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Magic Peeling Mitt Green

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Reveal new skin by following the latest trend for skin peeling, Korean style, using the Spa Magic Peeling Mitt.

This exfoliating mitt is what the professionals use in Korean spas. One side is terry towelling for cleansing skin using soap or shower gel, while the other is for exfoliation. The exfoliating side is made of rayon, a natural wood pulp derivative that becomes hardened when wet. The unique textured fabric grabs to the skin then sloughs off dead cells so that they roll away.

The Korean Spa Magic Peeling Mitt is the perfect accessory for self-tanning fans for pre-application exfoliation and to maintain an even colour as the tan fades. The exfoliation process also helps improve the effect of moisturising products as skin is better able to absorb creams, lotions and oils.

The Korean Spa Magic Peeling Mitt also helps improve the circulation due to its skin-stimulating action and in addition, prevents ingrown hairs, bumps on the upper arms and clogged pores.

Please note: these mitts are partly made from recycled materials so there is likely to be some inconsistency in pattern and finish. They also have a limited shelf life so don't expect your mitt to last forever. We've found that they're good for a couple of months, which is reflected in the price.

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How To

Cleanse skin using the towelling side of the mitt and your favourite soap or shower gel. Stand out of the stream of water and whisk any excess water from the skin. Wring excess water from the mitt. Using the rough side, rub the mitt over the skin firmly using an up and down motion. Work over the entire body, avoiding any areas of sensitivity. Rinse afterwards to remove dead skin.