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Definer Sponge Hard

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Modernising make-up application is the ambition of new beauty brand Barely. And they’ve achieved it with their revolutionary range of sponges for everything from moisturiser to eye make-up.

Barely Definer Sponge Hard is latex free, non-allergenic and odour free making it ideal for sensitive skin. Use if to perfect the application of contour and highlight products and to create perfect eyeliner, eyeshadow and eyebrow shapes as well as perfect lip lines.

Definer Sponge Hard is black to prevent it from looking dirty after using it on more deeply pigmented products.

The sponge should be used damp to prevent excess and wasteful product absorption – most sponges will soak up and waste up to 60% of your precious product.

The sponge is designed with a chiseled end which can be used to apply product as well as a guide or eraser for clean lines. The pointed end can be used to blend any product to perfection.

Use one of the flat sides of the guiding edge to sculpt the face; use the other side to highlight; use the rounded edge to blend by ‘bouncing’ the sponge on the skin; create eyeliner flicks using the guiding edge as a template and to clean up; get a sharp finish for your eyebrows, shadow and lipstick.

Barely was founded by Hollywood-trained make-up artist Nicole McEvoy, a M.A.C. Pro Artist with a background in cosmetics brand retail.


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