Limited Edition Clutch Bag

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When Millie and Anna-Marie first discovered Fairydrops Mascara, they said it was like a push-up bra for lashes. This stuck and the J-Beauty brand has since become world-renowned for giving lashes the most unbelievable lift – but that's not all they create.

Our latest obsession from Fairydrops is the Limited Edition Clutch Bag. The metallic soft fabric bag is super-cute and can be used as the ultimate addition to complete your outfit or simply as a make-up bag.

This si limited edition, once it's gone, it's gone. Don't miss out.

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So good it's gone

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Fairydrops mascara was created by Japanese celebrity Aya Yasuda for her tv appearances. She snipped away at different mascara wands until she had created a unique brush that would give her the doll-like lash effect she desired. Now Fairydrops is one of Japan’s best-selling mascaras.

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