Saint Perfume Review 2024

by  Mila M.Cosmetologist

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Looking for a new signature scent? “Saint” by Kat Von D could be your answer. This blog post will give you an in-depth Saint Perfume review, covering everything from its exotic fragrance notes to the longevity and sillage of this feminine and wearable perfume.

Let’s dive right into it!

  • “Saint” by Kat Von D is a fruity-sweet perfume with top notes of Mandarin Orange and Mirabelle, middle notes of Caramel, Jasmine, and Tiare flower, and base notes of Vanilla, Musk, and Sandalwood.
  • The fragrance has impressive longevity and sillage, making it perfect for all-day wear.
  • The elegant packaging exudes femininity and class.

About the Saint Perfume

Saint Perfume by Kat Von D, first launched in 2009, offers a fruity-sweet Eau de Parfum scent that has won over perfume lovers worldwide. This feminine fragrance is part of an intriguing collection that also includes its polar opposite, the perfume “Sinner.” Not just any common affordable perfume, Saint is often described as a love letter to everything sweet and girlie.

The brand behind this wearable skin scent is renowned for crafting captivating fragrances. Interestingly enough, there’s more than meets the eye with Saint Perfume. The formulation underwent some changes over time which left several fans disappointed.

However, it still holds its ground due to positive reviews related to longevity and sillage in addition to the beautiful combination of notes like jasmine and tiaré flower.

Scent Notes

The scent notes of the Saint Perfume include mandarin orange, mirabelle, caramel, jasmine, tiare flower, vanilla, musk, and sandalwood.

Top notes: Mandarin Orange, Mirabelle

The Saint Perfume starts off with a burst of freshness from its top notes of Mandarin Orange and Mirabelle. The sweet and juicy aroma of Mandarin Orange adds a vibrant and energetic touch to the scent, while the Mirabelle note brings a slightly tart and plum-like aroma that enhances the fruity aspect of the perfume.

These top notes create an inviting and uplifting start to this feminine fragrance, setting the stage for what’s to come in its beautiful composition.

As you wear Saint Perfume, these top notes gradually blend into the heart of the scent, making way for its next layer of captivating aromas. Keep reading to discover more about its middle notes!

Middle notes: Caramel, Jasmine, Tiare flower

The middle notes of Saint Perfume bring a sweet and floral twist to the scent. The combination of caramel, jasmine, and tiare flower creates a warm and inviting fragrance that envelops you in its cozy embrace.

The sweetness of the caramel adds a gourmand touch, while the jasmine and tiare flower add a delicate floral essence. Together, these middle notes give Saint Perfume its comforting and sensual character, making it perfect for those who appreciate feminine fragrances with an added touch of allure.

Base notes: Vanilla, Musk, Sandalwood

The base notes of the Saint Perfume are a delightful blend of vanilla, musk, and sandalwood. These warm and comforting scents add depth and sensuality to the fragrance, creating a beautiful lingering aroma on your skin.

The vanilla brings a cozy sweetness, while the musk adds a touch of seduction. The sandalwood adds an earthy warmth that makes this perfume perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re going out for a night on the town or just want to feel extra special during your daily routine, these base notes will leave you feeling confident and alluring.

Packaging and Presentation

The packaging of the Saint Perfume is elegant and sophisticated. The perfume comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a delicate silver cap. The label on the front showcases the name of the perfume in a stylish font, giving it a luxurious look.

The box that houses the perfume is also well-designed, featuring intricate patterns and details. Overall, the packaging and presentation of this fragrance exude femininity and class, making it an attractive addition to any vanity or collection.

Personal Impressions

When wearing the Saint Perfume, you’ll notice its impressive longevity and beautiful sillage, making it perfect for all-day wear. The scent is feminine and cozy, with notes of caramel and jasmine that create a comforting and sensual experience.

Whether you’re heading to the office or going out for a special occasion, this fragrance is suitable for any event. And don’t be surprised when you start receiving compliments on how amazing you smell!

Longevity and sillage

The longevity and sillage of Saint Perfume are truly impressive. Once applied, the scent lingers on your skin for hours, allowing you to enjoy its beautiful fragrance throughout the day.

The sillage, or the trail that the perfume leaves behind as you move, is also quite remarkable. Others will definitely notice when you enter a room wearing this perfume. It has a strong presence without being overpowering, making it perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

You’ll receive compliments wherever you go with this long-lasting and captivating scent.

Suitable occasions to wear

The Saint Perfume is versatile and can be worn on various occasions. Its feminine fragrance makes it perfect for both daytime and evening events. Whether you’re going to a brunch with friends, a romantic date night, or even a formal event, this perfume will add a touch of elegance and charm to your outfit.

The scent’s comforting and sensual notes make it ideal for cozy gatherings or intimate moments. So go ahead and wear the Saint Perfume wherever you want to feel beautiful and confident in your own skin.

Compliments received

People can’t help but notice the captivating scent of Saint perfume when you wear it. The beautiful blend of mandarin orange and mirabelle creates an irresistible fruity-sweet aroma that leaves a lasting impression on those around you.

Compliments about the fragrance are common, with people often commenting on how lovely and feminine it smells. Whether you’re headed out for a special occasion or just running errands, be prepared to receive compliments on this gorgeous perfume.

It’s like carrying your own little secret weapon of confidence and allure wherever you go.


The Saint Perfume by Kat Von D is a feminine fragrance that is both affordable and wearable. With its cozy and comforting scent, it is perfect for everyday use or special occasions.

The compliments received when wearing this perfume speak to its beautiful sillage and longevity. Overall, the Saint Perfume is a gourmand floral fragrance that will leave you feeling sensual and confident.


1. What can you tell me about Saint Perfume?

Saint Perfume is a wearable scent with gourmand floral fragrance notes of coconut, lime, amber floral and hints of sun and sea salt.

2. Can we perceive any distinct notes in the Saint Perfume?

Yes, in the Saint Perfume Review, unique and appealing coconut and lime notes were clearly identifiable along with a sensual skin scent brought by amber floral fragrance.

3. How does one go about evaluating perfumes like the Saint perfume?

Perfume evaluation involves an analysis of its composition where each note — top, heart and base are reviewed separately; this is also known as Scent Assessment or Fragrance Examination.

4. Is there any special term for analyzing fragrances?

Yes! There are several ways to refer to it such as Fragrance Review, Scent Assessment, Perfume Evaluation or Critique, even terms like Saint Perfume Appraisal or assessment can also be used.

5. Apart from being a perfume what else should I know about ‘Saint’?

In our detailed ‘Perfume Review and Analysis’, we found that beyond being just a perfume, “Saint’ offers an aromatic journey encompassing sensations reminiscent of sun-soaked holidays including sea salt imbued air amplified by crisp fresh limes.

6. How does So Sorry Not Sorry Perfume compare to Saint Perfume?

So Sorry Not Sorry Perfume has a unique blend of floral and fruity notes, while Saint Perfume offers a more musky and woody scent. According to So Sorry Not Sorry Review, the former is more vibrant and youthful, while the latter is more sophisticated and elegant. Both have their own distinctive charm.

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Saint Perfume Review 2024
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