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Mila M. – The Beauty Maven

Writer & Beauty Consultant

Meet Mila, with a remarkable career spanning over forty-four (44) years in the beauty industry. She holds a degree in Cosmetology and Beauty Culture, and her journey began as a dedicated Beauty Service Professional.

Throughout her illustrious career, Mila provided top-notch beauty services, from skincare treatments to haircutting, hairstyling, and makeup transformations. Her passion for beauty brought her to many places and opened opportunities to support her family.

In the mid-1980s, she ventured into entrepreneurship, opening her own beauty salon in Manila, Philippines. Her commitment to helping others look and feel their best aligns with our mission to provide invaluable insights and recommendations to beauty enthusiasts like you.

Mila’s expertise was further honed through an intensive Advanced Master Course in Hair Cutting and Makeup at the prestigious Ricky Reyes Learning Institute, under the mentorship of the renowned trailblazer in the beauty industry, Ricky Reyes.

Experience the wisdom and dedication of Mila, The Beauty Maven, as she shares her vast knowledge and passion for beauty with you.

Jon – Beauty Enthusiast and Digital Marketer

Editor-in-Chief & Researcher

Jon’s beauty journey begins with his mother, Mila, a retired Aesthetician and Cosmetologist. Growing up, Jon was immersed in the world of beauty, thanks to his mother’s beauty profession and dedication to her craft.

As a young boy, Jon used to accompany his mom when she provided on-call beauty services to her clients in their homes and workplaces. Mila eventually had her own beauty salon right in their home.

These exposed Jon to all things beauty very early on, personally witnessing his mother provide the best beauty services to her clients: haircutting, hairstyling, hot oil, shampooing and conditioning, blowdry, bleaching, manicure, pedicure, make-up,and many more. Her influence sparked Jon’s curiosity and love for all things beauty-related.

What sets Jon apart is his relentless pursuit of knowledge when it comes to beauty products. He’s not just an editor; he’s your dedicated beauty researcher. Before making any purchase, whether online or in physical stores, beauty-related or not, Jon extensively and obsessively researches products. He delves into their features, scours reviews and feedback, and hunts for the best prices.

His mission is simple: to ensure you make informed choices on your beauty journey. With his background in digital marketing, Jon leverages his skills to connect you with beauty products that meet your needs. He believes that beauty is a form of self-expression, and his goal is to empower you to find the perfect products to enhance your beauty and confidence.

Allan – Pharmacist and Beauty Industry Expert

Beauty Industry Specialist

Allan, Jon’s brother, brings a unique blend of pharmaceutical knowledge and extensive experience in the beauty industry to our team. As a licensed pharmacist in the Philippines, he possesses a deep understanding of the science behind beauty products and their impact on skincare and overall well-being.

With over 18 years in Sales, Marketing, and Management within the beauty industry, Allan has been instrumental in the success of various beauty brands. He’s also ventured into the formulation, manufacturing, and marketing of organic bath soap and personal care products. Allan’s expertise ensures that we provide you with comprehensive and well-informed beauty supply insights.

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