it last even longer.
  4. To minimize shine throughout the day, carry blotting papers with you.
  5. If you have dry skin, moisturize well before applying the foundation.


In conclusion, Fenty Powder Foundation is a game-changer for those seeking a soft matte finish with buildable coverage. Its lightweight formula minimizes shine and blurs pores, leaving you with a flawless complexion that lasts all day.

Whether you have oily or dry skin, this powder foundation offers the perfect balance of coverage and comfort. Say goodbye to cakey textures and hello to your new go-to foundation!


1. What is the Fenty Powder Foundation?

The Fenty Powder Foundation is a long-lasting cosmetics product that offers a smoothing texture and light-as-air powder for makeup enthusiasts.

2. Does the Fenty Powder Foundation have a non-cakey finish?

Yes, one of the key features of this product is its non-cakey finish, which gives users a smooth and natural-looking complexion.

3. How long does the formula last on your skin?

The long-lasting formula ensures that Fenty’s powder foundation stays put all day, minimizing shine effectively.

4. Is there an extensive range in foundation shades available?

Yes, like all products from this makeup brand, the Fenty Powder Foundation comes in various shades to cater to diverse skin tones.

5. Has any beauty blogger reviewed this product yet?

Many beauty bloggers frequently review new releases from popular brands such as Fenty – you can find their thoughts online with quick search!

2024 Fenty Powder Foundation Review
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