7 Best Gold Eyeliner Types 2024

by  Mila M.Cosmetologist

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Ever wished your eyes could glitter like a gold nugget? Well, you’re not alone! The latest craze hitting the beauty scene is the gold eyeliner – a trend that’s taken celebrities and influencers by storm.

In this article, we’ll guide you through various types of sparkly gold eyeliners and how to match them with your outfits. Ready for some eye-popping glamor in 2024? Let’s dive in!

  • Gold eyeliner offers a variety of finishes, including pearlescent and multicolored options, that add glamour and sophistication to any makeup look.
  • Choosing the best gold eyeliner involves considering factors such as the source of water, ingredients, smudge-proof properties, and ophthalmologist testing.
  • Pairing gold eyeliner with chic black and white outfits creates a sophisticated yet glamorous look.

Types of Gold Eyeliners

There are several types of gold eyeliners available, including jumbo eye pencils, waterproof liners, multi-purpose liners, natural ingredient liners, highly pigmented liners, and creamy texture liners.

Jumbo eye pencil

The Jumbo eye pencil strikes a balance between convenience and fashion. It’s ideal for a bold, gold accent that creates show-stopping looks. This versatile eyeliner offers an oversized tip that easily glides on your lids for quick application.

The creamy texture helps in achieving both sharp lines and smoky effects effortlessly.

Brands like NYX Professional Makeup offer highly-pigmented jumbo pencils with long-lasting wear capabilities – perfect for those long days or glamorous nights out.

Moreover, the thickness of the jumbo pencil provides an impressive color payoff that makes your eyes truly stand out!

Waterproof liner

A waterproof liner is an essential beauty product for those who want their eyeliner to stay in place all day long, even in rainy or humid conditions. Whether you’re hitting the beach, going for a swim, or simply want your makeup to withstand a busy day, a waterproof liner will not let you down.

One popular option is the Maybelline New York Lasting Drama Light Eyeliner which offers both longevity and a touch of glam. No need to worry about smudging or fading with this reliable choice.

Multi-purpose liner

Multi-purpose liners are a versatile option for those who want to experiment with different looks. These eyeliners can be used not only on the eyes but also on the lips and face, allowing you to get creative and achieve various effects.

Whether you want a subtle shimmer or a bold metallic look, multi-purpose liners have got you covered. With their creamy texture and long-lasting wear, these liners are perfect for adding some extra sparkle to your makeup routine.

So go ahead and unleash your inner artist with a multi-purpose liner that will take your beauty game to the next level.

Natural ingredient liner

Natural ingredient liners are a great option for those who prefer to use beauty products that are more environmentally friendly and gentle on the skin. These eyeliners are made with ingredients derived from nature, such as plant extracts and minerals.

They often contain soothing ingredients like chamomile or aloe vera, which can help to nourish and protect the delicate eye area. Natural ingredient liners also tend to be free from harsh chemicals and synthetic dyes, making them suitable for those with sensitive eyes or allergies.

So if you’re looking for an eyeliner that not only enhances your look but also cares for your skin, consider trying a natural ingredient liner.

Highly pigmented liner

A highly pigmented liner is a must-have for anyone looking to make a bold statement with their eye makeup. With intense color payoff, this type of eyeliner will give your eyes a striking and dramatic look.

Whether you prefer a classic black or want to experiment with vibrant shades, a highly pigmented liner will help you achieve the desired effect effortlessly. So go ahead and add some drama to your eyes with a highly pigmented liner that will make heads turn wherever you go.

Creamy texture liner

Creamy texture liners are a must-have for those who love smooth and easy application. These eyeliners glide effortlessly along the lash line, giving you precise control over your look.

The creamy formula ensures that the liner doesn’t tug or pull on your delicate eyelids, providing a comfortable experience. With their rich and pigmented color payoff, creamy texture liners create bold and defined lines that last all day without smudging or fading.

Whether you’re going for a classic winged look or experimenting with graphic liner styles, these creamy texture liners will help you achieve your desired eye makeup look effortlessly.

5 Benefits of Using Gold Eyeliner

Using gold eyeliner offers several benefits. It enhances your overall look and feel, while providing a quick and easy application experience. The long-lasting wear ensures you’ll have vibrant color throughout the day, and there is a variety of finishes to choose from for added versatility.

Improved look and feel

Using gold eyeliner can instantly improve your look and add a touch of glamour. The metallic shine and sparkle of gold eyeliner can make your eyes stand out and give them a luxurious feel.

Whether you’re going for a subtle shimmer or a bold, dazzling effect, gold eyeliner can enhance any makeup look. Not only does it provide a visually appealing aesthetic, but it also adds depth and dimension to your eyes, making them appear brighter and more awake.

