5 Best Spray Tanning Solutions 2024

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Are you overwhelmed by the plethora of spray tanning solutions on the market? With over 30 professional brands available, it’s easy to understand why. This article aims to simplify your quest for that perfect sun-kissed glow, offering a roundup of the top five spray tan solutions along with expert tips and advice.

Start scrolling now and let your journey toward radiant, streak-free skin begin in 2024!

  • There are several types of spray tan solutions available, including oil-based, water-based, alcohol-based, organic, erythrulose-infused, and scented options.
  • When choosing a spray tan solution, look for ingredients like aloe vera-free formulas, water-based solutions, fragrance-free or lightly scented products, alcohol-free formulas, and the inclusion of erythrulose.
  • Considerations based on location can affect the effectiveness and longevity of your spray tan. Choose a solution that is suitable for hot and humid climates or one that provides extra moisture in colder climates.
  • The top 5 best spray tan solutions include Coconut Water Pro Spray Mist, Mine in Coconut Water , Norvell Professional Tanning Solutions , Dark Tanning Spray , and Gradual Tanning Mist.

Understanding Spray Tan Solutions – 7 Different Types

Spray tan solutions come in various types, with different ingredients and considerations based on location.

7 Different types of spray tan solutions

You might be surprised to discover the array of spray tan solutions available in the beauty industry.

  1. Oil-Based Solutions: These solutions are heavier and provide a sticky feel on the skin. They often contain hydrating ingredients, making them suitable for individuals with dry skin.
  2. Water-Based Solutions: Lighter than oil-based solutions, they offer a less sticky experience and allow for quick absorption into the skin.
  3. Alcohol-Based Solutions: Often featuring a fast-drying formula, these can potentially dry out your skin if used excessively.
  4. Organic Spray Tan Solutions: Designed to offer a more natural tanning experience, they often contain plant-based ingredients and avoid harmful chemicals.
  5. Erythrulose-Infused Tan Solutions: These represent another category within spray tan solutions as they include Erythrulose—a safe ingredient that aids in lasting pigmentation.
  6. Scented Spray Tan Solutions: Catering to those who enjoy fragrant beauty products, scented options infuse pleasant aromatic notes while delivering sunless tanning effects.
  7. Specific Brand Offerings: The Mine Coconut Water Pro Mist is currently considered one of the best spray tan solutions on the market. Similarly, industry leader Norvell offers top-rated tanning solutions compatible with various spray tanning equipment.

6 Ingredients to look for

When choosing a spray tan solution, look for these important ingredients:

  1. Aloe Vera-free formula: Aloe Vera doesn’t mix well with tanning solutions.
  2. Water-based solution: Avoid oil-based solutions that can feel heavy and sticky on the skin.
  3. Fragrance-free or lightly scented: Consider your scent preferences when selecting a spray tan solution.
  4. Alcohol-free formula: Look for alcohol-free options to prevent drying out the skin.
  5. Erythrulose inclusion: Check if the solution contains erythrulose, which can lead to a more natural-looking tan.
  6. Ounces per application: Instead of focusing on percentages, consider how many ounces you need per application.

Considerations based on location

Different locations have different environmental factors that can affect the effectiveness and longevity of your spray tan. For example, if you live in a hot and humid climate, you may want to choose a spray tan solution that is designed to withstand perspiration and humidity.

On the other hand, if you live in a colder climate, you might opt for a spray tan solution that provides extra moisture to combat dryness. It’s also important to consider any local regulations or restrictions on tanning solutions in your area.

By taking into account these location-based considerations, you can ensure that your spray tan looks flawless no matter where you are.

Top 5 Best Spray Tan Solutions

Here are the top 5 spray tan solutions that will give you a gorgeous, sun-kissed glow all year round.

Revealing the top 5 spray tan solutions

Coconut Water Pro Spray Mist is considered one of the best spray tan solutions in 2024, as it offers a natural and radiant tan. The Mine spray tan solution, with its innovative coconut water-based formula, stands out as a top choice for achieving a flawless sun-kissed glow.

Norvell tanning solutions are highly recommended by professionals and known for their exceptional quality. With over 30 professional brands available, you have plenty of options to find the perfect spray tan solution for your skin type and desired finish.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to getting that streak-free, long-lasting tan you desire!

Key features and benefits of each

Discover the top 5 best spray tan solutions that will give you a gorgeous, streak-free tan. These solutions are packed with amazing features and benefits to enhance your tanning experience:

Coconut Water Pro Spray Mist: Get the ultimate hydration and natural glow with this coconut water-based tan solution. It provides long-lasting results and a radiant finish.

Mine in Coconut Water: Experience the world’s first coconut water-based tan with Mine spray tan solution. This innovative formula delivers a flawless, sun-kissed tan while nourishing your skin.

Norvell Professional Tanning Solutions: Trusted by industry professionals, Norvell offers top-rated spray tanning solutions for all skin types. Achieve a beautiful, streak-free tan that lasts for days.

