sewn in hair extensions pros and cons

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Are you considering adding some extra length or volume to your hair with sew-in extensions? While popular for their long-lasting results and versatility, it’s important to know that sewing in extensions can sometimes cause discomfort if done incorrectly.

Our comprehensive guide will provide a detailed rundown of the pros and cons of sew-in hair extensions, helping you make an informed decision. So get ready: beautiful, voluminous locks might just be a read away!

Key Takeaways

  • Sew – in hair extensions provide increased length and volume, allowing you to achieve fuller and thicker hair.
  • They offer long-lasting results compared to temporary options like clip-ins or tape-ins.
  • Sew – in extensions allow for versatile styling options, giving you the freedom to experiment with different textures, colors, and hairstyles without damaging your natural hair.
  • However, sewn – in extensions can cause discomfort and tension on the scalp if not properly installed or placed on sensitive areas.
  • Professional installation and maintenance are necessary to ensure the best results with sew – in hair extensions while minimizing potential risks or complications.
  • One drawback is limited access to the scalp for cleansing due to the tightly sewn weave. Regular professional maintenance appointments are recommended for proper care.
  • The cost of sew – in hair extensions can vary depending on factors such as hair type, length, thickness, installation method, quality of hair, and salon/stylist rates.

What are Sew-In Hair Extensions?

Sew-in hair extensions consist of natural or synthetic hair attached to a narrow strip, known as a weft. A professional stylist sews these wefts into braids created from your natural hair, providing a secure and long-lasting method for enhancing your locks.

This process eliminates the need for damaging glues or excessive heat because of its unique non-slip weave structure.

Despite being time consuming to install, many people prefer sew-in extensions as they may be worn for several weeks before needing adjustment or removal. They are particularly suitable for silky fine hair but can also work well with thicker strands.

When properly installed by a professional stylist, hand-tied extensions pose little risk to natural hair integrity while offering substantial gains in length, thickness, and volume.

Pros of Sew-In Hair Extensions

– Sew-in hair extensions provide increased hair length and volume, giving you the desired look of fuller, thicker hair.

Increased hair length and volume

Sew-in hair extensions can give you the opportunity to achieve increased hair length and volume. Whether you have short or thin hair, these extensions can be applied to add extra inches and thickness.

By sewing wefts of hair onto your natural strands, you can instantly transform your look and enjoy a fuller mane. With sew-in extensions, you have the freedom to experiment with different hairstyles and textures, creating a more voluminous appearance that enhances your overall beauty.

Plus, this method provides long-lasting results compared to other temporary options like clip-ins or tape-ins. So if you’re dreaming of having longer and thicker locks, sew-in hair extensions are definitely worth considering!

Long-lasting results

Sew-in hair extensions offer long-lasting results, making them a popular choice for those seeking a more permanent solution. Unlike temporary options like clip-in or tape-in extensions, sew-ins are carefully stitched into your natural hair, ensuring that they stay in place for an extended period.

With proper installation and maintenance by a professional stylist, you can enjoy the benefits of added length, volume, and thickness for several weeks or even months without needing frequent adjustments or replacements.

This means less time spent on daily styling and more confidence in your beautiful new look.

Versatile styling options

Sew-in hair extensions offer a wide range of versatile styling options for you to explore. Whether you want to add length, create volume, or try out a new hairstyle, sew-in extensions can help you achieve your desired look.

You can experiment with different textures, colors, and lengths without any damage to your natural hair. From sleek straight styles to glamorous curls or trendy braids, the possibilities are endless with sew-in extensions.

By working with a professional stylist who specializes in sew-ins, you can ensure that your extensions are skillfully integrated into your own hair and styled in a way that suits your individual preferences and personality.

With sew-ins, you have the freedom to transform your hair and embrace new looks whenever you desire.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, sew-in extensions also provide functional versatility. They allow for easy manipulation during styling as well as increased manageability when it comes to daily care routines such as washing and detangling.

Cons of Sew-In Hair Extensions

– Discomfort and tension on the scalp can be experienced with sew-in hair extensions. It’s important to take breaks and properly care for your natural hair.

Remember, these are just a few of the cons. Discover more about sewn in hair extension pros and cons!

Can cause discomfort and tension on the scalp

Sewn-in hair extensions can sometimes cause discomfort and tension on the scalp. This is because the extensions are sewn tightly onto your natural hair, which can lead to headaches, pain, weak roots, and even hair fall.

