7 Best Hair Colors for Soft Summer Type 2024

by  Mila M.Cosmetologist

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Are you struggling to find the best hair color for soft summer type in 2024? Understanding color seasons, like Soft Summer, can help drastically improve your aesthetic appeal. This blog is here to guide you through the ideal palette and best hair colors suited for a Soft Summer complexion.

So, let’s bring out that flawless beauty in you!

Key Takeaways

  • Soft Summer hair colors have cool undertones of blue and gray, such as medium ash blonde and light to medium ash brown.
  • These hair colors enhance the natural softness of a Soft Summer type’s skin tone, eyes, and overall appearance.
  • Avoid warm tones like orange as they can overwhelm the subtle palette of a Soft Summer type.

Best Hair Colors for Soft Summer

Soft Summer hair colors are all about creating a soft and cool look that complements your skin tone. The best hair colors for Soft Summer type include medium ash blonde and light to medium ash brown shades.

These colors have cool undertones, such as blue and gray, which coordinate well with the overall Soft Summer palette.

One popular hair color choice for Soft Summers is dark ash blonde. This shade adds depth to your hair while maintaining its cool undertones. Another option is light ash brown, which gives a natural yet sophisticated touch to your look.

Occasionally, you can also go for cool-toned dark brown if you want a darker shade.

Soft Summer hair colors work well because they have a high concentration of gray pigments, making them blend seamlessly with the rest of your features. With these hues, you can create a harmonious and balanced appearance that highlights the subtlety and ethereal beauty of the Soft Summer type.

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4 Characteristics of the Soft Summer Type

The Soft Summer type is characterized by features such as fair to medium skin tones, cool undertones, low contrast between hair, eyes, and skin, and a natural softness in their overall appearance.


Soft Summer hair showcases an array of cool undertones, including shades of blue and gray. This demure color season often exhibits a high concentration of grey pigments, giving Soft Summer hair its unique hue.

These colors are ethereal, calm, and beguiling – just like the personality of a typical Soft Summer individual. From medium ash blonde to light to medium ash brown- the range is wide yet uniformly appealing.

Noteworthy is the fact that Orange is not suitable for this specific season because it tends to overwhelm with its brightness and warm hue. The captivating subtlety adds allure with mousy shades that may seem uninteresting but are actually attractive when paired correctly in the Soft Summer spectrum.


Soft Summer hair colors are determined by their cool undertones, which include shades of blue and gray. These undertones give Soft Summer hair a unique and ethereal look that complements the overall softness of this color palette.

Unlike warm undertones found in other seasons like Soft Autumn, Soft Summer is characterized by cooler hues that range from medium ash blonde to light to medium ash brown. The high concentration of grey pigments in Soft Summer hair creates a subtle and calming effect that beautifully blends with the gentle and medium-value colors associated with this season.

So when choosing a hair color as a Soft Summer type, opt for shades such as dark ash blonde or light ash brown to enhance your natural beauty and harmonize with your cool-toned complexion.


Soft Summer hair colors offer a beautiful contrast to your features. With their cool undertones and medium-value shades, these hair colors will enhance the natural softness of your skin, eyes, and overall appearance.

The subtle hues of dark ash blonde or light ash brown perfectly complement the gentle nature of Soft Summer colors. They create an ethereal and beguiling effect that is unique to this color season.

So if you want to highlight your beauty with a striking contrast, go for one of these stunning Soft Summer hair shades.

Skin, Eyes, and Hair

Soft Summer is characterized by a cool undertone, which means that your skin, eyes, and hair have a hint of blue or gray. Your skin tone tends to be fair to medium with cool undertones.

You may have neutral or slightly pinkish undertones in your skin. For eye color, you might have light blue, green, gray, or hazel eyes. When it comes to hair color, Soft Summers typically have medium ash blonde to light ash brown hair.

These colors complement the subtle and ethereal nature of the Soft Summer palette perfectly.

The 4-Part Soft Summer Color Palette

Discover how to create stunning outfits with the Soft Summer color palette, including clothing combinations, patterns and prints, jewelry choices, and makeup colors. Explore the perfect shades that complement your skin tone, eyes, and hair for a harmonious and effortless look.

Clothing Combinations

Soft Summer hair color pairs beautifully with the following clothing combinations:

  1. Pair your soft summer hair with light neutral tones such as ivory, taupe, and beige. These colors will complement your hair’s cool undertones.
  2. Opt for pastel shades like baby blue, lavender, and dusty pink. Soft Summer hair harmonizes well with these delicate and soothing hues.
  3. Embrace the softness of your hair by wearing blush or muted rose-colored clothes. These shades will enhance your natural beauty.
  4. Experiment with subtle prints like floral patterns in cool tones or abstract designs in soft greys and blues.
  5. Incorporate earthy colors like moss green, muted sage, or lichen blue into your wardrobe to add depth and interest to your overall look.
  6. Dress up in elegant monochromatic outfits using shades from the Soft Summer palette such as smokey quartz or moonlite mauve.

