Stacy Lash Glue Review

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Eyelash extensions can dramatically enhance your look, but finding the right glue can be a challenge. Enter Stacy Lash Glue, a liquid adhesive specifically designed for professional eyelash extensions use.

In this article, we will delve into an in-depth review of its features and what makes it stand out from other brands. Keep reading to discover if Stacy Lash Glue could be your new go-to adhesive!

Key Takeaways

  • Stacy Lash Glue is a liquid adhesive specifically designed for professional eyelash extensions use.
  • It offers fast drying time, reliable retention, and can last up to 7 weeks.
  • The glue has low fumes, making it comfortable for both technicians and clients with sensitive eyes.
  • Stacy Lash also offers other products such as lash shampoo, lash extensions, and lash removers.

About Stacy Lash Glue

Stacy Lash Glue offers various types and sizes of liquid adhesive that are perfect for eyelash extensions, including volume lashes and Russian volume lashes. It is known for its fast drying time and reliable retention, making it a popular choice among lash technicians.

Types and sizes

Stacy Lash Glue comes in two different sizes catering to your needs: 5 ml and 10 ml. These options allow users with varying volumes of clients or frequency of use to choose the most suitable option.

The smaller size can be a great choice for beginners, home users or those who apply lashes occasionally. Professional technicians, salons or those applying eyelashes regularly might find the larger size more convenient and cost-effective.

Whether you are working on single lash extensions or creating dramatic Russian volume looks, this versatile adhesive is designed to handle it all effectively.

Special features

Stacy Lash Glue has some special features that make it stand out among other eyelash glues on the market. First, its low-fume formula ensures a more comfortable experience for both the lash technician and the client.

There will be minimal fumes or odor during the application process, reducing any potential irritation or discomfort.

Secondly, this glue is designed to be latex-free, making it suitable for those with latex allergies. This means that even clients with sensitive skin can enjoy beautiful lash extensions without worrying about allergic reactions.

Lastly, Stacy Lash Glue has an advanced formula that provides incredible retention power. With this glue, your eyelash extensions can last up to 7 weeks! Its strong hold ensures that your lashes stay in place and look fabulous for an extended period of time.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of Stacy Lash Glue have been overwhelmingly positive, with many users praising its strong hold and low fumes. However, there have been a few negative reviews regarding allergic effects and eye irritation for sensitive clients.

Positive feedback

Customers have overwhelmingly praised Stacy Lash Glue for its exceptional performance. With an impressive rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars based on over 14,000 reviews, this adhesive has proven to be a fan favorite.

Users laud its strong hold and reliable retention, ensuring that their eyelash extensions stay in place for up to 7 weeks. Many customers also appreciate the low fumes and odorless nature of the glue, as it creates a more pleasant experience during application.

Furthermore, individuals with sensitive eyes have reported minimal irritation and allergic effects when using this latex-free adhesive. Overall, the positive feedback from satisfied customers highlights the quality and effectiveness of Stacy Lash Glue in delivering long-lasting results for beautiful lash extensions.

Negative feedback

Some customers have expressed concerns about the strong scent of Stacy Lash Glue, finding it too overpowering for their liking. Others have reported that the glue did not hold their eyelash extensions as securely as they expected, leading to lashes falling out prematurely.

While these experiences are not common, it’s important to consider individual differences and preferences when choosing an adhesive.

Benefits of Stacy Lash Glue

Stacy Lash Glue offers a strong hold for your eyelash extensions, while also being low on fumes and suitable for sensitive clients.

Strong hold

Stacy Lash Glue is known for its strong hold, ensuring that your eyelash extensions stay in place for longer. The advanced formula of the glue provides reliable retention, allowing your lashes to last up to 7 weeks without any worries.

Whether you prefer single lashes or volume lashes, this glue has got you covered with its versatile performance. With Stacy Lash Glue, you can enjoy beautiful and luscious lashes that stay put throughout the day.

Say goodbye to any concerns about your extensions falling off and hello to long-lasting and stunning results.

Low fumes

Stacy Lash Glue is known for its low fumes, making it a top choice for both technicians and clients. Unlike other glues that can emit strong odors and cause eye irritation, Stacy Lash Glue has a special formula that minimizes fumes and ensures a more comfortable experience.

This is especially important for sensitive clients who may have allergic reactions to traditional adhesives. With Stacy Lash Glue, you can confidently apply eyelash extensions without any worries about unpleasant smells or discomfort caused by fumes.