It’s important to make sure that the extensions are applied correctly and not placed on thinning or sensitive areas of your scalp to avoid any unnecessary discomfort.

Requires professional installation and maintenance

To ensure the best results with sew-in hair extensions, it is important to have them installed and maintained by a professional stylist. Here are some reasons why professional assistance is necessary:

  1. Precise Placement: Professional stylists have the expertise to accurately position the extensions for a seamless blend with your natural hair.
  2. Reduction of Damage: A professional knows how to apply and remove sew-in extensions without causing damage to your natural hair or scalp.
  3. Customization: With their knowledge and experience, stylists can customize the installation according to your desired look and preferences.
  4. Longevity: When installed by a professional, sew-in extensions tend to last longer, as they are securely attached and properly maintained.
  5. Expert Advice: Professionals can offer valuable advice on how to care for your extensions and maintain their quality over time.

Limited access to the scalp for cleansing

Sew-in hair extensions provide a natural and seamless look, but one drawback is limited access to the scalp for cleansing. Due to the weave being tightly sewn in, it can be challenging to reach the scalp and cleanse it thoroughly.

This can lead to product buildup and potential scalp issues if not properly maintained. It is important to use lightweight and residue-free products that won’t weigh down the extensions or cause any additional buildup.

Regularly scheduling professional maintenance appointments will also help ensure proper care for your sew-in hair extensions.

The Cost of Sew-In Hair Extensions

Factors such as the type of hair, length, and desired volume can affect the cost of sew-in hair extensions.

Factors that affect the cost

Several factors can influence the cost of sew-in hair extensions. Here are some key considerations:

  1. Type of Hair Extensions: The price can vary depending on whether you choose synthetic or human hair extensions. Human hair tends to be more expensive but offers a more natural look and feel.
  2. Length and Thickness: Longer and thicker extensions typically require more hair, which can increase the cost. Keep in mind that extra-long or extra-thick extensions may come with a higher price tag.
  3. Installation Method: Different installation methods, such as machine weft or hand-tied extensions, may have varying costs associated with them. Discuss with your stylist which method suits both your budget and desired outcome.
  4. Quality of Hair: Higher quality hair extensions, such as Remy hair, may be pricier but tend to have better longevity and appearance.
  5. Salon or Stylist Rates: The rates charged by different salons and stylists can vary widely based on their expertise, location, and reputation. Researching and comparing prices beforehand is important.

Average price range

The cost of sew-in hair extensions can vary significantly depending on a variety of factors such as hair quality, volume, length, and the expertise of the hairstylist. Here’s a rough estimation of the average price range:

Hair Extension Type Average Price Range
Basic Sew-In Extensions $100 – $300
Premium Quality Sew-In Extensions $600 – $800
Expert-Level Sew-In Extensions Upwards of $1000

Understanding the cost range of sew-in hair extensions will help you make an informed choice. Remember, the professional application of the extensions is crucial to prevent any potential damage and to ensure you get the desired results.


In conclusion, sewn-in hair extensions offer the benefits of increased hair length and volume, long-lasting results, and versatile styling options. However, they can also cause discomfort and tension on the scalp, require professional installation and maintenance, and limit access to the scalp for cleansing.

Considering these pros and cons will help you make an informed decision if sewn-in hair extensions are right for you.


1. What are the pros and cons of sewn-in hair extensions?

Sewn-in hair extensions provide a natural-looking length and volume to your hair, but they can also potentially cause traction alopecia.

2. How do sewn-in hair extensions compare with other types?

Compared to various options like clip-in, tape-in, fusion, micro bead or pre-bonded hair extensions, sewin ones offer a more permanent solution for long term use yet require special care.

3. Are synthetic sewn in extensions as good as Remy ones?

Synthetic sewin extensions may not give as realistic an appearance or feel compared to Remy ones which are made from real human hair.

4. Can I change my hairstyle frequently with sewn in extension?

Yes! Sewin Hair Extensions allow you to experiment with different styles including balayage or ombre look without affecting your natural strands.

5. What should I consider before getting a weave or halo style extension?

Before considering weave or halo style extensions weigh out their pros and cons along with factors such as cost, maintenance requirements and potential impact on your natural locks.

sewn in hair extensions pros and cons
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