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Homeoplasmine is a make-up artist’s cult, backstage beauty favourite to soothe any kind of irritation  – from insect bites to allergies and chapped lips as well as sore noses due to colds. Make-up artist Pat McGrath told ELLE magazine:

“Homeoplasmine is perfect on chapped skin. We put it on models’ lips as a balm. I’ve used it for about 15 years.”

British Beauty Blogger Jane Cunningham is also a Homeoplasmine fan reporting in Metro:

“Renowned for its healing abilities on chapped lips, insect bites and dry patches.”

The homeopathic ingredients include Calendula, Phytolacca (used by native American Indians), Bryony and  Benzoic. Homeopathy works by using a highly dilute substance to trigger the body’s own healing processes.

Laboratoires Boiron products are top of BeautyMART’s list when shopping in France. The brand specialises in homeopathic remedies for everything from itchy skin to colds and flu – one of their other products, Oscillococcinum, is another backstage beauty favourite to combat fashion ‘flu during the shows.


So good it's gone

How To

Apply before make-up to plump up the lips, or use on dry patches for immediate and long-term soothing.

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Calendula officinalis, Phytolacca officinalis, Bryonia, Benzoin, Boric acid, and Vaselinum album.