Patterns and Prints

Soft Summer individuals should opt for subtle and delicate patterns and prints that complement their soft and gentle color palette. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Floral Prints: Choose delicate, muted floral patterns with cool undertones. Opt for medium-sized or small flowers in shades like dusty pinks, lavender, soft blues, and greys.
  2. Polka Dots: Embrace polka dots in soft colors like pastel blues, lilacs, and greys. Stick to medium-sized dots for a balanced look.
  3. Stripes: Opt for thin stripes in cool tones such as light blues, greys, and soft pinks. Avoid vibrant or contrasting colors.
  4. Geometric Patterns: Select geometric prints with subtle and muted hues like pale greens, purples, or blues. Avoid bold color combinations.
  5. Watercolor Prints: Look for watercolor-inspired patterns featuring pastel shades of blue, purple, pink, or green. These delicate prints will complement your Soft Summer complexion.


Soft Summer colors can be complemented by specific types of jewelry to enhance your overall look. Consider the following options when choosing jewelry for your Soft Summer wardrobe:

  1. Silver: Opt for silver pieces, such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, to complement the cool undertones of your Soft Summer skin. Silver jewelry will beautifully contrast with your soft, medium-value colors.
  2. Delicate designs: Choose jewelry with delicate and intricate designs that align with the gentle and subtle nature of Soft Summer colors. Look for dainty pendants, thin chains, and elegant earrings to enhance your outfits.
  3. Cool-toned gemstones: Select gemstones in cool tones that flatter Soft Summer skin tones. Stones like moonstone, amethyst, aquamarine, and labradorite can add a touch of sophistication to your look while staying within the Soft Summer palette.
  4. Pearls: Classic pearls are an excellent choice for Soft Summers as they bring a hint of elegance without overpowering your gentle color palette. Look for pinkish pearls or rose quartz accents to match the softness of your skin undertones.
  5. Matte finishes: Opt for jewelry with matte finishes instead of shiny or high-gloss materials. Matte textures will complement the muted, ethereal ambiance of Soft Summer colors.

Makeup Colors

Soft Summer types should opt for makeup colors that complement their natural features and enhance their soft, cool undertones. Here are some shades that work well for the Soft Summer color palette:

  1. Rosy Nudes: Choose nude lipsticks and blushes with a touch of pink to add warmth without overpowering your delicate features.
  2. Muted Pinks: Soft Summer types can rock shades like moonlite mauve, baby lavender, and pinkish pearls to bring out their natural beauty.
  3. Cool Tones: Embrace shades with blue undertones like lichen blue and smoke quartz for eyeshadows and liners to create a mesmerizing look.
  4. Subtle Earthy Colors: Opt for earthy tones such as rose quartz and fluorite for a soft, ethereal glow on your cheeks or as eyeshadow accents.
  5. Neutral Browns: Soft Summer makeup looks particularly stunning with neutral brown tones like ash blonde or dark ash brown for defining eyebrows or adding dimension to the eyes.

Soft Summer Wardrobe Basics

Soft Summer Wardrobe Basics:

  1. Choose clothing in subtle, soft colors like Moonlite mauve, baby lavender, lichen blue, and pinkish pearls that complement your soft summer complexion.
  2. Opt for patterns and prints with a delicate, ethereal feel such as rose quartz or smoke quartz to enhance your soft summer style.
  3. Accentuate your outfits with jewelry in cool-toned metals like silver or platinum to match your soft summer color palette.
  4. Experiment with makeup colors that flatter your soft summer undertones, such as neutrals, and cool-toned shades like fluorite.
  5. Build a wardrobe of clothing in the Soft Summer color palette – think gentle pastels, muted hues, and understated tones that suit your skin tones perfectly.

Conclusion | Best Hair Color for Soft Summer Type

Find the perfect hair color to complement your Soft Summer type by choosing shades that align with your cool undertones and medium-value colors. Opt for ash blonde or ash brown hues to enhance your natural beauty.

Avoid warm tones like orange, as they can overpower your soft palette. With the right hair color, you’ll showcase the subtle and ethereal allure of Soft Summer in a captivating way.


1. What is the best hair color for Soft Summer types?

The best hair color for Soft Summer types often falls within the True Summer palette which includes hues like ash blonde, dark ash brown, and neutral ashy colors.

Soft summer hair trends typically lean towards soft summer neutrals, so any hairstyle or highlight that incorporates those shades would work beautifully.

3. Can I wear any other clothing colors if I dye my hair according to the Soft Summer Palette?

Yes! Usually, your soft summer hair dye will complement most of your soft summer clothing and fashion choices due to their cool undertones.

4. How can I pick a perfect shade from the Soft Summer type if I have an olive skin tone?

Usually, you would steer towards cooler and more neutral colors in terms of both clothes and hairstyles since they blend well with the olive skin tone under a ‘soft summer’ category.

5. Is ash blonde suitable for people with warm undertones?

No, Ash blonde is part of the True Summers palette that suits people usually having cool skin tones; it might not flatter those with warm undertones as much since it leans more towards ashy-neutral side.

7 Best Hair Colors for Soft Summer Type 2024
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