Hydrating Lip Mask

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What is it? A Korean beauty import – a light pink jelly lip mask for instant plumping and hydrating.

Why we love it?  While it might make your lips look like a cartoon character’s, this mask really works wonders.  Lips are left smooth, almost bouncily plump.  The fact it makes for a funny Instagram is a bonus – brilliant before a night out.

For the most pillowy pout, Bioaqua’s Hydrating Lip Mask is not only Instagram worthy, the collagen and hyaluronic acid rich gel mask will flood the lips with moisture, temporarily filling fine lines and leaving lips looking luscious.

The one-use clear pink gel patch works in 10 minutes (but you can leave it on for longer) to deeply hydrate the lips.


So good it's gone

How To

Apply the gel patch to clean dry lips and relax for 10 minutes. Discard after a single use.