Achieve an eye-catching look with the help of gold eyeliner that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful all day long.

Quick and easy application

Applying gold eyeliner is a breeze, making it perfect for those who want a quick and effortless makeup look. With its smooth texture and easy glide, you can simply swipe the liner along your lash line to instantly elevate your eyes.

No need to spend hours perfecting your winged liner or struggling with precise application. The golden hue adds an instant pop of glamour to your overall look in just minutes. So whether you’re getting ready for a special event or adding a touch of sparkle to your everyday routine, gold eyeliner is the go-to choice for a quick and easy application.

Long-lasting wear

For those seeking an eyeliner that can withstand the test of time, look no further than gold eyeliners with long-lasting wear. These products are designed to stay put throughout the day, ensuring that your eye makeup stays fresh and vibrant from morning till night.

With their waterproof formulas and smudge-proof properties, you can confidently wear gold eyeliner without worrying about it fading or smearing. Whether you’re attending a special event or simply want your everyday look to last, opt for a long-wear gold eyeliner to achieve stunning results that will stay put all day long.

If you want your eye makeup to stand out and make a statement, choose a gold eyeliner with long-lasting wear. These products are specially formulated to ensure they stay in place throughout the day without smudging or fading.

Vibrant color

The vibrant color of gold eyeliner adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to any makeup look. Whether you opt for a bold metallic shade or a shimmery, sparkly hue, gold eyeliner instantly brightens and enhances your eyes.

With its rich pigmentation, it creates a striking contrast against your skin tone and makes your eyes pop. From golden browns to antique golds, there are various shades available to suit different preferences and occasions.

The vibrant color of gold eyeliner is perfect for creating eye-catching looks that command attention and make a statement.

Variety of finishes

Gold eyeliners come in a variety of finishes to suit different preferences and styles. Some options include pearlescent, iridescent, and multicolored finishes for a captivating look.

There are also muted yellow gold eyeliners with bronze-brown tones, giving a brighter appearance than true antique gold. Whether you prefer a subtle shimmer or bold metallic shine, there is a gold eyeliner finish that will add the perfect touch of glamour to your eye makeup.

5 Tips: How to Choose the Best Gold Eyeliner

To choose the best gold eyeliner, consider the source of the water, ingredients and intensity of shade, transfer-proof and smudge-proof properties, duration of wear, and ensure it is ophthalmologist-tested.

Consider the source of the water.

When choosing a gold eyeliner, it’s important to consider the source of the water. Look for eyeliners that are formulated with purified or distilled water to ensure purity and minimize the risk of contamination.

Avoid products that use tap or mineral water, as they may contain impurities that could irritate your eyes. By opting for an eyeliner with a reliable source of water, you can enjoy beautiful and vibrant eye looks without compromising on safety or comfort.

Determine the ingredients and intensity of the shade.

To make sure you choose the best gold eyeliner for your needs, it’s important to determine both the ingredients and intensity of the shade. Take a look at the product label or description to see what ingredients are used in the eyeliner formula.

Look for options that are made with natural ingredients if you have sensitive skin. Additionally, consider how intense you want the shade to be – whether you prefer a subtle hint of gold or a bold metallic finish.

By considering these factors, you can find a gold eyeliner that suits your preferences and ensures a stunning eye makeup look.

Look for transfer-proof and smudge-proof properties.

Choose a gold eyeliner that has transfer-proof and smudge-proof properties. These features ensure that your eyeliner stays in place throughout the day, without transferring onto other areas of your face or smudging under your eyes.

Look for long-lasting formulas that are specifically designed to resist smudging and fading, so you can have confidence in your glamorous gold eye look all day long.

Consider the duration of wear.

When choosing the best gold eyeliner, it is important to consider the duration of wear. You want a product that will last throughout the day or evening without smudging or fading. Look for eyeliners that are labeled as long-lasting or waterproof, as they are designed to stay put for extended periods of time.

This way, you can confidently wear your gold eyeliner without worrying about touch-ups. Some recommended options include Maybelline New York Lasting Drama Light Eyeliner and Revlon ColorStay Creme Gel Pencil, which offer both longevity and a touch of glam.

Ensure the eyeliner is ophthalmologist-tested.

To ensure the safety and comfort of your eyes, it is crucial to choose a gold eyeliner that has been ophthalmologist-tested. This means that the product has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its compatibility with your eyes and reduce the risk of irritation or allergies.

By selecting an ophthalmologist-tested gold eyeliner, you can have peace of mind knowing that it has met the necessary safety standards. So before adding any gold eyeliner to your makeup collection, make sure it bears the ophthalmologist-tested label for a worry-free application.

