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What is it? 100% biodegradable gold glitter made from plant cellulose.

Why do we love it?  All that glitters is not gold, or is it? Whether it’s a summer festival or a Christmas party, there is always an excuse to wear glitter! And if not, we’ll make one up.

Make it subtle and wear it as a highlighter on the brow bone or go all out and sprinkle it all over your hair and face.

Disco Dust has all the sparkly goodness of glitter with a biodegradable edge. What’s not to love?


So good it's gone

How To


-Apply hair gel where you want your glitter to go

-Press your glitter onto the gel using a brush (clean your brush between uses). Build up the colours/density, waiting for the gel to dry between layers

-Set with hairspray


-Apply adhesive to skin where you would like your glitter to go (e.g. with petroleum jelly or hair gel)

-Apply glitter to skin with your fingers or with a small brush

Please note: If unsure, test a tiny bit of glitter on your skin before applying it to any larger areas. All glitters are EN71 tested and are safe for cosmetic use.

Keep glitter away from Eyes, if irritation occurs wash the area with water. If the problem persists seek professional medical advice.

Not suitable for Consumption.

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