Thrive Concealer Review 2024

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Do you find yourself on a continuous quest for the perfect concealer? Thrive Causemetics may have just what you need with their collection of crease-proof, waterproof concealers.

In this article, we’ll dive into comprehensive reviews to provide an unbiased view in 2024 of the product’s performance including its coverage, hydration levels, and staying power.

Get ready, because your path to flawless skin might be one read away!

  • Thrive Concealer is a crease-proof and waterproof formula with buildable coverage.
  • It contains Vitamin E and Coconut Emollients for deep hydration and smooth fine lines.
  • The concealer’s lightweight texture ensures easy blending for a natural-looking finish.
  • Customers love the inclusive shade range and long-lasting performance of Thrive Concealer.

Thrive Concealer: Product Overview

The Thrive Concealer is a crease-proof and waterproof formula that offers buildable coverage with an ultra-lightweight feel.

Features and Benefits

Thrive Concealer brings multiple benefits to your makeup routine.

1. It showcases a crease-proof and waterproof formula, perfect for under-eye application.

2. Developed with sensitive skin in mind, the concealer avoids common irritants.

3. This product contains a mix of Vitamin E and Coconut Emollients which provide deep skin hydration and smooth out fine lines.

4. The concealer’s buildable nature allows you to adjust coverage according to your need.

5. Its HD creaseless formula delivers an effortless spread on the skin and ensures light coverage.

6. The Thrive Causemetics CC Cream is a great companion to this concealer, known for its staying power without flaking or slipping off.

7. The CC Cream offers medium coverage with high pigmentation, great for various complexion needs.

8. Consumers love that the CC Cream does not settle into pores or fine lines.

9. Both the concealer and CC Cream are long-lasting, eliminating the need for frequent touch-ups throughout the day.

10. The color selection of these products receives praise from reviewers for their versatility and performance.

Available shades and undertones

Thrive Concealer offers a wide range of shades and undertones to match any skin tone. Here are some options:

Fair/Light: For those with lighter skin tones, there are shades like Ivory, Porcelain, and Light Beige.

Medium: If you have a medium complexion, you can choose from shades like Natural Ivory, Sand, or Medium Beige.

Tan/Deep: For deeper skin tones, shades like Honey, Deep Beige, and Caramel are available.

Warm Undertones: Thrive Concealer also offers warm undertone options such as Warm Ivory or Warm Beige.

Cool Undertones: If you have cool undertones, shades like Cool Ivory or Cool Beige will suit you well.

Customer Reviews and Ratings 2024

Customers are raving about Thrive Concealer, with many praising its long-lasting and hydrating formula, as well as its ability to brighten and perfect the complexion.

Positive feedback and testimonials

Customers rave about the Thrive Concealer, praising its performance and color selection. Here’s what they have to say:

  1. The crease-proof and waterproof formula ensures that my under-eye area stays flawless all day long.
  2. I love that this concealer is made with sensitive skin in mind, as it doesn’t cause any irritation or breakouts.
  3. The blend of Vitamin E and Coconut Emollients in this concealer deeply hydrates my skin and smooths out fine lines.
  4. It’s amazing how buildable this concealer is! I can achieve just the right amount of coverage without it looking heavy or cakey.
  5. The lightweight texture makes it incredibly easy to blend, giving me a natural-looking finish.
  6. I highly recommend pairing the Thrive Concealer with their CC Cream – they work so well together and provide flawless coverage.
  7. The CC Cream has medium coverage and is highly pigmented, giving me a perfect base for the rest of my makeup.
  8. Unlike other products, the CC Cream doesn’t settle into pores or fine lines, leaving my skin looking smooth and even.
  9. Both the concealer and CC Cream are long-lasting, so I don’t have to worry about touch-ups throughout the day.

Negative feedback and common concerns

Thrive Concealer has received mostly positive feedback, but there are a few common concerns that customers have shared. Here are some negative feedback and common concerns regarding the Thrive Concealer:

  • Some users found that the concealer did not provide enough coverage for severe acne or dark circles.
  • A few customers experienced issues with shade matching, as they found it challenging to find their perfect match among the available shades.
  • There were a few reports of the concealer settling into fine lines after wearing it for an extended period.
  • Some users mentioned that the concealer had a slightly drying effect on their skin, especially in drier climates.

Comparison with Other Concealers

Thrive Concealer stands out from other concealers on the market with its inclusive shade range, waterproof and creaseproof formula, and ultra lightweight texture.

Thrive Causemetics Concealer provides a unique blend of benefits that sets it apart from many other popular brands in the market. Let’s compare it with some of its peers to see how it stacks up.

