Lip Gloss Recipe with Versagel 2024

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Ever wanted to create your own lip gloss with a professional-like finish? Versagel, a cosmetic stabilizer, is recognized for its impressive softening effects on lips. This blog will guide you in 2024 through crafting your very own lip gloss with Versagel, highlighting the best oils to use and how to add delightful flavors.

Dive in and let’s make that perfect glossy balm recipe together!

  • Versagel is a cosmetic stabilizer that softens and hydrates lips, making it an excellent base for homemade lip gloss.
  • The recommended ratio of Versagel to oil is 40 grams to 2 tablespoons, ensuring a smooth and luxurious texture.
  • Choose lighter oils like sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, or fractionated coconut oil to avoid a heavy and sticky feeling on your lips.
  • Customize your lip gloss with flavor oils like pink lemonade or create your own natural clear lip gloss using simple ingredients.

Versagel and its Use in Lip Gloss

Versagel, a lip gloss base comprising Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Ethylene/Propylene/Styrene Copolymer, and Butylene/Ethylene/Styrene Copolymer is the game-changer in enhancing your DIY lip gloss recipe.

Its superior quality as a cosmetic stabilizer makes it popular in professional settings for softening lips and keeping them hydrated. You can easily create an array of customized lip glosses using Versagel.

Consider its easy-to-follow starter recipe which allows additions of flavor oils and color.

Creating homemade lip gloss with Versagel involves the use of 40 grams of this vital ingredient along with two tablespoons of oil, such as castor oil or even fractionated coconut oil.

The brilliant blend provides optimal moisturizing benefits to your lips while ensuring long-lasting sheen. If you’re feeling more adventurous, concoct summer-inspired variants like Pink Lemonade Lip Gloss that not only smell delicious but also keep your lips nourished throughout the day!

3 Tips In Choosing the Right Oils for Your Lip Gloss

To ensure the perfect consistency and nourishing properties for your lip gloss, it’s important to choose the right oils that will complement the Versagel base.

For the perfect lip gloss consistency, it’s important to get the ratio of Versagel to oil just right. Our recommended ratio is 40 grams of Versagel or lip gloss base to 2 tablespoons of your preferred oil such as castor oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, or fractionated coconut oil.

This combination will give you a smooth and luxurious texture that glides on effortlessly. Remember, finding the right balance between Versagel and oil is key for a glossy finish that feels comfortable on your lips throughout the day.

So grab your measuring spoons and get ready to create a lip gloss formula that you’ll love!

Avoiding Heavy Oils

To create a lightweight and non-greasy lip gloss, it’s important to avoid using heavy oils in your recipe. Heavy oils can leave a thick and sticky feeling on your lips, which is not ideal for a glossy finish.

Instead, opt for lighter oils such as sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, or fractionated coconut oil. These oils are easily absorbed by the skin and provide moisturizing benefits without weighing down your lip gloss.

By avoiding heavy oils, you can achieve a smooth and comfortable texture that glides effortlessly on your lips.

Roller Ball Versagel Lip Gloss Recipe

Create a fun and convenient roller ball lip gloss with Versagel. This recipe combines 40 gr of Versagel or lip gloss base with 2 tablespoons of your preferred oil, such as sweet almond oil or fractionated coconut oil.

Mix them together thoroughly, and then add in your desired flavor oils and colorants to customize the gloss to your liking. The Roller Ball Versagel Lip Gloss is perfect for easy application on-the-go, leaving your lips moisturized and glossy throughout the day.

3 Ways To Customize Your Lip Gloss with Flavor Oils

Discover how you can add a burst of flavor to your lip gloss with delicious options like pink lemonade, sweetened fruit punch, and more!

Pink Lemonade Lip Gloss

The Pink Lemonade Lip Gloss is a delightful summer-inspired lip gloss that not only smells delicious and sweet but also keeps your lips moisturized. This lip gloss recipe includes 8 oz.

of Versagel Lip Gloss Base blended with 10 ml of Pink Lemonade flavor oil. The combination of the versatile Versagel base and the vibrant pink lemonade scent creates a refreshing and hydrating lip gloss that is perfect for sunny days or anytime you want to add a touch of fruity goodness to your lips.

