sew in hair extensions pros and cons

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Are you considering adding some volume or length to your natural hair? Sew-in hair extensions, commonly used for black hair, offer a solution that is both durable and versatile. In this blog post, we’ll navigate the sew in hair extensions pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Ready to unravel the secrets of sew-in extensions? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Sew-in hair extensions offer long-lasting results, lasting up to six months with proper maintenance.
  • They provide a natural-looking finish that seamlessly blends with your own hair.
  • Sew-in extensions allow for versatile styling options and the freedom to change up your hairstyle without damaging your natural hair.

Pros of Sew-In Hair Extensions

Sew-In Hair Extensions offer a long-lasting solution for achieving the length and volume you desire, with a natural-looking finish that blends seamlessly with your own hair.


With sew-in hair extensions, you don’t have to worry about constant touch-ups or replacements. Their sturdy construction and firm hold allow them to last up to six months with proper maintenance.

Made of 100% human hair, they resist entanglements and frizz, maintaining a smooth appearance for longer periods. This durability makes them a practical choice for those seeking an enduring solution to add volume and length without damaging their natural hair.


Sew-in hair extensions offer a natural-looking result that seamlessly blends with your own hair. These extensions are made of 100% human hair, allowing for easy styling options like dyeing, ironing, and curling to match your desired look.

The non-slip weave of sew-in extensions ensures that they hold firmly without the need for damaging glues or extensive heat. They also have a smooth texture and are free from entanglements and frizz, giving you a flawless and natural appearance.

Whether you have thin or thick hair, sew-in extensions can provide the thickness at the tips that enhance overall volume and give you the hairstyle you’ve always wanted.

Versatile styling options

Sew-in hair extensions offer a wide range of versatile styling options for you to experiment with. Whether you want to add length, volume, or both, these extensions can help you achieve your desired look.

You can style them just like your natural hair – curl them, straighten them, or even put them up in various hairstyles. With sew-in extensions, you have the freedom to change up your hairstyle whenever you want without damaging your own hair.

So go ahead and get creative with different looks and styles that suit your personality and mood!

Added volume and length

Sew-in hair extensions provide the benefit of added volume and length to your natural hair. By attaching the extensions to your own hair, they create a fuller and longer look that can instantly transform your hairstyle.

Whether you have thin or thick hair, sew-in extensions can help you achieve the desired thickness and length that you desire. With proper installation and maintenance, sew-in hair extensions can last up to six months, giving you long-lasting results without any hassle.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to enhance your hairstyle with more volume and length, sew-in hair extensions are definitely worth considering.

Cons of Sew-In Hair Extensions

Installation of sew-in hair extensions can be time-consuming and may lead to discomfort and headaches, but the limited access to the scalp for cleaning is also a potential drawback.

Read on to learn more about these cons and whether they outweigh the benefits.

Time-consuming installation

Installing sew-in hair extensions can be a time-consuming process. It involves creating cornrow braids on your scalp and then sewing the wefts of hair onto these braids using a thread and needle.

This meticulous installation technique can take several hours, depending on the desired length and volume of the extensions.

Although this process may require some patience, it is important to remember that the time spent during installation ensures a secure hold for your extensions. Taking the time to properly install sew-in hair extensions will help them last longer and look more natural.

Potential for discomfort and headaches

One potential downside of sew-in hair extensions is the potential for discomfort and headaches. If the extensions are sewn in too tightly, they can tug on your natural hair and put strain on your scalp.

This can lead to discomfort and even headaches for some people. It’s important to ensure that the sew-in installation is done properly and not overly tight to avoid any unnecessary pain or discomfort.

Limited access to scalp for cleaning

Sew-in hair extensions may have limited access to the scalp for cleaning. This is because the extensions are tightly woven into your natural hair, making it difficult to reach the scalp and cleanse it thoroughly.

Regular shampooing and conditioning can become a challenge as you need to be cautious not to disrupt or loosen the weave. However, using dry shampoo or specialized scalp cleansers can help maintain cleanliness between washes.

How long do sew-in hair extensions last?

Sew-in hair extensions can last up to six months with proper maintenance. They are highly durable and designed to hold firmly in place. This means you can enjoy your new long and voluminous locks for an extended period of time without worrying about them coming loose or falling out.

With their non-slip weave, sew-in extensions provide a secure and natural-looking result that requires minimal touch-ups. Whether you’re going for a short-term style change or looking to enhance your overall appearance, sew-in hair extensions offer a long-lasting solution that will keep you feeling confident and fabulous for months on end.

How much do sew-in hair extensions cost?

Sew-in hair extensions can vary in price depending on several factors. The cost of sew-in hair extensions typically includes the cost of the hair itself, as well as the installation process.

On average, you can expect to pay between $200 and $600 for sew-in hair extensions. However, keep in mind that this is just an estimate and prices can range higher or lower depending on factors such as the length and type of hair used, the skill level of the stylist, and your location.

When considering the cost of sew-in hair extensions, it’s also important to factor in maintenance costs. You will need to schedule regular appointments for adjustments and touch-ups, which can add to the overall expense.

Additionally, investing in high-quality hair extensions may initially be more expensive but could save you money in the long run as they tend to last longer and require less upkeep.

Ultimately, when deciding whether sew-in hair extensions are worth it for you, consider not only the upfront cost but also how long you plan to wear them and how much value you place on having longer or fuller-looking hair.

Conclusion | Sew in hair extensions pros and cons

Sew-in hair extensions offer a range of benefits, including long-lasting wear, natural-looking results, and versatile styling options. However, they may also come with some drawbacks such as the time-consuming installation process and potential discomfort.

Despite these cons, sew-in hair extensions are worth considering for anyone looking to add volume and length to their natural hair.


1. What are the pros and cons of sew in hair extensions?

Sew in hair extensions have both advantages and disadvantages. These techniques can offer comfort, a natural look, and versatility but may also pose some drawbacks like potential damage to your natural hair.

2. How does sew in weave compare with other types of extensions?

The pros and cons of sewin weft hair extensions are unique compared to clip-in, tape-in, fusion, micro bead pre-bonded or synthetic options; depending on one’s lifestyle, personal preferences or budget.

3. Can you explain more about the benefits and drawbacks of sewin hair extensions?

Sure! While the main benefits include flexibility in style choices and longevity; potential drawbacks involve time-consuming installation process as well as care procedures for maintaining these permanent hair extension types.

4. Are there any particular pros or cons I should know about human vs synthetic weave for a Sew-In?

Certainly, Human Hair Extensions offer the most realistic appearance but they generally cost more than Synthetic ones which can be less natural looking yet easier on your wallet.

5. Is getting a Sew-In worth it?

Depending on individual needs & lifestyle considerations – understanding the wide-ranging pros & cons helps determine if investing time & resources into this temporary type of hairstyle is indeed worthwhile.

sew in hair extensions pros and cons
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