 Thrive Causemetics ConcealerPopular Brand APopular Brand B
Crease-proof and WaterproofYesNoYes
Sensitive Skin SuitableYesNoYes
Contains Hydrating IngredientsYes – Vitamin E and Coconut EmollientsNoYes
Buildable CoverageYesYesNo
Light Coverage ConsistencyYesNoYes
Complements With Branded CC CreamYes – Thrive Causemetics CC CreamNoNo
Long-lasting Without Touch-upsYesNoYes
Settles Into Pores or Fine LinesNoYesYes
Overall User SatisfactionHigh – reviewers praise performance and color selectionMediumMedium

It’s clear that Thrive Causemetics Concealer offers a range of benefits that not all popular brands can match, making it a stand-out choice for consumers seeking quality and value.

Pros and Cons


Thrive Concealer has a lot to offer. The crease-proof and waterproof formula makes it perfect for under-eye application, ensuring that your concealer stays put all day long.

It also contains hydrating ingredients like Vitamin E and Coconut Emollients, which not only nourish the skin but also help smooth out fine lines.

The buildable coverage allows you to tailor your look to your preferences, whether you want a natural finish or something more full coverage.

Additionally, many reviewers rave about the Thrive Causemetics CC Cream, which complements the concealer perfectly with its long-lasting formula and medium coverage.


While Thrive Concealer receives overwhelmingly positive reviews, there are a few minor concerns worth mentioning.

Some users have reported that the lightweight formula provides less coverage than they were expecting, so if you’re looking for heavy duty concealing power, this may not be the right product for you.

Additionally, some customers found that certain shades didn’t match their skin tone as well as they had hoped, highlighting room for improvement in shade inclusivity.

Application Tips and Techniques

Achieve optimal coverage with the Thrive Concealer by starting with a small amount and building up as needed, blending it into your skin using a damp beauty sponge or your fingertips.

How to achieve optimal coverage

To achieve optimal coverage with Thrive Concealer, start by applying a small amount of product to the desired areas. Use your fingertips or a makeup brush to blend the concealer into your skin, focusing on any imperfections or discoloration.

The buildable formula allows you to layer the product for more coverage if needed. For a more natural look, make sure to blend well and feather out the edges for a seamless finish.

Remember, a little goes a long way with this highly pigmented concealer, so start with less and add more as necessary. With its lightweight texture and creaseless formula, Thrive Concealer provides long-lasting coverage that stays put all day without settling into fine lines or fading away.

Blending and layering techniques

To achieve the best coverage with Thrive Concealer, try these blending and layering techniques:

1. Start with a small amount of concealer and blend it into the skin using your fingertips or a makeup brush.

2. For areas that require more coverage, apply a second layer of concealer and gently pat it into the skin until blended.

3. To avoid creasing, set your concealer with a light dusting of translucent powder using a fluffy brush.

4. If you want additional brightness under the eyes, apply a thin layer of Thrive CC Cream in a shade lighter than your skin tone before applying the concealer.

5. When blending, use gentle tapping motions instead of rubbing to ensure seamless blending without removing any product.

6. For areas with discoloration or hyperpigmentation, try color correcting before applying the concealer. Use a green color corrector for redness and a peach color corrector for dark circles.

Conclusion: Is Thrive Concealer Worth It?

In conclusion, Thrive Concealer is definitely worth the investment. With its crease-proof and waterproof formula, it provides long-lasting coverage that stays put all day. The lightweight and hydrating formula smooths fine lines and leaves a flawless finish.

Combined with the highly recommended CC Cream, these products offer a complete complexion-perfecting solution. Overall, customers rave about the performance and color selection of Thrive Causemetics’ concealer line, making it a must-have for any beauty routine.

Final thoughts and recommendation

In conclusion, Thrive Concealer and CC Cream are highly recommended for their impressive performance and inclusive shade range. The crease-proof and waterproof formulas make the concealer perfect for under-eye application, while the CC Cream sits well on the skin without flaking or slipping away.

With buildable coverage and a lightweight feel, these products provide a flawless finish that lasts all day without touch-ups. Reviewers have raved about the hydrating benefits and smoothening effects of Vitamin E and Coconut Emollients found in both products.

Overall, if you’re looking for a long-lasting, high-quality concealer and CC cream that won’t disappoint, Thrive Causemetics is definitely worth trying out.


1. What do Thrive Concealer reviews say about the product?

Thrive Concealer reviews consistently praise its longwear formula, blurring effect, and broad spectrum SPF that perfects and brightens complexion.

2. Are there inclusive shades available for the Thrive Concealer?

Yes! Thrive offers a range of inclusive concealer shades to match varied skin tones which are widely appreciated in many makeup reviews.

3. How does this concealer help with correcting complexions?

The full coverage concealer provides deep hydration along with a brightening effect to correct complexion, making it good for both dark circles and acne spots.

4. Is this concealer cruelty-free and affordable?

Indeed! The long-lasting lightweight concealer is cruelty-free as per various makeup reviews and is also considered an affordable option.

5. What makes it stand out as the best natural-looking concealers on market?

Its notable features include being a natural concealer having a long-wear finish that feels lightweight while providing full coverage; qualities often highlighted in positive thrive concealer reviews.

Thrive Concealer Review 2024
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