How to Laminate Brows (5 Easy Steps)

by  Mila M.Cosmetologist

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Are you tired of your thin, unruly brows not cooperating despite numerous grooming attempts? Brow lamination, a groundbreaking beauty treatment, could be your ticket to achieving smoother and fuller eyebrows.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of how to laminate your brows at home effortlessly. Dive in and get ready for bolder and more stylish brows!

  • Brow lamination is a beauty treatment that straightens and lifts eyebrow hairs for a smoother and fuller look.
  • To laminate brows at home, start by preparing your brows through cleansing, trimming, and applying adhesive.
  • The process involves applying cleanser, trimming and tweezing stray hairs, applying adhesive to hold the hair in place, combing the hair upwards for the desired effect, and finally applying perm and fix lotions.
  • Proper nourishment of laminated brows includes using brow serum or oil regularly and avoiding over-plucking or waxing.

What is Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination is a modern beauty treatment that works wonders on thinning or unruly brow hairs. This procedure involves the use of a chemical solution to straighten and lift eyebrow hairs, allowing them to be shaped into your desired style.

Comparably, it’s not that different from an “eyebrow perm” which also aims for shiny, smooth brows.

This luxurious therapy gives you fuller, bushier eyebrows instantly by brushing them upwards in a particular direction. The upward combing method used here resembles how we apply a brow relaxer.

The results are immediate and last several weeks if proper aftercare instructions are followed meticulously.

The Process of Brow Lamination

To begin the process of brow lamination, start by preparing your brows, applying a cleanser to remove any oils or makeup residue on the skin and hair.

Preparing brows

To prepare your brows for lamination, start by ensuring they are clean and free of any makeup or oils. Gently cleanse them using a mild cleanser to remove any residue. Next, trim and tweeze any stray hairs that may disrupt the desired shape.

This step is crucial in achieving a neat and polished look. Afterward, apply a small amount of adhesive on the brow hairs to hold them in place during the lamination process. Then, comb through your brows using an eyebrow brush to ensure all the hair strands are in their natural position before moving on to applying the perm and fix lotions.

Properly preparing your brows sets the foundation for successful lamination results.

Remember that proper preparation is key when it comes to brow lamination as it helps ensure optimal adherence of products, allowing you to achieve lifted and defined brows with ease.

Applying cleanser

To begin the brow lamination process, you will apply a gentle cleanser to your brows. This helps remove any dirt, oil, or makeup residue that may be on the hairs. Gently massage the cleanser onto your brows using small circular motions, ensuring every hair is coated.

After a few seconds, rinse off the cleanser with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean towel. By cleansing your brows before lamination, you create a clean canvas for the rest of the procedure and ensure optimal results.

Trimming and tweezing

To achieve the perfect brow lamination look, trimming and tweezing are essential steps. Trimming helps to shape and define your brows, while tweezing removes any stray hairs for a more polished appearance.

Before you begin, make sure to brush your eyebrows upward so that you can see which hairs need to be trimmed or plucked. Use small scissors to carefully trim any long or unruly hairs, following the natural arch of your brows.

When it comes to tweezing, use a pair of slanted tweezers and pluck in the direction of hair growth. Remember not to overpluck – just focus on removing any unwanted stray hairs for a clean and tidy result.

Applying adhesive

To achieve perfectly laminated brows, the next step is to apply adhesive. This special adhesive helps to keep your brow hairs in place and ensures that they stay lifted and smooth.

Gently brush the adhesive onto your eyebrows, making sure to cover each hair evenly. The adhesive will hold your brows in their desired shape throughout the entire lamination process.

It’s important to be careful when applying the adhesive, as too much can weigh down your brows and make them appear flat. Take your time and use a light hand for best results. Once you’ve applied the adhesive, you’re ready for the next step in creating beautiful laminated brows!

Combing hair

To achieve the desired laminated brow look, one essential step is combing the hair. After applying the perm and fix lotions, take a spoolie brush and gently comb your brows in an upward direction.

This helps to create that lifted and fluffy effect, making your eyebrows appear fuller and more defined. By combing the hair in this way, you can ensure that each strand is properly set in place, resulting in a polished finished look.

Remember to continue brushing your brows regularly after lamination to maintain their lifted appearance for longer periods of time.

During the brow lamination process, combing the hair plays a crucial role in achieving fantastic results. It helps to shape your brows into that trendy thick and bushy style we all desire.

Applying perm and fix lotions

After preparing and cleansing the brows, the next step in brow lamination is applying perm and fix lotions. These lotions play a crucial role in achieving the desired lifted and smooth look for your eyebrows.

The perm lotion helps to break down the hair bonds, allowing them to be reshaped and set in an upward direction. On the other hand, the fix lotion helps to lock in this new shape by reforming the broken bonds.

