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Choosing the right brand of permanent makeup ink can be a daunting task, especially with the multitude of options available on the market. Did you know that permanent makeup ink is vastly different from tattoo ink and PMU pigments? This article aims to assist in your decision-making process by highlighting popular brands and key factors to consider when selecting an ideal product.

So let’s dive into it—your journey towards looking fabulous just got easier!

Key Takeaways

  • Charme Princesse Pigment, Perma Blend, and Microblading Ink are popular brands of permanent makeup ink known for their high-quality and safe pigments.
  • Factors to consider when choosing permanent makeup ink include color options, safety and ingredients, longevity and retention, brand reputation and reviews, as well as price point.
  • It’s important to prioritize safety by choosing reputable brands that use organic or vegan ingredients to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Proper storage methods and application techniques can help maintain the quality and effectiveness of permanent makeup ink.

What is Permanent Makeup Ink?

Permanent makeup ink, often referred to as pigment, is a unique type of coloring agent used specifically for cosmetic tattoos like microblading eyebrows, tattooed eyeliner or lip color.

It involves placing pigmented granules beneath the upper layers of the skin with a needle – a process known as micropigmentation. The pigments produced for these procedures undergo strict regulation to ensure safety and quality.

Unlike traditional tattoo inks which can sometimes contain harmful chemicals, manufacturers often formulate permanent makeup pigments using organic components. Many brands offer vegan-friendly options that decrease the likelihood of allergic reactions.

It’s worth noting that even though they’re safe for most people, some individuals might still develop allergies towards certain ingredients in them.

The FDA monitors these types of inks and their safety in use on human skin. Always evaluate your chosen brand’s reputation and reviews before going ahead with any permanent makeup procedure.

Some popular permanent makeup ink brands include Charme Princesse Pigment, Perma Blend, and Microblading Ink.

Charme Princesse Pigment

Charme Princesse Pigment is a popular brand of permanent makeup ink known for its high-quality and vibrant colors. These pigments are specifically formulated for microblading, making them ideal for creating natural-looking eyebrows.

Made with organic ingredients, Charme Princesse Pigment is also vegan-friendly, reducing the risk of allergic reactions. With their extensive range of shades, including browns and custom colors, you can find the perfect match for your desired look.

When choosing permanent makeup ink brands, consider Charme Princesse Pigment for its reputation in the industry and commitment to safety.

Perma Blend

Perma Blend is a popular brand of permanent makeup ink that offers a wide range of colors for different types of procedures. Their pigments are known for their long-lasting results and high-quality ingredients.

Perma Blend is also vegan and cruelty-free, making it a great option for those looking for ethical beauty products. With the FDA’s role in monitoring the safety of permanent makeup, you can trust that Perma Blend adheres to strict standards to ensure your safety.

Choose Perma Blend for vibrant, lasting color in your permanent makeup journey.

Microblading Ink

Microblading ink is specifically designed for creating natural-looking eyebrows through the microblading technique. This type of ink is formulated to provide precise and long-lasting results.

Microblading ink brands like Doreme and Mellie/Microblading Medical Grade Pigments are known for their high-quality pigments that deliver rich, realistic colors. When choosing a microblading ink, look for options that are organic and vegan as they are less likely to cause allergic reactions.

Remember, it’s important to prioritize safety and quality when selecting an ink brand for your microblading procedure.

Biotouch Micropigment

Biotouch Micropigment is a popular brand of permanent makeup ink known for its high-quality and safe pigments. These micropigments are specifically formulated to provide long-lasting and natural-looking results.

Biotouch offers a wide range of colors, including brow, lip, eyeliner, and custom shades, allowing you to find the perfect match for your desired look. With their commitment to quality and safety, Biotouch Micropigment is a trusted choice for those looking to enhance their beauty with permanent makeup.

M Cosmetic

M Cosmetic is a reputable brand known for their high-quality permanent makeup inks. They offer a wide range of colors and shades to suit different skin tones and preferences. Their pigments are made with safe and regulated ingredients, ensuring that you can have peace of mind while using them on your skin.

M Cosmetic’s inks are long-lasting, providing excellent retention and giving you the desired results for an extended period of time. With positive reviews from customers, their products are trusted by many beauty professionals.

When choosing a reliable permanent makeup ink brand, consider M Cosmetic for its safety, quality, and longevity.

Remember that when getting permanent makeup done, it is crucial to select a trustworthy brand like M Cosmetic that prioritizes safety and provides excellent results in terms of color vibrancy and longevity.


Salmue is another popular brand of permanent makeup ink that you should consider. This brand offers a wide range of colors to choose from, ensuring that you can find the perfect shade for your desired look.

Salmue’s pigments are known for their high quality and long-lasting results. They are also formulated with safety in mind, as they are free from harmful chemicals and allergens. If you’re looking for an ink brand that combines both beauty and safety, Salmue is definitely worth considering for your permanent makeup needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Permanent Makeup Ink

When choosing permanent makeup ink, it’s important to consider factors like color options, safety and ingredients, longevity and retention, brand reputation and reviews, as well as price point.

Click here to learn more about how these factors can help you find the perfect permanent makeup ink for your needs.

