5 Permanent Eyeliner Styles (& 7 Post Care Tips!)

by  Mila M.Cosmetologist

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Struggling to perfect your eyeliner every day? Permanent eyeliner, a form of cosmetic tattooing, offers the dream solution for many who crave an everyday hassle-free look. This blog will guide you through the different styles of permanent eyeliner and how to pick one based on your eye shape, skin tone, hair color, and personal preference.

Let’s dive in to discover how permanent eyeliner can revolutionize your makeup routine!

  • Permanent eyeliner is a form of cosmetic tattooing that saves time on daily makeup application and provides more defined eyes.
  • Different styles of permanent eyeliner include classic, smoky, designer, and bottom-lid eyeliner.
  • The best permanent eyeliner style for your eye shape can enhance your natural features.
  • Factors such as skin tone, hair color, and personal preferences should be considered when choosing the right permanent eyeliner style.

Understanding Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is a form of cosmetic tattooing that involves applying pigment to the lash line, resulting in long-lasting enhancement. It offers numerous benefits such as saving time on daily makeup application and providing more defined eyes.

There are various styles of permanent eyeliner available, including classic eyeliner, shaded eyeliner, smokey eyeliner, designer eyeliner, and bottom-lid eyeliner. Each style can be tailored to suit different eye shapes and personal preferences.

What is permanent eyeliner?

Permanent eyeliner is a type of cosmetic tattooing procedure performed by trained technicians. It’s also known as semi-permanent makeup, lasting between 3-5 years depending on your age, lifestyle, and skin type.

The procedure enhances the appearance of the eyes and alleviates the need for daily application of liquid liners or pencils. Maybelline’s Dream Lumi Highlighting Concealer is a must-have for anyone looking to perfect their eyebrow coverage without breaking the bank.

Not only women but men too can benefit from this static enhancement that saves time in a typical makeup routine while accentuating eye features beautifully. While its longevity is appealing, note that it may require occasional touch-ups as it could fade over time.

Benefits of permanent eyeliner

Enhancing your eye appearance and saving time in your makeup routine are just a few of the benefits of permanent eyeliner. With this cosmetic tattooing procedure, you can achieve a long-lasting look that doesn’t require the daily application of liquid liners or pencils. Here are some more advantages to consider:

  1. Low maintenance: Once applied, permanent eyeliner stays put. You won’t have to worry about it smudging or fading throughout the day.
  2. Time-saving: Say goodbye to spending precious minutes each morning perfecting your eyeliner. Permanent eyeliner eliminates the need for daily application, giving you extra time for other things.
  3. Customizable styles: From subtle enhancement to bold statement looks, there are various styles available to suit your personal preference and eye shape.
  4. Ideal for busy lifestyles: Whether you’re a mom on the go or constantly juggling work and social commitments, permanent eyeliner keeps you looking effortlessly polished no matter what.
  5. Water and sweat-resistant: Enjoy swimming or working out without worrying about your eyeliner running down your face. Permanent eyeliner is designed to stay put even through moisture.
  6. Confidence boost: Enhancing the shape and definition of your eyes can have a positive impact on your self-esteem, making you feel more confident and put together.
  7. Great for sensitive eyes: If you have allergies or sensitivity to traditional makeup products, permanent eyeliner is a gentle alternative that won’t irritate your eyes.
  8. Long-lasting results: While touch-ups may be needed over time, permanent eyeliner typically lasts between 3-5 years, meaning fewer trips to the makeup aisle.

5 Different styles of permanent eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner offers a variety of styles to enhance your eyes. Consider these options:

  1. Eyelash Enhancement: This style focuses on adding subtle definition to your lash line, giving the illusion of thicker and fuller lashes.
  2. Classic Eyeliner: A timeless choice, classic eyeliner involves a thin or thick line drawn along the upper lash line for a clean and defined look.
  3. Shaded or Smokey Eyeliner: For a more dramatic effect, opt for a shaded or smokey liner technique that blends colors to create a softer and smokier appearance.
  4. Designer Eyeliner: If you’re feeling bold and creative, go for designer eyeliner styles that incorporate unique shapes, patterns, or even small motifs like stars or flowers.
  5. Bottom Lid Eyeliner: Enhance your lower lash line by applying permanent eyeliner just below it, creating depth and emphasizing your eyes.

Best Permanent Eyeliner Styles for Each Eye Shape

To enhance your unique eye shape, here are the best permanent eyeliner styles for different eye shapes that you can consider: almond eyes, hooded eyes, monolid eyes, round eyes.

Recommendations for different eye shapes

For those with almond-shaped eyes, a classic eyeliner style is recommended. This style enhances the natural shape of your eyes and creates a clean, elegant look. If you have round eyes, try winged liner techniques to elongate and lift your eye shape.

For hooded or droopy eyes, opt for shaded or smokey eyeliner styles to create depth and give the illusion of lifted lids. If you have close-set eyes, consider bottom lid eyeliner to make your eyes appear wider apart.

Lastly, if you have wide-set eyes, a designer eyeliner technique can bring balance by creating a more centralized focus on your eye area.

Factors to Consider for Choosing the Right Style

When choosing the right permanent eyeliner style, consider factors such as your skin tone, hair color, and eye color. Also, take into account your personal preferences to ensure you love the look of your eyeliner.

