Lash Lift Growing Out: 3 Tips to Fix Bad Ones

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Are your luscious post-lash lift curls starting to lose their bounce? It’s natural for lash lifts to gradually grow out, typically lasting between six to eight weeks. This blog will guide you through the journey of a growing-out lash lift and offer practical advice on how to maintain those enviable lashes.

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  • Lash lifts typically last between six to eight weeks before they start growing out.
  • Following proper aftercare, such as regular brushing and avoiding oil-based products, can help maintain the lifted effect of lash lifts until new growth appears.
  • The cost of a lash lift ranges from $75 to $150 on average, but it is important to consider the experience and reputation of the aesthetician performing the procedure.

What is a Lash Lift and How Does It Work?

A lash lift is a cosmetic procedure that enhances the look of your lashes. Similar to an eyelash perm, it lifts each natural lash individually, giving them a fuller and more defined appearance.

This treatment works by applying a specially formulated solution which molds the shape or direction of the eyelash from the root, providing you with that long-lasting curl.

During this process, you can also opt for an additional service: eyelash tinting. By adding color to your lashes, it gives them even more definition without needing mascara daily. The entire process usually takes around 1-2 hours and depending on individual lash growth cycles; results typically last six to eight weeks.

Lash enhancement doesn’t stop once you leave the salon though! Following proper aftercare rules such as regularly brushing your lashes and avoiding oil-based products will help maintain this lifted effect until new lash growth begins to appear naturally straight again.

The Cost of a Lash Lift

A lash lift can range in cost depending on various factors such as your location, the salon you choose, and any additional services included. On average, you can expect to pay between $75 to $150 for a lash lift.

Keep in mind that this is generally a one-time expense as the results typically last for several weeks before the lift gradually falls out.

When it comes to pricing, it’s important to consider the experience and expertise of the aesthetician performing the lash lift. While you may find cheaper options available, opting for a more experienced professional can ensure better results and reduce the risk of damage to your lashes.

Additionally, some salons offer package deals that include other services like lash tinting or extensions at an additional cost. These packages may provide greater value if you’re interested in enhancing your lashes further.

Remember, while price is an important factor when considering a lash lift, don’t solely base your decision on cost alone. Take into account reviews from previous customers as well as the reputation of the salon to ensure you’re receiving quality service and achieving desired results.

4 Things to Expect: Good vs. Bad Lash Lifts

Proper timing, choice of curling rod, quality products, and aftercare are all important factors that can determine whether you get a good or bad lash lift. Find out what to expect and how to ensure you get the best results for your lashes.

Proper timing of solution

The timing of the solution during a lash lift is crucial to achieve the best results. The solution needs enough time to work on lifting and curling your lashes, but leaving it on for too long can cause damage.

It’s important to follow the instructions provided by your aesthetician or the lash lift kit you are using. The duration may vary depending on the type of solution used, but typically it ranges between 5-15 minutes.

This allows the solution to penetrate and reshape your lashes without over-processing them. By ensuring proper timing of the solution, you can enjoy beautiful, curled lashes that enhance your eyes for weeks to come.

Choice of curling rod

To achieve the desired results with a lash lift, the choice of curling rod is crucial. The size and shape of the rod determine the amount of curl that will be added to your lashes.

A larger rod will give a more dramatic curl, while a smaller rod will create a more natural look. It’s important to consult with your aesthetician to ensure they choose the right size and shape of curling rod that suits your preferences and eye shape.

This decision can greatly impact the final outcome of your lash lift, so don’t hesitate to discuss this aspect with your technician before proceeding with the treatment.

Quality of products

Choosing high-quality products is crucial for a successful lash lift. The quality of the solutions, curling rods, and other tools used can greatly impact the results and longevity of your lash lift.

Using low-quality or expired products may lead to poor curl retention, irritation, or even damage to your lashes. It’s important to do your research and find reputable brands that offer safe and effective products specifically designed for lash lifts.

By investing in quality products, you can ensure that your lash lift not only looks amazing but also maintains its beautiful curl for an extended period of time.


Proper aftercare is essential for maintaining the results of your lash lift. To keep your lashes looking their best, it’s important to avoid using oil-based products around the eye area.

These can weaken the lift and cause it to loosen prematurely. Instead, opt for oil-free makeup removers and cleansers to keep your lashes in top shape.

Regularly brushing your lashes with a clean mascara wand or spoolie brush can help to prevent them from becoming tangled or clumped together. Gently comb through them in an upward motion to maintain their lifted appearance.

Remember, touch-ups and maintenance are also key for prolonging the effects of your lash lift. Depending on how quickly your lashes grow, you may need a touch-up appointment every 4-6 weeks to keep them looking voluminous and curled.

3 Tips on How to Fix a Bad Lash Lift

To fix a bad lash lift, start by using a clean spoolie brush to separate any lashes that may have curled over or joined together during the lifting process. Next, gently remove any residue from the glue with a cotton swab soaked in oil-free makeup remover.

