7 Styles & 4 Types of Eyelash Extensions

by  Mila M.Cosmetologist

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the variety of eyelash extensions available on the market today? You’re not alone – selecting from an array of different materials, sizes, and styles can indeed be a challenging task.

This blog will guide you through various types of eyelash extensions, how to choose one that suits your eye shape and lifestyle, and how to maintain them. Stay tuned as we simplify this beauty trend for you!

  • Classic lash extensions offer a natural-looking enhancement for all eye shapes and sizes.
  • Russian lash extensions create a dramatic and voluminous look with multiple ultra-fine lashes applied to each natural lash.
  • Express lash extensions are a time-saving option for achieving thicker and fuller lashes quickly.
  • Hybrid lash extensions provide a more textured look by combining classic and volume lashes.

Understanding 4 Different Types of Eyelash Extensions

There are several different types of eyelash extensions available, including classic lash extensions, Russian lash extensions, express lash extensions, and hybrid lash extensions.

Classic Lash Extensions

Classic lash extensions offer a natural-looking enhancement to your beauty routine. Each extension is applied, one-by-one, to individual natural lashes. This type of eyelash extension builds upon the base of your existing lashes adding length and volume without appearing overly dramatic.

Suitable for all eye shapes and sizes, classic lash extensions are ideal if you aim for an understated elegance in your day-to-day look. They come in various materials like synthetic, silk or mink allowing customization based on personal preference and budget.

Being semi-permanent, they do require maintenance with touch-ups every few weeks but can be a valuable addition to upgrade your makeup regimen.

Russian Lash Extensions

Russian lash extensions are a popular choice for those who want a more dramatic and voluminous look. These extensions are created using a technique called the “Russian Volume” method, where multiple ultra-fine lashes are fanned out and applied to each natural lash.

The result is fuller, thicker lashes that add depth and intensity to your eyes. Russian lash extensions come in various curls, lengths, and thicknesses, allowing you to customize your desired look.

Whether you’re going for a bold and glamorous appearance or simply want to enhance your natural beauty, Russian lash extensions can help you achieve the stunning lashes you’ve always wanted.

Express Lash Extensions

Express lash extensions are a convenient and time-saving option for those who want to achieve voluminous lashes in a shorter amount of time. These extensions are applied using a special technique that allows multiple lashes to be attached to each natural lash, resulting in thicker and fuller-looking lashes.

The application process is faster compared to other types of eyelash extensions, making it perfect for busy individuals who desire instant glamour. With express lash extensions, you can wake up every morning with beautifully dramatic lashes that require minimal maintenance.

Hybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid lash extensions are a combination of classic and volume lashes that create a fuller, more textured look. With hybrid lashes, individual synthetic or silk lashes are applied to your natural eyelashes using a special adhesive.

The result is enhanced length and volume while maintaining a natural appearance. These lash extensions can be customized to suit your preferences by choosing the curl, thickness, and length that best complements your eye shape and desired style.

Hybrid lash extensions offer the perfect balance between a subtle everyday look and glamorous, dramatic lashes for special occasions.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Eyelash Extensions

Consider the curl, thickness, and length of the extensions to achieve your desired look. Match the style to your eye shape for a flattering effect. Choose the right material, whether it be real mink or synthetic silk, for optimal comfort and longevity.

Curious to learn more? Keep reading!

Eyelash curls, thicknesses, and lengths

Eyelash extensions come in a variety of curls, thicknesses, and lengths to suit your personal style. Whether you want a natural look or something more dramatic, there is an option for everyone.

The curl of the lash extension can be customized to give you the desired effect – from a subtle lift with a B curl to a more dramatic curve with a C or D curl. The thickness of the lashes can also be adjusted to create volume and fullness.

And when it comes to length, you have plenty of options – from shorter lashes for a natural look to longer lashes for added glamour. So no matter what kind of eyelashes you’re looking for, there are extensions available that will enhance your beauty and make your eyes stand out.

Matching the style to your eye shape

To achieve the perfect look with eyelash extensions, it’s important to match the style to your eye shape. Different eye shapes require different lash styles to enhance their natural beauty.

Whether you have almond-shaped eyes, hooded eyes, or round eyes, there’s a lash style that will flatter your features. By selecting the right curl, length, and thickness of lashes, you can create a stunning and customized look that will complement your unique eye shape.

Choosing the right material (real mink, synthetic silk, etc.)

Eyelash extensions come in different materials, such as real mink, synthetic silk, and more. Real mink lashes are made from the fur of minks and provide a luxurious and natural look.

Synthetic silk lashes, on the other hand, offer a more affordable option with a glossy finish. When choosing the right material for your eyelash extensions, consider factors like your desired look, budget, and any potential allergies or sensitivities you may have.