Color options

When choosing permanent makeup ink, you have a wide range of color options to consider. From natural browns and blacks to vibrant reds and pinks, there is a shade for every preference.

You can choose colors that match your skin tone or go for bolder hues to make a statement. It’s important to select colors that will complement your overall look and enhance your features.

Remember, different brands may offer different color palettes, so take the time to explore all the options available before making your decision.

Safety and ingredients

When it comes to permanent makeup, safety and ingredients are crucial factors to consider. You want to ensure that the ink used is safe for your skin and does not contain any harmful substances.

Unlike tattoo inks, which can contain chemicals that are linked to cancer or disrupt hormones, permanent makeup pigments are more regulated. However, it’s still important to choose reputable brands that prioritize safety and use high-quality ingredients.

Organic and vegan permanent makeup inks are recommended as they have a lower risk of causing allergic reactions compared to animal-based pigments. So, before getting permanent makeup done, make sure you research the brand’s reputation and check if their products meet FDA standards for safety.

Longevity and retention

Permanent makeup ink brands vary in terms of longevity and retention. The longevity refers to how long the ink lasts on your skin before it starts to fade, while retention refers to how well the ink stays in place without spreading or smudging.

Factors that can affect the longevity and retention of permanent makeup include the quality of the pigments used, the skill of the technician applying it, and how well you take care of your skin after getting the procedure done.

Choosing a reputable brand known for its high-quality pigments and following proper aftercare instructions can help ensure that your permanent makeup lasts longer and maintains its desired appearance over time.

Brand reputation and reviews

Choosing a reputable brand for your permanent makeup ink is crucial. The reputation of the brand and reviews from customers can tell you a lot about the quality and safety of the product.

Look for brands that have positive feedback and high ratings, as this indicates customer satisfaction. Additionally, consider brands that have been in the industry for a long time, as they are likely to have established themselves as trustworthy.

Remember, it’s essential to prioritize safety when selecting your permanent makeup ink brand.

Price point

Consider the price point when choosing a permanent makeup ink brand. While it’s important to prioritize quality and safety, you also want to find a brand that fits within your budget.

Keep in mind that higher-end brands may have a higher price tag, but they often offer superior pigments and safer ingredients. On the other hand, there are more affordable options available that still meet industry standards and provide satisfactory results.

Take some time to research different brands and compare their prices before making your final decision.

How to properly use and store Permanent Makeup Ink

Learn the precautions, storage methods, and proper application techniques to ensure the best results with your permanent makeup ink.

Precautions and guidelines

To ensure a safe and successful permanent makeup experience, it is important to follow some precautions and guidelines. First, always choose a reputable ink brand that is known for its safety and quality.

Look for organic or vegan options to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. Secondly, make sure to discuss any allergies or sensitivities you may have with your technician before the procedure.

Additionally, be aware that certain ingredients in tattoo inks can potentially be harmful, so it’s vital to research the ingredients used in your chosen ink brand. Lastly, aftercare is crucial for optimal healing and pigment retention.

Storage methods

Proper storage of permanent makeup ink is essential to maintain its quality and effectiveness. To ensure longevity, store your ink in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid extreme temperatures as they can alter the consistency and color of the pigment.

Additionally, make sure to tightly seal the containers to prevent air exposure which can lead to drying out or contamination. By following these storage methods, you can preserve the integrity of your permanent makeup ink and achieve optimal results when applying it on your clients’ skin.

Proper application techniques

To ensure successful and long-lasting results with permanent makeup, it is important to use proper application techniques. Start by thoroughly cleansing the skin before applying any ink.

This helps remove dirt and oil that can affect the adherence of the pigment. Use a sterile needle or blade to carefully implant the pigmented granules just beneath the surface of the skin.

Make sure to apply even pressure and follow the natural contours of eyebrows, lips, or eyeliner shapes for a more realistic look. It’s also crucial to avoid overworking an area as this can lead to scarring or uneven color distribution.


In conclusion, when it comes to choosing permanent makeup ink brands, there are several factors to consider, including safety, color options, longevity, and brand reputation. It’s important to select an ink that is regulated and free from harmful chemicals.

With the right brand and proper application techniques, you can achieve beautiful and long-lasting results with your permanent makeup.


Popular permanent makeup ink brands include BioTouch, MEICHA, and Rich Microblade Colors.

2. Can you use these inks for different types of cosmetic tattoos?

Yes! You can use these inks for a variety of applications including eyebrow pigments, lip pigments, and even carbon-based black tattoo ink makeup for eyeliner.

3. Are there any vegan options among the Tattoo pigment brands?

Certainly! Many permanent makeup ink brands offer vegan makeup options to their customers.

4. What is included in a typical microblading pigment set?

A typical microblading pigment set includes various shades of brown ink color and medical-grade pigments suitable for eyebrows and other areas where hair-like strokes need to be created.

5. Do Permanent Makeup Ink Brands cater to more unique needs like Scalp Micropigmentation or Areola tattoos?

Yes, many major tattoo ink brands have developed specific products like scalp micropigmentation inks and areola tattoo inks to meet diverse customer requirements.

Permanent Makeup Ink Brands
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