What Are I Tips Hair Extensions?

by  Mila M.Cosmetologist

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If you’ve ever yearned for longer, fuller hair but felt held back by the potential damage of some extensions, it’s time to consider I-Tip extensions. These are a variety of permanent hair extensions applied strand-by-strand that won’t harm your natural locks.

This article answers, “What Are I Tips Hair Extensions”: their application process, benefits, cost, and availability as well as before-and-after transformations.

Ready to transform your look? Read on!

Key Takeaways

  • I-Tip hair extensions are a type of permanent extension that is applied strand by strand using small metal rings or beads.
  • They offer a glueless, threadless, and heatless application method for added convenience.
  • I-Tip extensions are suitable for various hair types and provide the desired length, volume, and thickness.
  • The cost of I-Tip extensions can vary but they generally offer an affordable option compared to other permanent methods.

What are I-Tip Hair Extensions?

I-Tip Hair Extensions are a type of permanent hair extensions that are applied strand by strand using small metal rings or beads.

Definition and description

I-Tip hair extensions, also known as stick tips or micro link extensions, are permanent additions to your natural locks. They are applied strand by strand using small bead-like attachments called microbeads or metal cylinders.

The technique involves inserting each hair extension tip into the ring which then gets clamped onto your own hair close to the scalp. Unlike other methods, applying I-Tip extensions doesn’t involve glue, heat or threads, making them a gentle option that reduces potential stress and damage on natural tresses.

Furthermore, this style of extension gives an appealingly seamless blend with your own hair for a versatile styling experience.

How they are applied

I-Tip hair extensions are applied using a strand-by-strand method. Here’s how they are applied:

  1. Take a small section of your natural hair.
  2. Insert the I-Tip extension into a flattened microbead or metal cylinder.
  3. Use a special tool to thread your natural hair through the bead or cylinder, along with the I-Tip extension.
  4. Flatten the bead or cylinder to secure it in place.
  5. Repeat these steps throughout your hair until all desired extensions have been applied.

Benefits and Convenience of I-Tip Hair Extensions

I-Tip Hair Extensions offer a glueless, threadless, and heatless application method for added convenience.

Glueless, threadless, and heatless application

I-Tip hair extensions offer a convenient application method that is glueless, threadless, and heatless. This means you don’t have to worry about messy glues or damaging your natural hair with heat tools.

The extensions are attached using flattened microbeads or metal cylinders, providing a secure hold without causing discomfort. With this type of application, you can easily achieve longer and thicker locks in no time.

Plus, the process is quick compared to other methods, making it perfect for those who are always on the go. So say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming applications – I-Tip hair extensions make getting beautiful hair easier than ever before!

Longevity and durability

I-Tip hair extensions are known for their longevity and durability. Once applied, these extensions can last for several months with proper care and maintenance. The flattened microbeads or metal cylinders used to attach the extensions securely hold the strands in place, ensuring they stay put even during daily activities.

Unlike other methods that may require frequent reapplication, I-Tip extensions offer a long-lasting solution for those looking to transform their hair. With regular upkeep, such as avoiding excessive heat and using gentle products, you can enjoy beautiful and durable I-Tip extensions that blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

Suitable for various hair types

I-Tip hair extensions are suitable for various hair types. Whether you have short and thin locks or long and thick hair, I-Tip extensions can provide the desired length, volume, and thickness.

They offer versatility for those looking to enhance their natural hair without causing damage or discomfort. With I-Tip extensions, you can achieve your desired look while keeping your hair healthy and beautiful.

Cost and Availability of I-Tip Hair Extensions

I-Tip hair extensions are generally affordable and widely available online and in beauty supply stores.

Pricing and affordability

I-Tip hair extensions offer a more affordable option compared to other permanent methods. The cost of I-Tip extensions can vary depending on factors such as the length, quality, and brand.

On average, you can expect to pay between $100 to $500 for a complete set of I-Tip extensions. While this may seem like a significant investment upfront, it’s important to consider the longevity and durability of I-Tip extensions.

With proper maintenance and care, they can last up to six months or even longer before needing replacement. Additionally, by choosing I-Tip extensions, you save money on salon visits for regular touch-ups since they are easily maintained at home.

Where to purchase

You can find I-Tip hair extensions at various hair salons and beauty supply stores. They are widely available, making it convenient for you to purchase them. Whether you prefer to shop in-person or online, you’ll be able to find I-Tip extensions from trusted retailers.

Just make sure to do your research and choose a reputable vendor that offers high-quality products. By purchasing from the right place, you can ensure that you’re getting authentic I-Tip hair extensions that will give you the results you desire for your hair transformation journey.

Before and After Effects of I-Tip Hair Extensions

Before getting I-Tip hair extensions, your hair may be thin, short, or lacking volume. But after the application of these extensions, you can achieve a complete transformation with longer and fuller locks that give you the confidence to rock any hairstyle.

Transformation and enhancement of hair

I-Tip hair extensions offer a remarkable transformation and enhancement for your hair. These permanent extensions are applied strand by strand, allowing you to achieve the length, volume, and thickness you desire.

Whether you have short or thin locks, I-Tip extensions can work wonders for your overall look. With the help of flattened microbeads or metal cylinders, these extensions seamlessly blend with your natural hair, creating a seamless and flawless result.

The best part is that I-Tip extensions do not damage or cause discomfort to your own strands. So get ready to elevate your style and embrace the new you with stunning I-Tip hair extensions!


I-Tip hair extensions are a fantastic option for those looking to transform their hair. With their strand-by-strand application and use of flattened microbeads or metal cylinders, they offer convenience and durability.

Whether you want to add length, volume, or thickness to your natural locks, I-Tip extensions can help you achieve the look you desire. So why wait? Get ready for a new level of beauty with I-Tip hair extensions!


1. What are I tips hair extensions?

I tips hair extensions are individual strand extensions that use a heat-free application technique, often attached using small metal rings or microbeads.

2. How do I tips hair extensions differ from other types of hair extensions?

Unlike sew-in or tape-in methods, I-tips use a strand-by-strand application and don’t require any heat, which can minimize damage to the natural hair.

3. Are there different kinds of I tips extensions?

Yes! They come in various forms like keratin tip, micro link, metal cylinder, and flattened microbead hair extensions.

4. Which hairstyles work best with i-tip hair extension?

Due to their individual attachment method, i-tip extensions can be used with many hairstyles including those for thin hairs as they offer volume and length.

5. What’s involved in caring for my i tip Extensions?

Hair extension maintenance includes regular washing but avoiding the bond area & the use of oils or serums around the attachments to prevent loosening them.

6. How do you choose the right type of i tip extension?

You should consider your lifestyle, daily styling routine,the thickness of your natural strands and consult with a professional stylist when choosing between types such as keratin tipped or micron linked styles.

What Are I Tips Hair Extensions?
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