Lash Out Loud Mascara Wands

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L.A.B.2 Lash Out Loud Mascara Wands are truly genius. Instead of buying a new mascara, or to test your favouite formula with a different brush, this collection of 12 disposable wands with four different brush styles makes a vast variety of looks totally possible. Want extra definition from your volumising mascara? Simply dip the puprle wand in and brush onto lashes. Need a wand that is brilliant at curling lashes? Just choose pink.

Four different wands offer multiple mascara looks to wear at once or separately:

Orange is for lenghtening, green is for volumising, purple works ondefiniton while pink is brilliant at curling.

The silicone spoolie wands are washable and ultimately disposable while their bright colours make them easy to find in your make-up bag. You can even use them for brow grooming.

L.A.B.2 Lash Out Loud Mascara Wands are perfect for make-up artists or anyone with special hygiene needs when using mascara such as those with easily irritated eyes.


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How To

How to: simply choose the lash effect you want to achive, dip into your favourite mascara and apply.

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