Dark Tanning Spray: For those seeking a deep and dark tan, this spray solution is perfect. It provides instant color and develops into a rich bronze shade over time.

Gradual Tanning Mist: If you prefer a more gradual tan, this mist is ideal. It allows you to build up your desired shade slowly while keeping your skin moisturized.

3 Factors to Consider

When choosing the best spray tan solution, it’s important to consider factors such as longevity of the product, scent preferences, and compatibility with spray tan machines.

Longevity of the product

The longevity of the spray tan solution is a crucial factor to consider when choosing the best product for your tanning needs. You want a solution that will provide you with a long-lasting and vibrant tan, ensuring that it stays on your skin for an extended period without fading or streaking.

Look for spray tan solutions that are known for their staying power and offer lasting results even after multiple showers or activities. By selecting a high-quality product with excellent longevity, you can enjoy your sunless tan for days without worrying about frequent touch-ups or reapplications.

Scent preferences

Finding a spray tan solution with a pleasant scent is an important consideration. Nobody wants to smell like chemicals or have an overpowering fragrance lingering on their skin. Look for spray tan solutions that offer a fresh and subtle scent, ensuring that your tanning experience is enjoyable from start to finish.

Whether you prefer fruity, floral, or simply no fragrance at all, there are options available to suit your scent preferences. Keep in mind that some solutions may contain alcohol, which can contribute to a stronger scent.

So be sure to read the ingredient list carefully and choose a spray tan solution that aligns with your desired fragrance profile.

Compatibility with spray tan machines

Finding a spray tan solution that is compatible with your spray tan machine is crucial for achieving the best results. Not all solutions are created equal, and some may not work well with certain machines.

It’s important to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for compatibility before making a purchase. Using a solution that is specifically designed to work with your machine will ensure smooth spraying and even application of the tan solution.

This will help you achieve a flawless, professional-looking tan every time without any clogs or issues during the tanning process. Remember to always read the product descriptions and labels carefully to make sure it is suitable for use with your specific spray tan machine model.

Customer Favorites

Discover the spray tan solutions that customers can’t stop raving about – read on to find your perfect tanning solution!

Looking for the best spray tan solution? Check out these popular options that have received rave reviews and recommendations:

Coconut Water Pro Spray Mist: This spray tan solution is considered one of the best in 2024. It features a unique coconut water-based formula, resulting in a natural and radiant tan.

Mine in Coconut Water: The Mine spray tan solution is known as the world’s first coconut water-based tan. It offers a gorgeous sunkissed glow that lasts for days.

Norvell Tanning Solutions: Norvell is a trusted brand that offers top-rated tanning solutions for spray tanning equipment. Their products are highly regarded among industry professionals.

Streakfree Tan Solution: If you’re looking for a streak-free finish, this tan solution is for you. It provides an even and flawless application, leaving your skin bronzed and beautiful.

Dark Tanning Spray: For those who prefer a deeper, darker tan, this spray solution is a customer favorite. It delivers long-lasting results and is suitable for all skin types.

Testimonials from satisfied customers

Satisfied customers have shared their positive experiences with the best spray tan solutions. Here are some of their testimonials:

1. “I absolutely love the Coconut Water Pro Spray Mist! It gives me a natural, sunkissed tan without any streaks or orange tones.”

2. “The Mine spray tan solution in Coconut Water is my go-to choice. It not only gives me a beautiful tan but also hydrates my skin with its coconut water-based formula.”

3. “I highly recommend Norvell’s tanning solutions. They provide a long-lasting and flawless tan that looks professional and natural.”

4. “After trying multiple brands, I found that the organic tanning solution gave me the best results for my fair skin. It doesn’t leave an unpleasant scent or irritate my skin.”

5. “The radiant tan solution is amazing! It leaves my skin glowing with a healthy-looking color that lasts for days.”


Discovering the best spray tanning solution for your needs can be tough, but it’s worth the search. Remember to avoid Aloe Vera in your tan solution, opt for water-based formulas over oil-based ones, and consider factors like fragrance and alcohol content.

With so many options available, finding the perfect spray tan solution is possible – just keep exploring until you find your holy grail!


1. What is the best spray tanning solution?

The best spray tanning solution is a safe, UV-free alternative to sunbathing that provides a long-lasting tan for all skin types.

2. Is airbrush tanning the same as using a self-tanning spray?

Yes, airbrush tanning and self-tanning sprays both use a bronzing formula to create an instant, sunless tan on the skin surface.

3. Can people with fair skin use the same type of tanning solution?

Absolutely! The best airbrush or UV-free tanning solutions are suitable for all skin types including fair-skinned individuals wanting to achieve a natural-looking tan.

4. How long can I expect my tan from your product to last?

Using our long-lasting spray tan solution, you should have an even and lasting bronze glow for up to 7-10 days.

5. Does this tanning lotion offer any additional benefits besides giving me a tan?

Besides providing an attractive complexion, many top-quality sunless taning lotions also include components like moisturizers which nourish your skin during application.

5 Best Spray Tanning Solutions 2024
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