Remember that both options can give you beautiful lashes; it all depends on your personal preferences and needs.

Maintaining Eyelash Extensions

To maintain your eyelash extensions, it’s important to practice proper care and avoid potential damage to your natural lashes.

Proper care to prolong the life of extensions

To keep your eyelash extensions looking fabulous for longer, proper care is essential. One tip is to avoid getting them wet for the first 24 hours after application to allow the adhesive to fully bond.

Additionally, be gentle when cleansing your face and avoid rubbing or pulling on the lashes. Using oil-free cleansers and makeup removers can help prevent premature loosening of the extensions.

Remember to brush your lashes daily with a clean spoolie brush to keep them neat and prevent tangling. Lastly, avoid using mascara on your lash extensions as it can cause clumping and make them harder to maintain.

Tips for avoiding eyelash extension mites

To avoid eyelash extension mites, it’s important to keep your lashes and lash extensions clean. Make sure to cleanse your lashes daily using a gentle lash cleanser or baby shampoo diluted with water.

Be thorough in removing any dirt, debris, or makeup residue from both the base of your natural lashes and the extensions themselves. Additionally, avoid touching or rubbing your eyes excessively as this can introduce bacteria and potentially lead to mite infestations.

Regularly brushing through your lashes with a clean spoolie brush can also help prevent mites by keeping them free from tangles and ensuring proper air circulation around the lash follicles.

Potential damage to natural lashes

Eyelash extensions can enhance the appearance of your lashes, but it’s essential to be aware of the potential damage they can cause to your natural lashes. The weight and strain of the extensions can weaken and break your own lashes over time.

It’s important to follow proper maintenance techniques, such as avoiding excessive rubbing or pulling on your lash extensions. Regular touch-ups are necessary to maintain their appearance and prevent any further harm to your natural lashes.

Taking these precautions will help ensure that you can enjoy beautiful lashes without compromising the health of your own.

Popular eyelash extension styles include natural, doll-eye, cat, squirrel, staggered, and colored lashes. Plus, discover the best styles for aging eyes.

Natural, Doll-Eye, Cat, Squirrel, Staggered, Colored

Eyelash extensions offer a variety of styles to suit your desired look. Natural extensions give you a subtle enhancement, making your lashes appear longer and fuller without looking too dramatic.

If you want to make a bold statement, doll-eye extensions create an exaggerated wide-eyed effect. Cat-eye extensions are perfect for achieving a seductive, winged look. Squirrel-style extensions provide a feathery appearance that adds volume and texture to your lashes.

For a unique and edgy style, staggered lash extensions give you an uneven pattern for added dimension. Lastly, colored lash extensions allow you to experiment with different shades for a fun and playful look.

Best styles for aging eyes

Eyelash extensions can be a great option for aging eyes, as they can help to brighten and lift the appearance of your eyes. When it comes to choosing the best styles for aging eyes, there are a few factors to consider.

For older individuals, natural-looking lashes are often recommended. These lashes provide a subtle enhancement that doesn’t appear overly dramatic or heavy on the eyes. Additionally, wispy lashes can also be a good choice as they add softness and dimension while still maintaining a natural look.

Another style that works well for aging eyes is staggered lash extensions, which involve applying shorter lashes towards the inner corners and longer ones towards the outer corners of the eye.


1. What are the different types of eyelash extensions?

There are various types of eyelash extensions including synthetic, silk, mink, and semipermanent individual lashes. Each type comes in different curls such as Bcurl, Ccurl, Dcurl and L+ curl.

2. Can you describe what classic eyelash extensions are?

Classic eyelash extensions involve attaching a single extension to each natural lash. They enhance the length and thickness of natural lashes while maintaining a subtle look.

3. What makes volume eyelash extensions special?

Volume eyelash extensions give a fuller effect by attaching multiple thin lashes to one natural lash creating more volume for those with sparse or fine lashes.

4. How do hybrid eyelashes differ from wispy ones?

Hybrid lash styles combine two techniques: Volume (multiple lightweight lashes) and Classic (single thick lash). On the other hand, Wispy style features alternating lengths which mimic the pattern of your natural hairs for an extra fluttery effect.

5. Do Dcurl Eyelashes look any different from other curl types?

Yes! The D-curl is dramatic and offers much more curl than B or C varieties; it best suits people seeking an attractive sweeping upwards look.

6 .What’s unique about L+ Curl Eyelashes?

The L+ Curl Eyelashes have a flat base that goes up into an extreme lift making them perfect for clients with hooded eyes who struggle to see results with standard curls.

7 Styles & 4 Types of Eyelash Extensions
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