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What it is? A game-changing facial cleansing cloth that works with just water to remove all make-up, even waterproof.

Why we love it? Good bye cleansers, wipes, hot cloths – this is skin cleansing simplified.

Think of the MakeUp Eraser as being like an eCloth for skin. The special polyester/silk knit fibre of MakeUp Eraser is finer than human hair and when wet creates friction that breaks the surface tension of the oils that bond make-up to skin. This means that all make-up can be effectively removed without the use of any additional product, simply by gentle rubbing.

Makeup Eraser has two sides: one with a velvet pile for removing make-up and the other with a longer pile for exfoliating.

The long-lasting cloth will easily perform 1000 make-up removals before requiring replacement.

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So good it's gone

How To

First, machine wash the cloth before first use. To cleanse skin, soak an area of the cloth in warm water and wring out. Use the short nap side to remove all make-up. Once make-up has been erased, turn the cloth over and use the longer nap side to exfoliate. Wash MakeUp Eraser as needed.

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