7 Nail Glue vs Super Glue Crucial Differences

by  Mila M.Cosmetologist

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Ever found yourself in a sticky situation with a fallen-off fake nail and only super glue on hand? While both super glue and nail glue contain the adhesive ingredient cyanoacrylate, they are not entirely the same.

This blog will delve deeper into their differences, potential risks of using them interchangeably, suitable alternatives for false nail adherence, and why using the correct product matters.

Let’s dive right in to save your future manicures!

  • Super glue and nail glue have different properties. Super glue is designed for general adhesive purposes, while nail glue is specifically formulated to be safe and suitable for use on nails.
  • Using super glue instead of nail glue for fake nails can lead to risks and consequences such as damage to the nails, difficult removal, and less durability.
  • Sticky nail tabs, gel nail polish base coat, and acrylic liquid and powder are safer alternatives to super glue when it comes to attaching artificial nails.

Super Glue and Nail Glue – Are They the Same?

Super Glue and Nail Glue may seem similar, but they have different properties.

Properties of Super Glue

Super glue contains a high percentage of cyanoacrylate, making it an extremely strong adhesive. This adhesive can bond various types of materials together in just seconds. Designed specifically for sticking objects together, super glue is most effective when used on non-porous substances such as metal or plastic.

It’s also waterproof, adding to its wide range of uses and durability in different environments. Despite its strength and versatility however, super glue is not formulated for safety on the body which means using it on your nails could potentially lead to health risks.

Properties of Nail Glue

Nail glue has unique properties that make it perfect for attaching artificial nails securely. Unlike super glue, which is designed for general adhesive purposes, nail glue is specifically formulated to be safe and suitable for use on nails.

It contains other ingredients along with cyanoacrylate, the main adhesive ingredient found in both super glue and nail glue. Nail glue takes longer to fully fix compared to super glue, but its bond is not as strong or powerful.

However, this makes it ideal for smaller repairs or attaching artificial nails without causing damage to natural nails. Additionally, nail glue is waterproof and can last longer when used correctly on nails, making it a better choice over super glue when it comes to manicures or nail art applications.

Can Super Glue be Used for Fake Nails?

Using Super Glue for fake nails is not recommended due to the risks and potential consequences it may have on your nails.

The risks and potential consequences

Using super glue instead of nail glue to attach artificial nails can have several risks and potential consequences. First, super glue is not formulated for use on the body, so applying it directly to your nails can cause damage.

It may lead to nail breakage or weakening, which can be painful and require additional repairs. Additionally, super glue is known for its strong adhesive properties, making it difficult to remove without causing further damage.

This means that if you need to take off your artificial nails or make any adjustments, it could become a challenging and potentially messy process. Lastly, using super glue on your nails may not provide the same level of durability as nail glue does.

Nail glues are specifically designed for long-lasting adherence to the natural nail bed and artificial nail tips, whereas super glues are more suited for other materials like plastic or metal.

Alternatives to Super Glue for Nails

Looking for alternatives to super glue for your nails? Check out these options that are safer and more suitable for nail use.

Sticky nail tabs

Sticky nail tabs are a great alternative to super glue when it comes to attaching artificial nails. These adhesive tabs are specifically designed for this purpose and provide a strong bond that lasts.

They are easy to use, simply peel off the backing and stick them onto your natural nails before applying the artificial ones. Unlike super glue, sticky nail tabs are safe to use on your nails and won’t cause any damage.

They also offer the advantage of being waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about them coming loose in water or humid conditions. With sticky nail tabs, you can enjoy beautiful, long-lasting nails without the risks associated with using super glue.

Gel nail polish base coat

A gel nail polish base coat is a crucial step in achieving long-lasting and chip-resistant manicures. This special base coat creates a smooth surface for the gel polish to adhere to, ensuring that your manicure stays intact for longer periods.

The gel formula adds strength and durability to your nails, making them less prone to breakage or chipping. By applying a gel nail polish base coat before applying the color, you can enjoy beautiful, salon-quality nails that last much longer than traditional nail polishes.

Acrylic liquid and powder

Acrylic liquid and powder are essential components for creating strong and long-lasting artificial nails. The acrylic liquid is a monomer that, when mixed with the acrylic powder, forms a paste-like substance that can be molded onto the nail.

As it dries, the mixture hardens into a solid layer, providing structure and durability to the artificial nails. Acrylic liquid and powder have been widely used in professional nail salons for their ability to create natural-looking extensions and overlays that last for weeks.

Why You Should Avoid Using Super Glue on Your Nails

Using super glue on your nails can cause significant damage, as it is not made for use on the body and lacks the durability of nail glue.

Not made for use on the body

Super glue, while it can be strong and effective for many purposes, is not made for use on the body. Unlike nail glue, which is specifically formulated to be safe for use on nails, super glue may not be as safe or suitable when it comes to attaching artificial nails.

It’s important to remember that using super glue instead of nail glue can lead to potential risks and consequences. So, if you’re looking to apply fake nails or do any other kind of nail repair or enhancement, make sure to opt for the appropriate nail glue rather than reaching for the super glue.

Conclusion: The Importance of Using the Right Glue for Your Nails

Choosing the right glue for your nails is crucial to achieve long-lasting and safe results. While super glue may seem like a convenient option, nail glue is specially formulated for use on nails.

Using super glue can lead to damage and potential risks, so it’s best to stick with nail glue when attaching artificial nails or making repairs. Make sure to prioritize the health and durability of your nails by using the appropriate adhesive.


1. What is the difference between nail glue and super glue?

Nail Glue is a specialized adhesive used to connect broken pieces of acrylic nails or false nails, while Super Glue serves for larger repairs in a DIY project.

2. Can I use super glue instead of nail glue for my fake nails?

While both can join or seal parts, it’s safer to use nail care specific products like Nail Glue when dealing with false nails or gel nails.

3. Is there an easy way to remove nail glue from my fingers?

Yes! You can buy ‘nail glue remover,’ which safely dissolves the adhesive without harming your skin.

4. Will superglue damage Natural Nails?

Using Superglue on natural nails isn’t recommended as it’s harsher than Nail Glue and could lead to unwanted side effects.

7 Nail Glue vs Super Glue Crucial Differences
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