If your lashes appear crimped or crossed, use a heated eyelash curler to reshape them into their desired direction. Remember to always follow proper aftercare guidelines and consider getting touch-ups or maintenance appointments as needed for long-lasting results.

Lashes curled over or joined together

If your lashes are curled over or joined together after a lash lift, don’t worry – there are ways to fix this issue. You can gently separate the curled or stuck lashes using a clean mascara wand or an eyelash comb.

Gently brushing through your lashes will help them return to their natural position and prevent them from looking clumped or uneven. Remember to be gentle and patient while separating the lashes, as rough handling can cause damage.

It’s also important to follow proper aftercare instructions to maintain the results of your lash lift and prevent any further issues with curling or sticking together.

Residue from glue

Residue from glue after a lash lift can be frustrating and affect the overall appearance of your lashes. It may cause them to stick together or appear clumpy, making it difficult to achieve the desired lifted look.

To fix this issue, gently comb through your lashes using a clean spoolie brush to separate any stuck-together lashes and remove any residue. You can also try applying a small amount of oil-free makeup remover on a cotton swab and carefully swipe it along the lash line to remove any remaining glue residue.

Remember to be gentle and take your time when removing the residue to avoid causing damage or pulling out your lashes.

Crimped or crossed lashes

Crimped or crossed lashes are a common issue that can occur after a lash lift. This happens when the lashes are not properly separated or positioned during the lifting process. As a result, some of the lashes may become crimped or twisted together, giving them an uneven appearance.

To fix this problem, you can carefully separate the crimped or crossed lashes using a clean mascara wand or a lash comb. Gently brush through your lashes to untangle and straighten them out.

Be patient and take your time to avoid pulling out any of your natural lashes. Remember to be gentle with your newly lifted lashes to maintain their curl and prevent damage.

It’s important to note that crimped or crossed lashes can also be prevented by choosing an experienced technician who knows how to properly apply the lifting solution and position the lashes correctly on the curling rod.

2 Hacks: Proper Aftercare for Lash Lifts

To maintain your beautiful lash lift results, proper aftercare is essential. Avoid using oil-based products, brush your lashes regularly, and don’t forget about touch-ups and maintenance.

Read on to learn more!

Avoiding oil-based products

To maintain the results of your lash lift and keep your lashes looking their best, it’s important to avoid using oil-based products. Oil can weaken the adhesive used during the lash lift process, causing the curl to loosen and fade more quickly.

Instead, opt for water-based or oil-free makeup removers, cleansers, and moisturizers that won’t interfere with the longevity of your lifted lashes. This will help ensure that you get the most out of your lash lift and enjoy beautiful, curled lashes for as long as possible.

Touch-ups and maintenance

To keep your lashes looking their best after a lash lift, regular touch-ups and maintenance are key. While the lift itself can last for about six to eight weeks, it’s important to take care of your lashes during this time to ensure they stay healthy and maintain their curl.

One way to do this is by avoiding oil-based products around the eye area, as they can cause the lift to weaken or even break down. Instead, opt for non-oily makeup removers and cleansers.

Additionally, regularly brushing your lashes with a clean spoolie brush can help keep them separated and prevent any crimping or crossing that may occur as they grow out. By following these simple steps, you can prolong the results of your lash lift and enjoy beautiful curled lashes for longer periods of time without any hassle or fuss.


1. What does “lash lift growing out” mean?

“Lash lift growing out” refers to the process where your eyelashes return to their natural look after a lash extension or lash lift procedure.

2. How can I care for my lashes while they are growing out?

Proper eyelash maintenance includes using eyelash oil, correcting any frizzy lashes, and ensuring regular eyelash care to prevent further lash damage.

3. What can I do if my lashes become frizzy as they grow out from a lash lift?

Fixing frizzy lashes after a lash lift could involve using an eyelash growth serum, seeking professional services for a lash fix or investing in high-quality false eyelashes.

4. Is there anything specific about maintaining the curl of my lashes after getting them lifted?

For good lash enhancement results post-lift, one can consider other alternatives like an optimal eyebrow tinting schedule along with regular usage of an eyelash enhancer and avoiding harsh tools such as traditionaleyelash curlers which might compromise the direction and healthiness of your growing-out-lashes

5. How Does Lash Lift Growing Out Compare to Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift?

When comparing lash lift growing out to Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift, many users turn to Maybelline lash lift reviews for insights. The reviews often highlight the long-lasting effects of both methods, but Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift is praised for its easy application and dramatic results.

6. Are there side effects associated with a poorly done Lash Lift?

Yes! Incorrectly done Lash lifts may lead to unwanted side effects like inconsistent direction growth pattern of individual hairs on either eye and damaged/frayed tips; hence it’s always advisable that these procedures be performed by qualified technicians only who will also guide you through the appropriate LASH Lift Aftercare protocol.

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