Get ready to pucker up with this juicy and irresistible Pink Lemonade Lip Gloss!

TKB Make Your Own Lip Gloss Kit Instructions

To make your own lip gloss using TKB Make Your Own Lip Gloss Kit, follow these simple instructions. First, gather all the ingredients included in the kit: Versagel lip gloss base, flavor oils, and mica powder for color if desired.

Next, heat a small amount of the Versagel base in a microwave-safe container until it becomes liquid. Then, add a few drops of your chosen flavor oil to give your lip gloss its unique scent and taste.

If you want to add color, mix in a pinch of mica powder until well combined. Finally, pour the mixture into empty lip gloss tubes provided in the kit and allow them to cool completely before use.

Simple Natural Clear Lip Gloss Recipe

Make your own simple and natural clear lip gloss with this easy recipe. All you need is 40 gr of Versagel or lip gloss base and 2 tablespoons of oil such as castor oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, or fractionated coconut oil.

Mix the ingredients together until well blended and then pour the mixture into small lip gloss containers. Let it cool and solidify before using. This homemade lip gloss will leave your lips feeling soft and moisturized without any heavy oils or unnecessary additives.

2 Tips for Making Lip Gloss with Versagel

Mix and blend your ingredients properly to ensure a smooth and consistent lip gloss texture. Use a syringe for easy application, making it convenient to fill your containers without any mess.

To make your lip gloss less sticky, consider reducing the amount of Versagel used in the recipe or adding a small amount of oil such as grapeseed oil.

Properly Mixing and Blending Ingredients

To create the perfect lip gloss with Versagel, it’s important to know how to properly mix and blend your ingredients. Start by measuring out the recommended ratio of Versagel to oil, which is 40 grams of Versagel for every 2 tablespoons of oil.

You can use oils like castor oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, or fractionated coconut oil. Once you have your measurements ready, combine the Versagel and the oil in a mixing container.

Stir them together thoroughly until they are well blended. This ensures that all the ingredients are evenly distributed throughout the lip gloss base. Remember to be gentle when stirring so as not to introduce any air bubbles into your mixture.

Using a Syringe for Easy Application

Make applying your homemade lip gloss a breeze by using a syringe. This handy tool allows for precise and mess-free application, ensuring that you get just the right amount of product on your lips.

Simply fill the syringe with your lip gloss mixture and gently squeeze it out onto your lips. The controlled release of the product makes it easy to achieve a smooth and even application every time.

Say goodbye to smudges and uneven coverage – with a syringe, applying your lip gloss has never been easier!


1. What is a lip gloss recipe with Versagel?

A lip gloss recipe with Versagel is a DIY homemade tutorial to create glossy lip balm using various ingredients like MCT, cinnamon leaf essential oil, sweetened flavor oil, and fruit punch red mica powder.

2. How can I make my own flavored lip gloss at home?

You can make your own flavored lip gloss at home by following the DIY Lip Gloss with Versagel guide that provides information on the correct ratios of ingredients for perfect formulation.

3. What kind of ingredients do I need for a natural Versagel lip gloss base recipe?

For a natural lip gloss base you’ll need primarily the Lip Gloss Ingredients with Versagel which include MCT, Cinnamon Essential Oil and Sweetened Flavor Oil among others.

4. Can I add different colors or flavors to my homemade versagel based lipgloss?

Yes! You can give it any color or flavor you want using additives like Fruitscented oils for flavor or Fruit Punch Red Mica Powder for coloring in your Versagel Lip Gloss Formulation.

5. Where can I find more information about making DIY Lip Gloss Using Versagel?

There are several online platforms offering detailed tutorials on how to make homemade versalip gloss from scratch including listing down all required materials and steps.

Lip Gloss Recipe with Versagel 2024
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