Together, these lotions work their magic to give you that trendy laminated brow effect that lasts for weeks. Just remember to follow proper aftercare instructions to ensure long-lasting results!

Can You Reverse the Process of Brow Lamination?

Yes, getting rid of brow lamination is possible. The process involves applying a lifting solution to break down the chemical bonds and then using a neutralizer to reshape the brows. It is essential to seek professional help to ensure the procedure is done safely and effectively.

Nourishing Your Brows

To keep your laminated brows looking their best, it’s essential to nourish them regularly. One way to do this is by applying a brow serum or oil every night before bed. This will help moisturize and strengthen the hairs, promoting healthy growth.

Additionally, make sure to avoid over-plucking or waxing your brows, as this can damage the hair follicles and hinder growth. Instead, opt for gentle grooming techniques like brushing with a spoolie brush or using a brow pencil to fill in sparse areas.

Remember, well-nourished brows are key to achieving that polished and lifted look you desire.

Taking care of your laminated brows doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply incorporate these nourishing steps into your daily beauty routine and watch as your eyebrows become fuller and healthier than ever before.

How to Tint Your Brows

To tint your brows, start by choosing a brow tint kit that matches your desired shade. Follow the instructions provided in the kit to mix the tinting solution. Use a spoolie brush to apply the tint evenly on your brows, making sure to cover all the hairs.

Leave it on for the recommended time and then gently wipe away any excess with a cotton pad or tissue. Remember to be cautious and avoid getting the tint on your skin to prevent staining.

Once you’ve achieved your desired color, you can further enhance your brows by shaping them with a brow pencil or powder for a more defined look.

Tips for Successful Brow Lamination

To achieve successful brow lamination, it is crucial to select the proper products for your brows and brush them in the right direction.

Proper product selection

Choosing the right products for brow lamination is crucial to achieve the best results. Look for kits or solutions that are specifically designed for brow lamination, as they contain the necessary chemicals and tools to safely and effectively laminate your brows at home.

Consider factors such as your skin type, sensitivity, and desired outcome when selecting a product. It’s important to read reviews and check customer ratings before making a purchase to ensure you’re choosing a high-quality product that will give you long-lasting results.

Remember to follow the instructions provided with the product carefully for optimal outcomes.

Brushing techniques

To maintain the lifted look of your laminated brows, it’s essential to brush them regularly. Start by using a clean spoolie brush or an eyebrow comb to gently brush the hairs upward in the direction of growth.

This helps to smooth out any unruly strands and keep them in place throughout the day. Remember to be gentle and avoid applying too much pressure, as you don’t want to disrupt the shape created during the lamination process.

By incorporating regular brushing into your brow care routine, you can ensure that your laminated brows stay looking fabulous for longer.

Why it’s important to learn how to do brow lamination

Learning how to do brow lamination is important because it allows you to achieve the trendy look of thick and bushy eyebrows. With this innovative beauty treatment, you can smooth and lift unruly or thinning brow hairs, giving them a more vertical direction.

By mastering the art of brow lamination, you can enhance your overall appearance by creating shiny and smooth brows that last for several weeks. Combine it with tinting and shaping for even more impressive results.

Plus, knowing how to do your own brow lamination saves you time and money on salon visits. So why wait? Get ready to rock those perfectly laminated brows!


Achieve the perfect laminated brow look at home with these easy steps! From preparing your brows to applying the perm and fix lotions, you can now have beautifully lifted and glossy brows.

Don’t forget to nourish them afterward for long-lasting results.


1. What is eyebrow lamination and how to do it at home?

Eyebrow lamination is a process that makes brows look fuller and lifted, you can conveniently do brow lamination at home by following a step-by-step tutorial for brow lamination.

2. Can I DIY my own brow lamination without using an eyebrow kit?

Yes! You can achieve the laminated look of your brows naturally with alternatives such as Vaseline or even soap.

3. Are there any tips to fake the laminated brows effect?

To fake the laminated browse effect, use simple techniques like enhancing the look of your brows with soap and setting spray or trying out temporary methods.

4. How does professional eyebrow lamination differ from DIY alternatives?

Professional eyebrow services make use of kits meant specifically for brow lamination which could lead to long-lasting results compared to DIY methods that give a more temporary effect.

5. Can Brow Laminating contribute towards grooming my eyebrows better?

Absolutely! By understanding the process and benefits of brow lamination, you will be equipped on how to groom your brows effectively achieving that fuller appearance without needing professional help all the time.

6. Is there another way apart from Laminating Brows,if I want fuller looking eyebrows?

You can enhance your natural eyebrows appearance using different techniques including using makeup products designed for brows like pencils or gels along with proper grooming habits.

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How to Laminate Brows (5 Easy Steps)
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