Suitable for sensitive clients

Stacy Lash Glue is the perfect choice for clients with sensitive eyes. This high-quality eyelash adhesive is specifically designed to minimize irritation and allergies, making it safe and comfortable for those with delicate skin.

With its low-fume formula and latex-free composition, this glue provides a gentle application process without any strong odors or potential allergic reactions. You can confidently offer Stacy Lash Glue to your sensitive clients, knowing that they will be completely satisfied with the results.

So go ahead and give them the beautiful lashes they deserve while keeping their comfort in mind.

Other Products from Stacy Lash

Stacy Lash also offers a range of other high-quality products to complement their eyelash glue, including lash shampoo for gentle cleansing, lash extensions for adding length and volume, and lash removers for easy removal of false lashes.

Lash shampoo

Stacy Lash offers a specially formulated lash shampoo that is perfect for keeping your eyelash extensions clean and healthy. This gentle yet effective shampoo is designed to remove dirt, oil, and makeup residue without causing any damage to the lashes or adhesive.

It helps prevent build-up of debris that can lead to premature shedding of the extensions. The lash shampoo is easy to use – simply apply a small amount onto a clean brush or applicator and gently cleanse your lashes in a downward motion.

Regular use of the lash shampoo will help extend the lifespan of your eyelash extensions and keep them looking fresh and voluminous.

Lash extensions

Lash extensions are a popular beauty trend that can give your lashes an instant boost in length, volume, and thickness. With Stacy Lash Glue, you can achieve stunning lash extensions that last for weeks.

This liquid adhesive is specifically designed for professional use and has a fast-drying formula, ensuring reliable retention. Whether you prefer single lashes or voluminous Russian volume lashes, this versatile glue is suitable for various techniques.

Plus, the low-fume formula makes it comfortable for both technicians and clients with sensitive eyes. Trust Stacy Lash Glue to enhance your natural beauty with long-lasting and flawless lash extensions.

Lash removers

Stacy Lash also offers a range of lash removers to make the removal process quick and easy. These removers are specially formulated to dissolve lash adhesive, allowing for safe and gentle removal of eyelash extensions.

Whether you’re a professional lash technician or someone who applies their own lashes, these removers can help you easily take off your extensions without causing any damage to your natural lashes.

With Stacy Lash’s lash removers, say goodbye to the hassle of removing your falsies and hello to clean, beautiful lashes in no time.


In conclusion, Stacy Lash Glue is a reliable and high-quality adhesive for professional eyelash extensions. With its strong hold, low fumes, and suitability for sensitive clients, it offers numerous benefits that make it stand out in the market.

Additionally, the brand’s range of other products demonstrates their commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for lash technicians. Don’t miss out on experiencing the incredible retention power and comfort of Stacy Lash Glue – read more about it now!

Personal experience with the product

I tried Stacy Lash Glue for my eyelash extensions, and I have to say it exceeded my expectations. The glue dried quickly and held my lashes in place all day without any issues. I also noticed that there was no irritation or fumes, which is a big plus for someone with sensitive eyes like me.

The latex-free formula gave me peace of mind knowing that it was safe to use on my lash line. Overall, I was impressed with the strong retention and comfort provided by this adhesive.

It definitely lived up to its reputation as a reliable eyelash glue option.

Final thoughts and recommendations

In conclusion, Stacy Lash Glue is a reliable and high-quality adhesive for professional use in eyelash extensions. Its fast-drying formula and strong retention power make it an excellent choice for both single and volume lashes.

The glue’s low fumes and latex-free formula also make it suitable for clients with sensitive eyes or allergies. With its positive customer reviews and the brand’s reputation, Stacy Lash Glue is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a top-notch eyelash adhesive.


1. What is unique about Stacy Lash Glue?

Stacy Lash Glue distinguishes itself with a low-fume formula and latex-free adhesive, which makes it ideal for salon use or self-application.

2. Is Stacy Lash Glue suitable for sensitive eyes or allergic clients?

Yes! The lash glue was designed with sensitive eyes and allergic clients in mind because it’s cyanoacrylate-free, ensuring extra strong retention without causing irritation.

3. How do I remove the Stacy Lash Glue from my eyelashes?

You can easily remove the glue using a quality lash glue remover specifically designed to not harm your eyelashes when taking off extensions.

4. Does Stacy Lash offer an extension product along with its adhesive?

Stacy’s Eyelash Extension Glue is indeed part of their line-up, enhancing the durability and aesthetic appeal of your applied lashes.

Stacy Lash Glue Review
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