Skin tone, hair color, and eye color

Choosing the right permanent eyeliner style involves considering your skin tone, hair color, and eye color. These factors play a crucial role in determining which shade and intensity of eyeliner will work best for you.

For example, if you have fair skin with light hair and blue eyes, a softer and more natural-looking eyeliner may be more flattering. On the other hand, if you have darker skin with dark hair and brown eyes, a bolder and more dramatic eyeliner style could enhance your features beautifully.

It’s important to take into account these characteristics when selecting the perfect permanent eyeliner style for you.

Personal preferences

When it comes to choosing the right permanent eyeliner style, personal preferences play a significant role. Everyone has different tastes and desired looks, so it’s essential to consider what you prefer and feel most comfortable with.

Some people may prefer a more natural look with subtle enhancements, while others may want bolder and more dramatic styles. You can choose from various permanent eyeliner styles, such as classic liner for a timeless and defined look or shaded liner for a soft smoky effect.

Consider your skin tone, hair color, and eye color when deciding on the best style for you. Ultimately, go with what makes you feel confident and beautiful in your own skin.

Aftercare and Maintenance for Permanent Eyeliner

Proper aftercare and maintenance are essential for long-lasting results with your permanent eyeliner.

How to care for your permanent eyeliner

To ensure that your permanent eyeliner stays vibrant and long-lasting, follow these simple care tips:

  1. Gently clean the area: Use a mild, fragrance-free cleanser and a soft cloth or cotton pad to clean the eyeliner area. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing harshly.
  2. Avoid excessive water exposure: Limit prolonged contact with water, such as swimming or hot showers. If you must get your eyeliner wet, gently pat it dry afterward.
  3. Apply recommended ointment: Follow your technician’s instructions on applying any recommended ointment or healing balm to the treated area. This will help promote healing and prevent infection.
  4. Protect from sun exposure: Shield your eyeliner from direct sunlight by wearing sunglasses or a wide-brimmed hat when outdoors. Sunscreen around the eye area is also essential.
  5. Avoid using oil-based products: Oil-based makeup removers, creams, and lotions can cause the pigment to fade faster. Opt for water-based or oil-free products instead.
  6. Be cautious with makeup application: When applying other makeup products like eyeshadows or mascara, be gentle and avoid tugging at the eyeliner area.
  7. Touch-up as needed: Over time, permanent eyeliner may fade slightly due to natural skin shedding or sun exposure. Schedule touch-up appointments with your technician to maintain the desired color intensity.

Tips for long-lasting results

To ensure long-lasting results for your permanent eyeliner, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Properly care for your eyeliner: Follow the aftercare instructions provided by your technician to ensure the best healing and longevity of your eyeliner tattoo.
  2. Avoid excessive rubbing or scratching: Any excessive rubbing or scratching of the area can cause the pigment to fade faster. Be gentle when cleansing or touching the area around your eyes.
  3. Protect your eyeliner from sun exposure: Sun exposure can cause fading and discoloration of your permanent eyeliner. Apply sunscreen or wear sunglasses to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays.
  4. Use oil-free makeup removers: Oil-based products can break down the pigments in your permanent eyeliner, causing it to fade faster. Opt for oil-free makeup removers to cleanse your eye area gently.
  5. Avoid using harsh cleansers: Harsh cleansers containing alcohol or strong chemicals can also accelerate the fading process of your permanent eyeliner. Stick to gentle, non-abrasive cleansers specifically designed for sensitive skin.
  6. Moisturize regularly: Keeping the skin around your eyes moisturized can help maintain the vibrancy of your permanent eyeliner. Use a lightweight, fragrance-free moisturizer suitable for delicate eye areas.
  7. Schedule touch-ups as needed: Over time, permanent eyeliner may fade due to factors like natural exfoliation and lifestyle choices. To keep it looking fresh, consider scheduling touch-up sessions with a trained technician.


Choosing the right permanent eyeliner style can enhance your eye shape and save you time in your daily makeup routine. With various styles like classic, smokey, and lower lid eyeliner available, you can find a style that complements your features.

Remember to consider factors such as skin tone, hair color, and personal preferences when making your decision. Enjoy the long-lasting results of beautifully enhanced eyes with permanent eyeliner styles that suit you best.


1. What are some permanent eyeliner styles?

There are several permanent eyeliner styles like classic, shaded or smokey, and lash enhancement techniques. Winged liner is also a popular choice for both top and bottom lid permanent eyeliner.

2. Can I personalize my permanent eyeliner style?

Absolutely! You can explore different preferences in permanent eyeliner styles with your aesthetician to find what suits you best.

3. How do they apply the semi-permanent makeup?

Permanent and semi-permanent eyeliners use micro-pigmentation or tattoo techniques for application, a process that implants pigment into the skin.

4. Are there any recommendations for selecting a style of permanent eyeliner?

Eyeliner pigmentation varies on an individual basis; hence it’s important to consult professionals who can guide with appropriate recommendations for permanent eyeliner styles based on current trends and personal facial features.

5. What should I consider before choosing the type of my permanent eyeliner style?

Understanding the pros and cons of various eyebrow procedures helps one make an informed decision about their preferred Permanent Eyeliner Style.

5 Permanent Eyeliner Styles (& 7 Post Care Tips!)
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