5 Hacks: Matching Gold Eyeliner with Outfit

Pair your gold eyeliner with chic black and white outfits for a sophisticated yet glamorous look.

Chic black and white outfits

Pairing gold eyeliner with chic black and white outfits can add a stunning touch to your overall look. The contrast between the boldness of the black and white and the shimmering gold creates a striking combination.

Whether you opt for a classic cat-eye flick or a subtle pop of gold along your waterline, this versatile makeup choice will elevate any outfit. So, next time you’re rocking your favorite black dress or sporting a stylish black and white patterned ensemble, don’t forget to reach for that gold eyeliner to complete your chic look.

Patterned clothing

Patterned clothing can be a great way to make a statement with your style, and gold eyeliner can complement these bold outfits perfectly. Whether you’re wearing florals, stripes, or abstract prints, adding a touch of gold to your eyes can enhance the overall look and create an eye-catching effect.

The shimmer and sparkle of gold eyeliner can add a glamorous touch to any patterned outfit, making it stand out even more. So go ahead and experiment with different patterns while pairing them with a stunning gold eyeliner for a truly unique and fashionable look.

Bold and bright dresses

Bold and bright dresses are the perfect complement to your gold eyeliner. The vibrant colors and eye-catching patterns of these garments create a striking contrast with the metallic shimmer of your eyeliner.

Whether you’re attending a special event or simply want to make a statement with your everyday style, pairing bold and bright dresses with gold eyeliner is sure to turn heads. So go ahead, embrace your inner fashionista and let your eyes sparkle in harmony with your outfit choice.

Gold and brown clothing

Gold and brown clothing can complement gold eyeliner beautifully. The warm tones of brown attire can create a harmonious balance with the shimmering gold on your eyes. Whether you’re wearing a golden blouse, a bronze-toned dress, or even earthy brown shades, gold eyeliner adds a touch of elegance and highlights your eye makeup.

It’s an ideal choice for both casual and formal occasions, allowing you to enhance your overall look with its luxurious appeal. So, next time you’re styling an outfit in gold or brown hues, don’t forget to pair it with the stunning accent of gold eyeliner for an effortlessly chic appearance.

Jewels and gems

Add a touch of glamour to your gold eyeliner look by pairing it with jewels and gems. The shimmering effect of the gold liner, combined with the sparkle of gemstones, creates a luxurious and eye-catching combination.

Whether you’re attending a special event or simply want to add some extra bling to your everyday makeup, incorporating jewels and gems into your gold eyeliner look is sure to make you stand out.

Experiment with different placement options like adding small gemstones along your lower lash line or creating a gemstone winged eyeliner design for an added wow factor. Let your creativity shine and embrace the beauty of jewels and gems with your gold eyeliner!

Can Japanese Eyeliner also Achieve the Same Look as Gold Eyeliner?

Yes, Japanese eyeliner for precision makeup can achieve the same look as gold eyeliner. With its fine tip and intense color, Japanese eyeliner allows for precise application and can create a bold, metallic look similar to gold eyeliner. It’s a versatile tool for achieving various eye makeup looks.


In conclusion, when it comes to the best gold eyeliner, there are a variety of options to choose from. Whether you prefer a jumbo eye pencil, a waterproof liner, or a highly pigmented cream liner, there’s something for everyone.

Consider your outfit and personal style to find the perfect gold eyeliner that will make your eyes pop and add a touch of glam to any look.


1. What makes a gold eyeliner the best choice?

The best gold eyeliner offers shimmery, metallic finishes suitable for creating bold eye looks; its waterproof quality ensures it stays put on your waterline all day.

2. Where can I find a selection of luxurious eyeliners such as antique and rose gold?

You can explore an expansive collection of both antique and rose gold liners at Sephora, complete with swatches so you can select what suits you best.

Subs refer to more affordable alternatives that give similar effects as high-end products; there could be subs for popular mechanical or pencil-type metallic or glitter eyeliners.

4. Can I use a sparkling eye makeup trend like Gold Glitter Eyeliner every day?

While it depends on personal style, Gold Glitter Eyeliner is an excellent way to add extra embellishment to your look – perfect for special occasions but not necessarily ideal daily wear.

5. Can Gold Eyeliner Be Used with Eyelash Extensions?

Yes, gold eyeliner can be used with eyelash extensions. When applying eyeliner with lash extensions, it’s essential to use a water-based formula to avoid damaging the lashes. Look for the best eyeliners for lash extensions with gentle, non-irritating ingredients to keep your lashes healthy and fabulous.

6. Does using a Gold Eyeliner Stick have any advantages compared to other forms?

A Gold Eyeliner stick provides easy application because of its solid format, making it great if you’re new to either glitter liner or eye cosmetics in general.

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